Bitching about Square, are we?

by Milliardo Peacecraft

Editorials. What a pain. You see people whining about squaresoft. You see people whining about people whining about squaresoft. So now I'm going to bitch about people whining over the whole subject.

Okay, all you people who insist on whining about squaresoft, I've got something to tell you.
Shut the hell up already.

Yeah yeah you've heard the "Squaresoft is a company, they're out to make profit, the want to please the masses" crap, but that doesn't seem to phase you.

To me, Square is doing a fine job at pleasing the masses while still catering to the small crowds who originally followed them. Final Fantasy Tactics wasn't exactly a huge, highly advertised large budget game. Don't like Tactics? How about Xenogears? Too much dialogue? "If I wanted to read I'd get a book" argument. Ah, but isn't that what RPGs have turned into? Interactive books? Seems like it to me. Stories with control involved. That's what's great about RPGs.

Okay, you people whining about those whining about Square. I'm sick of seeing the argument "Square is a company. They're out for profit." This is my only complaint with you people. Square isn't out only for profit. Yes, Square the company is out for profit. How about all the individual people who WORK for Square? You think they're only doing it for the money? I know if I were to work for a company such as Square, I'd do my best to try and be impressive, artful, and pleasing to show off my skill as an artist, CG, writing, or otherwise. Square isn't just a company. It's a group of individuals who are out to make art. Yes, art, but that's another editorial for those who say it isn't. My point is, if you're going to tell someone "What do you expect, they're a company!" You're just giving them more reason to complain.

Conclusively I'm just sick of the whole subject "Square as a company" be it about their "betrayal" or otherwise. Any opinions? Comments? Angry flames? E-mail me at

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