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If Final Fantasy VI Had Released Today


Final Fantasy VI

For Immediate Release

Squaresoft today announced it will release the next eagerly anticipated game in the Final Fantasy RPG series, Final Fantasy VI, on Nintendo's Super Nintendo Entertainment System this winter. Set in a world where fantasy and technology have begun to merge, a group of rebels known as the Returners attempts to stop the Empire's evil oppression. Final Fantasy VI offers eleven unique playable characters including treasure hunter Locke and the mysterious girl Terra as well as a variety of summonable monsters known as Espers that players can use in battle.

Those who pre-order at Gamestop will receive the Phoenix Cave Treasure Hunter Pack. In this pack, players get to explore Locke's past as the party travels through a massive cavern that seems to hold many mysteries. This pack will also include the exclusive Esper, Phoenix.

At Amazon, players who pre-order will receive the Cultists' Tower Fanatical Pack. Here, players climb a massive tower filled with challenging enemies and powerful items. With no save points in this Tower, only the most hardcore of players will be able to complete this climb.

Also, all launch copies will come with a code to unlock Mog's Dance Party, a day one DLC package where players will be able to use the loveable moogle Mog in their party. Order your copy today so that you don't miss out, as these codes will be limited. Mog's Dance Party DLC will be available for $9.99 after launch.

Squaresoft is also offering a multi-part Returners' Season Pass, giving players access to new content as it's released for only $24.99 (individual packs will be $7.99 each).

  • Tag Team Pack - This pack will be available shortly after launch and will allow for two players to split up the party and battle together on the same screen.
  • Zone of the Shroud - In this DLC, players will gain access to a new area in the belly of a monster. Players will also meet Gogo, a mysterious character who copies everything you do. What role will he or she play in this adventure?
  • Umaro's Rage - Here, players will meet Umaro, a powerful, yet quiet, yeti who lives in the mountains around Narshe. This DLC introduces the powerful Tonberry to the mix, as players will have take down these sneaky foes before it's too late.
  • Memories of Shadow - The secretive ninja Shadow speaks little of his past, but in this new DLC players will be able to get glimpses into how he came to be the rough and deadly man he is now.
  • Dragon's Neck Coliseum - The world might be in shambles, but there's no reason to stop fighting. Here, players will be able to wager items in order to win more powerful equipment. Simply select a party member and watch them go all out! Share your in-game experiences on the Facebook Final Fantasy VI Universe page to unlock new weapons and monsters in the Coliseum.

Pre-order the game and season pass today to make sure you get the complete Final Fantasy VI experience when it releases later this year. And watch out for the Final Fantasy VI companion app coming shortly after launch for iOS and Android.

*The preceding, fake press release is a statement on where the industry is today.*

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