Response to "Square at the Ivory Gates: God and Angels in Squaresoft Titles"

by Rana Loreus

Original Editorial: Square at the Ivory Gates: God and Angels in Squaresoft Titles

In the article entitled "Square at the Ivory Gates: God and Angels in Squaresoft Titles", Evans Jenkins comes to the conclusion that Squaresoft is obsessed with God and his Angels. It could be better to say that Squaresoft is obsessed with angels, but not necessary God. If you examine most of the Final Fantasy games, there is a whole pantheon of gods and deities, instead of one God as in Christianity.

I would suggest that Squaresoft in using angelic forms for their Bosses just want to suggest that those Bosses have reached a "divine" state. Other than giving them a halo (which could get lot of people upset, I deem), another way may be to give the bosses angelic wings. As no one knows for sure whether those bosses are angels ("Not all those with wings are angels, not all those who fly are divine"...sorry, J.R.R Tolkien's fans.), no one will pick a bone with Squaresoft.

In response to the Exdeath's form as a tree, this is just an example of how Squaresoft designers look extensively into existing myths for materials. One could play Chrono Trigger and could not fail to spot mythical references -- Atropos, one of the Weird Sisters or the Masamune, the most famous sword in RPG history and legends. I believe that Exdeath is a parody to the Tree of Life (is that a Norse myth? I cannot remember...). There are many reasons for RPG designers to pick a particular form for a Boss. It could be interesting to do some research...

What does this means? Angels or a piece of wood, there is more to bosses than it meets the eye. Each particular form has a metaphor -- be it a tree, wings, train or whatever. I am just hoping that Squaresoft picked those because they wanted their rpgs to have depth, not just for their visuals and coolness...

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