Art Ė a reply to Rebuttal to: "Squaresoft Isnít Fooling Me"

by Eternal Eclipse

I have so far read the original editorial and the reply of this discussion, and both of them made me wince, ever so slightly. It unsettles me that people can compare Squaresoft to the likes of a megalomaniacal corporation; believe me, Shinra leaves them far behind. The point that I would like to make, however, is that even though every large video game company is trying to make money (arenít we all?), that is definitely not the extent of it.

I'm sure that everyone knows what Art is. We'd all have slightly differing views, I'm sure, but most modern Art would be simply "a creative expression of oneself". This is what I believe Square is doing for the modern video game, turning it into a work of Art. From the first instant, when a little Japanese person locked in the basement of Square Headquarters shouts "Eureka!" (or Japanese equivalent), an artwork is in progress. Collaboratively, the production team would spend weeks just working out the storyline, characters, and events, not to mention battle algorithms and computations. They would put together fabulous ideas, scrap the ones involving flying pancakes and the like, and eventually have a work of art. Which would then have to be programmed. Graphics would need to be designed, rendered, et cetera. Now please try and tell me that there is no effort put into it.

Of course, they are trying to make money. It would be a depressing to pour so much into an idea if noone appreciated it. That is why they go the hard sell, pushing the capabilities of technology to produce something amazing. It is a work of art, because it is the end product of the inspiration and perspiration (though, I believe that Edison got the percentiles wrong).

So, if they're not in it for the "sheer joy of creation", then I wouldn't know why they put so much into their Art. These are amazing creations, and beautiful experiences to play through. Square has worked their way up to this, and deserves to take our money, for putting in so much and giving us what they have.

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