Concerned Parent strikes out at RPGamer

by Gwendolyn Snope

Dr. Laura, the popular radio personality and moral barometer in this country, has recently been going on tangents about the immorality and absurd freedoms of the Internet and now, after seeing your site, I know that Dr. Laura is always right. I have never seen such a blatant attempt at turning our defenseless children away from God as I have at your site. I can see right through your agenda, heathens, with your endless talk of Witchcraft spells and magical objects. It is quite obvious that your Liberal agenda is to introduce the youth of America to Paganism, with its deviant homosexual rituals and idol-worship. I think they should not only post the ten commandments on schools, but also on every website as well. I fought this kind of Godless nonsense in the 1980's, back when it was called Dungeons & Dragons, a "Game" that taught teenagers how to perform Satanic rituals and how to sacrifice babies to Lucifer before feasting on their limbs. The worst part about your website is that it panders to children. You talk of videogames yet, when you scrape away that thin verneer, all you find is blasphemous talk of nature Goddesses (a disgusting Wiccan concept) and Vampires and Pagan magical spells used by demons and sorcerers! Is this what those Godless liberal Atheists claim is defended by the 1st Amendment!? Paganism and Wiccanism and Satanism? Is this what you're trying to teach our children? I am disgusted at the lengths you people will go to to turn our children away from the teachens of Jesus Christ. It is a good thing I caught my bunchkin Timothy looking at your website or else I wouldn't have known that you were trying to corrupt him. I am going to write a sternly-worded letter to my State Representative Bob Barr, who actually cares about our youth, advocating that sites such as yours be censored and that libraries be filtered against such Godless liberal filth. This is what Al Gore made such a big stink about inventing? This Information Superhighway that is only good for turning our children against God and country? It's a good thing I didn't vote for him or that swine Klinton. It is times like these where I am glad that I home-school my children and don't send them to public schools to learn socialism and atheism..

-Gwendolyn Snope, Concerned Parent

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