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All Your Turkey is Belong to Us
November 21st, 2012

11/16- 12:00PM EST

Welcome! This is just a quick little Q&A to enjoy over this holiday week, and we'll be back with a full one next week. So get some questions in!

Let's jump right into it...

The Letters
Yang to your Ying

So which RPGs are you looking forward to in 2013 and why?

- Macstorm (aka the Yin to your Yang)


As it so happens the biggest ones I'm looking forward to are two 3DS RPGs from Atlus, only one of which has been confirmed for the US. I loved the original Etrian Odyssey, and enjoyed Etrian Odyssey III even more despite not completing it yet. So I'm quite excited for Etrian Odyssey IV. It looks like an even better dungeon crawler with a nice uptick in graphics. In a similar vein, Souls Hackers looks to be a nice update to one of the most famous Shin Megami Tensei games that we missed. Anther dungeon crawler, I'd be shocked if they didn't bring it over given that Etrian Odyssey IV is on the way. The Shin Megami Tensei series is more popular after all. Beyond those two games, the other big RPGs I'm waiting for are two from Namco. The first is of course Ni No Kuni. I'm not sold on it quite yet, but with that visual style I'll stay hopeful. Finally we've got the latest Tales game, Tales of Xillia. Doesn't look to have a battle system as good as Graces f but I think it will still be a good classic romp. So there you have it, two portable and two console RPGs all from Japanese developers. Are any Western RPGs slated for next year? Oh well, there's a few more possibles on the Vita I would  mention but given its current state I don't want to jinx their chances of being localized. I expect these to be opposite to what you're excited for!

Arc Rise Turkey

Since I haven't said so yet, congratulations on your coming baby, Wheels. I hope everything goes well when he arrives. :)

I figured I'd send you a letter before you take your paternity leave. I know you can't really answer the question I'm about to ask, but I thought I'd at least hear your take on it.


Why thank you! I'm equal parts excited and nervous as you can expect. Hopefully he enjoys RPGs as much as I do when he's older! Anyway, I would be happy to take a try at your question.

Does a new IP, at least when it comes to video games, usually belong to the publisher? This is something I've never been sure about. You see, I've noticed that ever since Japanese developer Imageepoch has been publishing their own games, there hasn't been any sign of a Luminous Arc 4, Arc Rise Fantasia 2, or some game related to them (as I pointed out several times, ARF and the Luminous Arc games are implied to be part of the same multiverse). Not all of their more recent game are published by themselves, but it seems they haven't had a game published by Marvelous Entertainment since Fate/Extra (I could be wrong though).


Well it all depends on the publisher and what deal they've sprung with the developer based on the new IP. You can find examples of both. So it all depends on what arrangement they had with Marvelous for Arc.

What I'm trying to get at is this: Does this mean Luminous Arc and Arc Rise Fantasia belong to Marvelous Entertainment? Is this why we haven't seen a new "Arc" game from Imageepoch? Granted, one major reason we haven't seen a sequel is probably because they didn't sell very well. Well, I know ARF didn't sell well. Also, since LA3 didn't come out in North America, sales for that game were lower even if LA3 outsold LA2 in Japan. Also, if the IPs belong to Marvelous, they could always have another developer work on the game(s). I don't think we can be sure, but I have to wonder.


It's a good question and with a small series like this it might not matter because it could just be the case of a lack of interest by all parties in developing a sequel. I'm guessing the first game did the best so it could be they fast tracked a pair of sequels that didn't end up doing as well as the original. Given that the Marvelous logo appears on the US versions of Luminous Arc I think it's safe to say that Marvelous owns the franchise. Perhaps they aren't interested in trying it with another developer. Hopefully the questions will be answered for you with a new game at some point!

On a completely different note, here's a interesting scenario someone brought up on the forums I'd like your to answer: If you could end one RPG series in order to revive another (let's see it hasn't seen a new game in at least four years), which series would they be and why? For me, I'd sacrifice the Kingdom Hearts series to see a new Baten Kaitos game. I never cared for Kingdom Hearts, as you may know, and I think Baten Kaitos is unfairly under-appreciated. Both BK games are so great and I would love to see a new game that mixes the battle system from the two and continues developing that fascinating world.  I know you like the KH games, so go ahead and sacrifice a series I enjoy, like Pokémon or something. ^^

Well, that's all from me. Take care!

-Strawberry Eggs


That's an interesting game, and I'd be happy to take part! Don't worry about hating on the Kingdom Hearts series, I would gladly kill it for some brand new SaGa games or even just for one Resonance of Fate sequel. In fact let's go with that, I would gladly kill the Kingdom Hearts series for just one more Resonance of Fate. That game had some great ideas that could be further expanded in a new game. The SaGa series of course has had nothing new but remakes and some mobile game recently so I would love to see some proper new games at the expense of Kingdom Hearts. Anyway, thanks for some interesting questions, here's hoping you have a new Arc game in the near future!

See you all next week! For those in the US, have a great Thanksgiving!


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