Editorials for  January 25, 2001
  Burn Baby Burn!

What can I say this time? I'm running a large fan on my computer to stop the computer from burning up. With temperatures hitting 42C [108 F for all you Americans] you can guess why.

Contest entries have at just over doubled over the last week. Things are starting to pick up a little bit. Remember to read the rules before you write [If you haven't happen to have done so] and remember that the closing date is midnight February 8th. My advice is to get cracking if you haven't already done so, but make sure you read all the rules carefully and ask questions before submitting. I really don't want to write reams of letters saying that I can't accept editorials because they didn't fall in line with the rules.

Well, to the eds we have lined up... Well, apart from the 4 submission editorials I have here, there's also some interesting editorials which you might want to look at. There's another couple of takes on the FF7 ending, as well as a completely new approach on how FF7 is related to religion. We have a disgruntled importer from England you might recognise, and an interesting response from someone in another section of RPGamer. We also have a quick note about those heroes who just don't say anything, and to top it all off, a in-depth look into the world of graphics.

I guess that's it from this very hot press room right now... I REALLY pity those having to play a five set match in the middle of the day in the Australian Open... that's torture. But it's not really THAT bad, you just have to wear a swimsuit like I am now, or get air conditioning.

But in any case have fun reading the eds this week, and I'll see what the next week brings [Hopefully cooler tempatures!]. Now I'm going to hit the beach!

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