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Happy YsGiving
  November 27th, 2013

11/27- 7:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Q&A! The new Ys is out and I'm already enjoying it, along with the history spanning three disc soundtrack the special edition came with. Of course I'm still primarily focused on finishing Guided Fate Paradox and Valhalla Knights 3 to review. I'm playing the new Zelda and Adventure Time on the side as well, so please do send in your thoughts and questions about any of these games.

On to your questions!

The Letters
Ratchet and Cratchet

What do you think about the new Ratchet and Clank game being released for $29.99? Do you like Ratchet and Clank games? Do you think more companies should try a lower price point more often?


I've only played the first game so far, and found it to be a very fun action platforming experience. I hear it only gets better from here, so I'll be sure to continue on to the Future series along with the latest game. I think the price point is probably related to the game's length, but other than that it seems like any platforming game doesn't do well unless priced lower. You can see it with the Sonic games, Rayman Origins (sold better after price drop), Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and Rayman Legends which doesn't seem to have done very well at least initially at a full price point. I'm not quite sure why that is given Nintendo titles don't have this same issue. I'm sure someone with more marketing experience could enlighten us.

What is one game you pre-ordered in the last year that you ended up regretting?


Well I did at one time have an open pre-order for Valhalla Knights 3, which I eventually canceled thanks to a review copy that scared me off.  I'm sure I would have regretted that! Other than that the most recent title I can think of is Armored Core V. I didn't like the title at all and sold it very shortly after it arrived. I suppose Kingdom Hearts HD would count since I absolutely hated the limited case it came in for pre-ordering. Whoops?

What game do you have pre-ordered right now that you are most excited for? What one are you most excited for that pre-orders haven't opened on yet?


The pre-ordered game I'm most excited for right now would have to be Dark Souls. I pumped an insane amount of time into the original, and probably will add to that total so I'm hoping that the sequel might be able to match the quality of the first game. I've managed to avoid most trailers and such for the game as I'd like to be able to go into and be surprised for once.

What would you think about a Megaman SRPG or MMORPG? Or maybe a Megaman themed Skylanders-type game?


I'd be up for any and all of those things. The Skylanders-type idea sounds cool if only to have a collection of robot master figurines. Thinking about it, that might actually be a really smart way to reboot the franchise for a younger generation, perhaps paired with a TV Show based on the Comic Books or something. It'd be very risky of course, so I doubt Capcom would try such a thing at the moment. I wonder if something that could get the series new fans isn't the best idea, it seems the angry older fanbase is unlikely to embrace anything Capcom does with the character at this point. I would love any kind of new Mega Man personally, so you can swap in almost any genre for SRPG or MMORPG and I'd say yes because I think there's still a ton that can be done with the franchise.

Do you know many people with indie developer goals who think completely unrealistically about how well their game is going to do? Ever find out about the first game a developer makes being very lofty and thinking it won't be half as good as they think?


I don't really know anyone outside of someone that seemed to have perfectly reasonable and realistic expectations for their indy game. Looking at some of the "colorful" characters in the indy scene, I think it's important to have goals that are both lofty and realistic. The Zeboyd folks seem to be some of the most grounded indy devs out there.

When is the last time you wanted to punch a mascot?


ELMO, nuff said.

When you go grinding in Disgaea D2's item world, what music do you listen to? Do you listen to something other than music? How long would you say is too long when it comes to grinding sessions?


I usually just keep the game's music on. During very long adventures into the item world I might fire up some kind of video on my computer which I've usually got next to me when playing PS3. I think if you're completing all of the levels in an item that's probably too long for grinding sessions. I usually stick to around thirty floors tops for the item world and maybe 3-4 battles when just grinding in old maps.

What version of FF4 do you think is the best?


That's a tough call! I really like the 3D version on DS but I think I'll have to say the PSP version. That's got great sprites and has the most content out of all the versions. Honestly people won't go wrong with any version of the game unless it's the original US release. You know what? I take it back, the DS version is the best.

Do you think I would make a good rainbow?



Taking into account the wide variety of questions you manage to ask me I would say you would do just fine.

The Legend of Link

What is it about the Zelda format that you think makes it hold up so well?

Thanks for the chance at oracles ;-)



I think the last three Zelda releases can give us some insight on this. You've got the remake of an adventure on the high seas with lots of areas to explore, an interesting story and fun locations (Windwaker). You've got a largely linear adventure with carefully constructed areas so that the action is always moving forward, with plenty of fun areas and varying objectives to keep things fresh (Skyward Sword). Finally you've got a largely non-linear adventure that let's you explore dungeons in almost any order and progress the game at your own pace, with tons of secrets to  discover (Link Between Worlds). Despite the different styles the games all feel familiar thanks to reoccurring instances of characters, familiar items and weapons, and of course the thrill of the series dungeons. The mix of old and new keeps things fresh and familiar better than the Final Fantasy series ever could. It's a great series for newcomers with enough references in each game to keep series fans happy. As much whining accompanies each title, it's a fantastic series that has stayed consistent over the years (no the CDi titles don't count) and I still look forward to each new game. There's nothing like a new Zelda!

Thinking Smart

Persona 5 on the PS3 only? Ain't nobody got time for that. What is Atlus thinking?



They're thinking that it's an established platform in Japan and it could take awhile for the PS4 to catch on, if it even does. This is par for the Atlus course, given their multiple late PS2 releases. They keep costs down, so it really shouldn't be a surprise in the slightest that they aren't jump on the next-gen train. What's surprising to me, though, is that it's not a dual Vita-PS3 release given the popularity of portables in Japan and the recently released Vita TV. Plus it still works on a worldwide level with the large install base already there. Seems like everybody got time for that!

Final Fantasy Persona XIV

Hey Wheels!  Long time no write!  Got a couple of questions for you.
First, there is a teaser page floating around the net that is Persona related.  Iím pretty sure itís P5.  Iím also pretty sure itíll be for the PS3.  Do you think this one will continue the high school theme, or will it focus on an older cast with a work schedule instead of a class schedule?


Well as I'm sure you've already seen, you were correct on both counts (with some additional games thrown in)! No doubt it will continue the high school theme. I'd love to see them explore different types of characters but I doubt they'll mess with things too much given the series' current popularity. Of course there's still plenty of things they can do with a high school setting, and thankfully Atlus isn't prone to the same kind of anime nonsense other developers are apt to use. We shall see!

Question 2:  I have been playing Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn for a few months now, and itís my favorite MMO ever.  I canít decide what class to stick with though.  Iím sure Iíll figure it out eventually, but if you have any musing on the classes, or any thoughts on the game in general, Iíd love to hear them.


I've been playing it, though not lately due to review games. I've only played one mage class and the lancer so far, so sadly I don't have much wisdom to impart other than to say both of those classes rock. As for thoughts on the game in general, it is a finely put together MMO, much more so than Final Fantasy XI. It has a nice focus on story for those who just want to play it because it's Final Fantasy, plenty of the usual quality MMO stuff, and of course fantastic music. I haven't done much you would call MMO-ish in the game just yet but I'm sure I will as I advance! It's the first MMO to hook me since World of Warcraft(for a few years).

See you all next week!

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