Rebuttal to: "Squaresoft Isn't Fooling Me"

by Geoffrey Russell

Original Editorial: SquareSoft Isn't Fooling Me

What, if I may ask, is your point? You say clearly and distinctly in the title that SquareSoft isn't fooling you. They're not trying to fool you. They're trying to make money. That's all they've ever tried to do. They're a corporation. That's what corporations do. You say "I'll bet my mother's house that Square did plenty of research before beginning to produce FFVII." So will I. Except I'll bet the gross national product of Peru. They're not in it for the art, they're not in it for the sheer joy of creation. The simple truth is, SquareSoft wants your money. If you don't like their games, don't give them any money. Which is what you've been doing. Good, keep it up. No sense buying things you don't like.

The major problem with this is that you don't know if you like it until you try it. If you haven't bought any games, how do you know they're bad? And if you have played them, and determined that they are indeed bad, and that your money would be best spent elsewhere, what exactly are you complaining about? That a company isn't making things you like anymore? That things aren't the way you want them? Welcome to the real world. If it makes money, they do it. If it doesn't, they stop. Basic economics.

Here's a question for you: What do you want from them? You don't like it when they produce "soulless" games, and you don't like it when they "pander." It sounds like you don't quite know what you want. You want things to be the way they were, i.e. sword and sorcery, and yet when they attempt to give it to you in the form of Final Fantasy IX you throw a tantrum. You have a right not to like Final Fantasy VII. It's out, people have played it. You have a right not to like Final Fantasy VIII. It's also out, and people have played it. You have no right not to like Final Fantasy IX. It's not out, and nobody's played it. Once you have, you can go right ahead and loathe it. Or not. Your choice. But not yet.

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