April Contest

    RPGamer, Crave Entertainment, and Working Designs have teamed together to bring you a chance to win some awesome Shadow Madness and Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete merchandise during the month of April.

    The grand prize of our contest is a basket of Lorelai's Prozac cookies....Oh, Thor ate them all. Well I guess then, we'll award two grand prize packages, consisting of: a Shadow Madness T-shirt autographed by the CraveYard Team and a copy of Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete. For a complete list of prizes see the Official Rules.

By popular demand, here are the Contest Answers

Contest Winners

  • Early Bird Prize
    • Colleen Lariviere
  • Grand Prize
    • Robert Szkotak
    • Michelle Balsan
  • First Prize
    • Sharon Burke
    • Joseph Au
    • Orlando Perdigon
    • Andrew Perdigon
  • Second Prize
    • Rebecca Keepers
    • David Barton
    • Brenda Norton
    • Dara Lee
    • Phil Odum
    • Joy Armes
  • Thrid Prize
    • Thomas Mills
    • Thomas Melton
    • Jesse Fisher
    • Deborah Rowlett
    • Kevin Buikema
    • James Woodward
  • Fourth Prize
    • Brian Welliver
    • Jayson Wicks
    • Jorge Bustamante
    • Steven Unfred
    • Amit Jain
    • Dan Cramer
    • Thomas Kalla
    • Larra Paolilli
    • Stephen Bumbarger
    • Randy Covey

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