Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...

by Mistress Nightshadow

I wanna push you around, and I will, and I will. I wanna push you down, and I will, and I will. I want to take you for granted... Yeah and I will.

Matchbox 20

That song ring a bell? Does that situation ring a bell? I don't know about you guys, but I certainly this definitely describes how we, the RPGamers have been treating several companies of late... the most publicised one being Squaresoft.

I think it's been fairly well known that there have been some sections of the RPG community who have been pushing Square around... and have been pushing it down. I say the words 'Final Fantasy IX' and I have several people jumping up and down saying it sucks already for no particular reason!

Others within the community push Square around by demanding that they go back to the swords and magic of the FFVI type or back, then suddenly push them away the moment they do so.

And of course we're all not thanking Square for even bothering to develop another Final Fantasy, or the fact that they've made so many other games of our interest, we're taking that fact for granted...

Now here's the big question. Would you take this for long? Would you be pushed around, called the devil, and basically being treated like a bad guy for this long? Would you put up with this, or would you rather move onto something else, where you'd get appreciated?

Mirror, Mirror hanging on the wall... Don't tell me who's the biggest fool of them all...

We all think like that, don't we? We'd rather say that Square sucks cause I say so, and even though I wanted the swords and socercy back when FFVII came out, I don't want it anymore... and that the idea's screwed anyway, cause they're just trying to suck up to us again. We'd like to think we're right and anyone else who says the opposite is wrong... but are we?

That's most of the criticism that I've heard so far... now how about we consider a hypothetical? What happened if suddenly tomorrow, or the week after, Square suddenly got sick of all of this, and announced that they were suspending FFIX completely? Or even arguably worse, just release it to the Japanese audience, which from my knowledge doesn't have such arguments over Square?

I'll wager a bet over the reactions...

There'd be those who'd be truly shocked over the matter... like myself, and if the second came to hand, I'd rush over to the import shop and grab a copy, and judge it by playing it myself with the assistance of my Japanese friends.

There'd be those who truly hate FFIX and say good riddance to a bad game, and not really give a toss if it was released in Japan only, but that'd be few and far between.

Then there'd be those who hate FFIX, then when suddenly they grab the import, or otherwise find out that it's a game to their liking, they'll all complain on why wasn't it imported here, or it was such a promising game, why did they suddenly stop?

Mirror, mirror, I wish you could lie...

Unfortunately, as an editorial mirror, I don't lie outright. Maybe put my points of view forward, but never lie outright.

Think about how we've been acting, then think about the company. If it's development department quit enmasse, fed up wih all of this, and Square stopped making RPGs, working with Electronic Arts instead and made sports or action games, what would you say?

Baby, bring him back, baby bring him back to me...

That's my response... what about the rest of us?

Maybe we can curtail this critical situation and consider what we're doing now.

If you're so inclined to point out a few facts about things I missed, to ask how I got my hands on a magical mirror, say that I should go back to my magical items 'r us store and get a refund for my broken mirror, or would rather ridicule my lack of singing ability, send a message to

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