RPGamer Reader Awards 2001

Welcome to RPGamer's inaugural Best and Worst of the Year Reader Awards. We ended last year with our views on the RPGs for 2000, but many of you wrote in, disagreeing with some of our choices. Taking that in stride, we thought this year we would let the readers have their say as well.

For each category, you will have a list of games to choose from. Use the pulldown under the titles you want to place. Choosing 1 gives that game a First Place vote, a 2 gives a Second Place vote, and so on. Like our poll, the only information collected, other than the votes themselves, is your IP to avoid vote stuffing. Vote for as many or as few categories as you want. Voting closes at 10:00 PM Pacific on January 8th, 2002. Have fun!

Note: Some images have more than one game attached to them. Instead of splitting votes for a single project, the following pairs are combined into one choice: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages - Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure & Cobi's Journey - Phantasy Star Online & Phantasy Star Online version 2

 · Role Playing Game of the Year
 · RPG of the Year: PlayStation

 · RPG of the Year: PlayStation 2

 · RPG of the Year: Game Boy Color/Advance

 · Best Graphics

 · Best Story

 · Most Fun to Play

 · Biggest Letdown

 · RPG of the Year: PC

 · RPG of the Year: Dreamcast

 · Best Battle System

 · Best Music

 · Best Game Play

 · Best Localization

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