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Worst RPG of the Year - R.A.W. - Realms of Ancient War

Worst RPG of the Year

Second Place

Third Place

RPGamer's reviewers always try to seek the positives in every game we play. R.A.W. — Realms of Ancient War is a great example of a game that has almost zero redeeming qualities and makes you feel dumber just having played it. While hack n' slash titles are a dime a dozen, R.A.W. is an example of pure laziness from its uninspired combat, its abundance of crappy loot, and a ye olden tall tale that is a snoozefest. The co-op is local only and when your husband tells you this game inflicts "spousal abuse," you know it's not a game you should be playing together.

Although R.A.W sports great controls and is good for a pick up and play experience, there's nothing to invest the player to continue onward. The amount of padding presented by the game's level design is a sin against nature, and the deadliest of villains are the game's teeny tiny spiders who like to swarm. Yes, even the final boss is as difficult as those little buggers. With games like Torchlight II and Diabolo III around, R.A.W. does nothing to stand out in a crowd, nor does it have a real reason to exist in the hack ní slashes' already flooded market. As winner of RPGamerís Worst RPG of 2012, I cast thee OUT of my Xbox 360, never to return again.

NIS America put a lot of love into the localization of Mugen Souls. Sadly that is the beginning and end of the good points about Mugen Souls. The problems start with the game's combat. Full of complicated mechanics that often provide little help in battle, the game forces you into a plethora of battles that only help to emphasize its weaknesses. Follow that up with boring dungeons with little to do but get into more tedious and boring battles. The battles are at least easy. That is, until you get to the second half of the game where the difficulty jacks up an insane amount. The one saving grace could have been the story which actually starts off quite entertaining. As the cast expands it sadly falls into too many tired tropes and annoying, lengthy conversations that provide no plot advancement, character development, or even humor. The only astounding thing about Mugen Souls is that something worse than it came out in 2012.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance's issues started before you even purchased the game. A port of an iOS title that sold for a few bucks, the audacity of this game retailing for full price was astounding. Then you get to the gameplay itself, which copies Diablo in uninteresting ways bringing nothing new to the table. The combat itself lacks much punch and with no good story to speak of the game lacks any redeeming qualities. Even if the game had sold for a lower price there would still be little of note here.

by Sam Marchello, Michael Apps

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