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Wheels goes to Washington
  September 20th, 2013

09/20- 7:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Q&A! I've been hard at work finishing up Disgaea D2, so look for that in the near future, along with that retroview of .hack G.U. Volume 1 that I swear won't be like those other retroviews that never happened. We also have some Atlus news to talk about, but since someone asked about it, I'll save my thoughts on that point.

Anyway, let's get to it!

The Letters

What do you think of the 2DS tablet?



I think it looks like a terrible cheap cousin to the much better 3DS XL. Of course that's partially the point of the whole thing, it's not for me or you, it's mostly for kids or those just looking for a cheaper version of the 3DS that don't care about the 3D effect. This works out perfectly given the optional nature of the 3D to begin with. The internet's reaction to this announcement was a bit ridiculous to be honest, and even I reacted similarly at first. The thing should do fine with the younger crowd, especially with a certain monster collecting game coming out soon. Long story short, my opinion is that its not for most core gamers, nor is it worth discussing that much. Most of us are just going to stick to main 3DS.

Vita TV Party Time

Do you think the PS Vita TV thing will actually pull new life for Sony or another failure?



I'm really not sure to be honest. Its clear, whether or not it makes it to the west, that the Vita TV is aimed at the Asian market. I'm not clear if they're mainly pushing it as a streaming box and the other features are somewhat secondary. There is apparently a real lack of streaming boxes in the Asian market. Perhaps they also want to push it as a cheap console that will then help sales of some Vita games? This really is a very odd thing to announce, especially given there are plenty of Vita games that require the touch screen! I wonder if perhaps there's some demand as well to play some PSP titles on TV with better video out? I do know one thing, I want one and have already pre-ordered it! There's a ton of PSP/Vita games that I would love to be able to play on a TV, so this is right up my alley. We'll see how it shakes out. I'm perfectly fine with more of an internet streaming box that doubles as a bizarre Super Game Boy


Why was Sega interested in Atlus?


Well for starters let's remember that they actually bought Index as a whole, not just the Atlus game division. Largely I think the draw would be the success of the gaming division and its various franchises. This lines up nicely with Sega Sammy's existing pachinko type operations, mobile and social gaming stuff, etc. Of course the core games themselves had to be a draw as well. Atlus has largely been on the rise to some extent in recent years which should help patch up a gaming portfolio that has been on a downward trend, with Sega downsizing in recent years. I think Sega even distributed some Atlus games so they've already had past working relationships. Combine that with what looked to be a relatively low buying cost and it makes perfect sense that the Sega Sammy group would want to pick up the remains of Index as a subsidiary.  Hopefully it works out well and Atlus USA will be unaffected.

How do poop? #twitterdelivers



I think you'll find this book very informative.

Everyone poops

World of Fantasycraft

@AskWheels what do you think of the new cat men in ffxiv?



I dunno, I'm not all that familiar with them since I've mostly just gone with the default humans in Final Fantasy XIV. Final Fantasy XI didn't have any cat men? Just looking at their designs they look interesting. Should I be creating one?


See you all next week!

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