All Generalizations are False: The Fangirl Takes Offense

by Raincrystal

Original Editorial: Judging a Book by its Cover

A recent editorial, "Judging a Book By Its Cover," stated: "...being attractive does not make you a good guy, to all those Sephiroth/Seifer fans out there."

While I agree with most of the points made in this editorial, it would have greatly benefited from a few small words such as "most" and "many" in place of "all" and "everyone."

I admit I am decidedly a Sephiroth fan. The number of Sephiroth posters in my room approaches scandalous, and you really don't want to know how many pics I've got saved on my hard drive, with a backup on disk. But do his looks excuse his crimes? NO! In your DREAMS!

I like Sephiroth not only because he's attractive, but also because he's amazingly cool. Who else can burn down an entire town, then smile wickedly and walk away *through* the flames? I also can't help but feel his pain-- the loneliness of always being different, the rage of discovering what happened so long ago. Yet no amount of charm will convince me that what he did was right, and no matter how awesome he might be, I still like the heroes. There's nothing wrong with admiring the villain, too, so long as you keep his personality in perspective-- and I do.

What does bother me about much of fangirl-dom is the tendency to take these beautiful villains out of character. As much as I love to websurf for Sephiroth pics, I wince whenever I run into a cute little chibi doodle of him doing something completely un-Sephiroth-like. I highly doubt that he would hug a teddy bear or go skiing. And I do not believe that he is likely to suddenly fall in love with Aeris, the girl he disemboweled without a care. The people who draw these pictures should stop and ask themselves whether they are really drawing Sephiroth, or their ideal boyfriend whose looks are based on his. As for me, the character I like is really Sephiroth, in all of his terrible glory.

I'm not worshipping Sephiroth because he's good-looking. I'm crazy about him because he's special to me in everything that he is, good and bad. Don't judge a fangirl by her idol.

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