Editorials for  March 10, 2001
   Severe Gogo-itis

As you very well know, we're into round two. Here we'll strike more of the competitors which although many have done well... they didn't get quite close enough... Read up on them, thet're certainly worth a look.

Hmm... in other news, I'd just like to say that certain things are now happening and preperations are being made for something which will happen in about eight weeks. For the few people who know, all the better, but for the rest of you... well, shall we wait and see?

The Author archives are crawling as per normal, and some work has begun to neaten things up around the Editorials section. Hopefully you'll see the results soon enough.

There's something I really like to say at this point. The sheer amount of editorials concerning Final Fantasy VI have simply skyrocketed. Currently I have sixteen Final Fantasy VI editorials sitting in my inbox, and simply it's gotten to the point where nearly everything that could be thought of has been said. You'll note that there are only two editorials concerning Final Fantasy VI. I won't be taking any more editorials concerning it specifically unless you happen to have one heck of a good case for at least the next couple of weeks.

Apart from the two editorials on Final Fantasy VI, we have a new and interesting set of editorials for you. We have some more comment on the Nintendo and Square breakup, a defence of Yuffie and Selphie, a little comment about the Online RPG, a very interesting idea concerning the use of RPGs, a look at the nature of Deities in RPGs, as well as a minor reflection.

Well, in any case, keep watching, just to see who will make it in and who won't for the competition. I'll see you around next week. Till then, keep reading and keep writing!

PS: I'm sorry this is update is late but we had a minor hiccup in the logistics of the contest editorials. This should be a one off delay (I hope) and we should get back into the swing of things next week..

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