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Red Hot Wheelie Peppers
October 12th, 2012

10/12- 12:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Ask Wheels! As I'm sure you've seen, my review of Mugen Souls is now up. The game just had an awful battle system that was made worse by the fact your are constantly forced into more battles by the need to grind. Oh well, the new Ys game is really good! Hopefully that will make it to the US at some point. Also now that I know it exists, I really want to see Atelier Totori on the Vita localized.

Anyway, on to your letters!

The Letters
Tales of Tales about Tales

‏I love Tales Sorry my friend.

Nintendo not only keeps its portfolio diverse, but they've always appreciated the rpg lovin we NEED



(He's referring to last week when I said that the Tales of the World Radiant Mythology games were not very good) I love Tales as well, but the Radiant Mythology games simply are not very good entries in the series. They rely on fan service to try and cover up a series of generic dungeon crawlers. I mean I'm all for a Tales game where you can make a party of your favorite characters, but they could easily do that in a far more interesting series of games.

I agree, Nintendo does a great job of keeping a diverse portfolio. They even have some games to fit this need that we've never seen much of, like that Heracles series. Of course most notable from Nintendo would be the Fire Emblem and Golden Sun series, along with the various Mario RPGs. They've released a lot of fantastic RPGs and look to releases more in the future. Arguments about their systems aside I think we can all agree that Nintendo knows how to make a good game!


Hey Wheels,

I have noticed that you are not a fan of the Legend of Dragoon (understatement of the year?), and I am aware that this is the case for lots of people. I thought I would share my reasons for loving this game in an attempt to offer some reasons for its popularity, in spite of the obvious issues. When I first played the game I was in my adolescent rpg craze, and basically playing every rpg I could get my hands on. Dragoon came late on the ps1 cycle and I snagged it as soon as I could. There are two reasons that I enjoyed the game at it's release, and I think they are still the reasons I like it now. First is the addition combat system. Frankly, I downloaded the psn copy and jumped in over ten years later and I still loved the balance of difficulty. There is something about quick time button presses in a battle system that I love (my all time favorite series is Shadow Hearts, skip the third game though). It makes every random battle engaging. I'm sure many people disagree though! The second reason would be the fantastic cut scenes. For a ps1 title, Dragoon sports some fmv scenes that are still a blast to watch. They easily rival any of the scenes from the Final Fantasy games on the ps1, and I thought they added something special. That said, the story is somewhat forgettable, and clearly stole everything it possibly could from FFVII. Haha it's practically copyright infringement! My only question would be if you know of any titles that utilize a quick time button press/turn based combat system that you could recommend. I always enjoy a new twist on the traditional formula.

Anyway, best wishes from a Dragoon lover.



I can see why you might possibly like it, it's just that quicktime silliness wasn't enough to get me interested in Dragoon's battle system. The story and everything else never really grabbed me, so it kind of kills the strength of the FMVs, you know what  I mean? I just felt like the battles had too few options and thus no strategy. That said, there are some other RPGs that use quicktime type events to keep battles engaging. The most notable would of course be all of the Mario RPGs. These games from the start have used this as way to keep combat interesting. The best is in the Mario and Luigi series where you can actual jump and use hammers to dodge and counter enemies in real time. There's also The Last Remnant and Crimson Gem Saga which both use button presses like that in combat. The best example I could think of would have to be Ar Tonelico 2. In that game, combat has attack and defense phases. During defense, you have to time button presses to different attacks using two buttons, one for each of the two magic users you defend in battle. I'd highly recommend you give it a try!

Maybe someday I'll give Dragoon another chance...


Dear Wheels,

Legend of Dragoon sucks. I can't tell you how many people I've heard laud it as the "Best. RPG. Ever." I don't get it. I played it back in the day, and while I certainly enjoyed it, it was even more linear than FFXIII. It literally had two side quests. The best reason I've heard for why it sits at the pinnacle of PSOne era RPGs? "LOL, dragons." Please, if you want dragons go pray at the alter of Capcom for Breath of Fire VI...until then, put Legend of Dragoon where it belongs, sandwiched between FFXIII and Quest 64.



Yikes, you seem to bashing FFXIII there, which happens to be a game I think is just the bees knees. I also have no problem with a game being linear. That said, I also hated the game when I played it back in the day, so I know exactly what you're talking about. I don't really want Breath of Fire VI though, what I really want is Dragon Quarter 2. Anyway, Legend of Dragoon seems to be the very definition of a" love it or hate it" game, so I don't think one side will ever agree with the other. Suikoden II is still the best PS1 RPG in my book!

Zero Logic

@AskWheels uh, uhm, Why do people hate X-Com Terror from the Deep so much? Once patched its a near perfect game!


I dunno, no offense to PC gamers but they can be a bit picky for silly reasons at times. Many would probably bash the heck out of an FPS game just for not having dedicated server clients for multiplayer as an example. I wouldn't read too much into it. I'll bet more people actually enjoy it than complain about it!

@AskWheels Why haven't all your readers bought the new XCOM? Do they hate awesome games?


Well, you don't know that they haven't, do you? I loved the demo and plan on getting it in the near future, and we encourage anyone who loves tactical games to do the same. Plus it's developed by Firaxis, the Civilization guys, so it's incredibly hard to resist.

@AskWheels When are you going to LP something? Seriously...


I tried that once man, I couldn't really get into it. It was just too tedious for me and I didn't much enjoy it. I'd consider doing a video LP though at some point if I can get the right equipment. That could be fun!

@AskWheels Is there anything exciting coming out this fall? Or have all the good games (Borderlands 2, Dishonored, XCOM) been released?


Well on consoles there are still a few big releases coming, mostly Assassin's Creed III, Halo 4, and Epic Mickey 2. On portables we've got some great RPGs coming in Persona 4 on Vita, two interesting looking Ragnarok games, and of course a new Paper Mario. So not a ton of things, but some interesting titles! Plus Etrian Odyssey IV will be waiting for us in 2013.

@AskWheels How many more questions do you need?


One more would be cool!

@AskWheels Why do some many RPG fans obsess over numbers? I don't know about them but Excel the game isn't that exciting to me..



I couldn't really find a good explanation for this, other than to say that it doesn't always apply to all RPG fans. Some mostly play them for stories, and don't want much outside of some simple combat. I think it must come from tabletop RPGs, finding ways to build the best character and things like that. Of course RPG fans could all just be math geeks? I'm certainly guilty of this as I've spent time devouring weapon stat tables for Dark Souls. It's a mystery to everyone!

That's it for today.

 Next week I will does those connection challenges I forgot to do this week. See you then!


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