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Round One
August 18th, 2011

08/18- 12:00PM EST

   Round one of the contest is complete! That's right, instead of randomly deciding the winner using a  number generator, I randomly assigned each contestant a character in Super Street Fighter 4 and then simulated matches to determine the winners. So, here are the results for the first round, first the contestants and the characters they got:

FriendOfAgnes - Adon
Kain V - Balrog
Nightfox - Dudley
Clephas - El Fuerte
Scott O. - Oil Man ... I mean Hakan
RivalShadeX - Dee Jay
Paladia - Sagat
 (Paladia was randomly selected to get the bye for round 1 since we have an odd number)

FriendOfAgnes vs. Kain V:
Round One: Lots of chip shots, with Balrog getting some nice punch combos and hitting his ultra for the win. Still close, with Adon hitting a good number of special attacks.
Round Two: Balrog plays it safe, with special moves to counter Adon's attacks. A grab move ends the round and gives the win to Kain V!

Nightfox vs. Clephas:
Round One: Can boxing characters go two for two? Lots of back and forth with light attacks, until Dudley takes the advantage with some well timed uppercuts, and finishes the round with his ultra.
Round Two: Dudley dominates round two with specials and grabs, and indeed sets boxing characters at two for two for this tourney. Win to Nightfox!

Scott O. vs. RivalShadeX:
Round One:  Dee Jay dominates early with his speed, despite Hakan loading up with oil and hitting some powerful attacks. However Hakan hits his ultra at the end to take round one.
Round Two: A little back and forth, then Dee Jay hits some ex moves, his ultra, and finishes with a few quick strikes.
Round Three: Hakan gets in close and dominates with powerful grapple moves. There's no escaping at that point. Hakan takes the match. Win to Scott O.!

And that's it! So those continuing to round two are: Paladia (via bye), Nightfox, Kain V, and Scott O.

Now then, on to the letters!

The Letters
Remake Quest

Dear Wheels

Do you think that Square-Enix will eventually remake Dragon Quest VII? I picked up the original PS1 version a little while ago and played through the opening part of the game, but found it rather hard on the eye and somewhat slow.


I strongly believe it will see a remake at some point. Dragon Quest VII was quite popular in Japan, despite coming out so late in the life of the PS1. I don't believe it has shown up on PSN over there, suggesting they'd prefer to re-release it in some other form. It could be we'll see Square-Enix continuing the trend of Dragon Quest remakes on Nintendo's handhelds, with a 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII. That is certainly something Nintendo would get behind, as I'm sure such a remake would help sales of the system. We shall see what they do! The game does look pretty dated, so I can't say I wouldn't prefer a visual upgrade.

I think a remake would be a great opportunity to jazz it up, maybe redo the localization and improve the pace of the whole thing.  If such a thing were to happen which platform would you like to see it on? My preferences are 3DS or Vita, as I think these games are well suited to playing on the go.


I agree completely, it should be on a portable platform. Dragon Quest games have proven to fit quite nicely on the DS, and keeping it on such a platform would keep the budget for a remake within reason. After the success of the recent remakes, it would make sense for Square-Enix to continue on and do a remake of VII.

I have another remake question for you - Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII HD remakes - good idea or not? I would welcome them myself, as XII is personally my favorite of the series post VII.  I have just finished replaying X though so I am done with that one for a while.



PS2 HD collections don't seem to be hard to do, and Square-Enix has already done one with the Tomb Raider Collection. So I think it is a really good idea. Would be a nice gap filler between XIII-2 and Versus. Knowing Square-Enix, however, I could see them annoying us all and releasing them individually. I'd still be up for it of course! Final Fantasy XII in HD would be amazing.

Tweeting On the Go

@AskWheels Everyone is talking mobile games mobile games mobile games. Problem as I see it is that most of these games have no depth.

This is true. There are some of course, but how does one go about finding them in the sea of super-cheap games? Many of the games that do have depth seem to be either ports from other platforms, or games from big name developers that essentially serve as advertisements for the fully fledged games (such as the great Dead Space iPhone game). I just don't think a race to the bottom type of market place is going to be able to support in-depth types of experiences. 

@AskWheels  Have you found any RPGs or TRPGs that are worthy
of the name?



Infinity Blade so far is the only game that has impressed me in such a way. Despite this, it is still a pretty shallow game, as good as it is. I just can't see why anyone would invest a great deal of resources in making games that can only sell for around $4.99. Will these types of games take a chunk out of handheld gaming? Perhaps, but we've had smartphones for years now and the DS was strong through those years. I'll stick with portable gaming specific devices.

Tactical Politics

Hey, Human Wheels!!  It’s no big deal (after all, one can’t tell these things easily from an email), but for the record, I’m female!!!!


Well hello there! This really is often a tough thing to tell from people's usernames. Anyone let's see what's on your mind...

I’m currently playing Suikoden Tactics, & it got me wondering.  Why are most tactical games a heavy political drama?  Yes, there’s Disgaea, but I think it’s the exception that proves the rule, & even then it’s goofy political drama so we still haven’t gotten completely away from that.  Regular RPGs come in a wide variety of flavors – I just don’t get why tactical games seem to have such a narrow focus.  I’d like more horror tactical (i.e. Koudelka) – is anyone doing anything like that?


Well there are a few more that break the mold I think, such as the Shining Force games that often play out like a regular JRPG, just with tactical battles in place of normal party based combat. Now then, you are certainly right in that the majority of them have political based stories. My best guess would be that many of the developers are big fans of games like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics, and this influence shows up in the development of story.

If you want, let me know when you finish the last Dark Tower book, & we’ll discuss what a lazy author King’s become.
Hope you had a great week!


I will let you know! I'm about half-way through it, and have somewhat enjoyed it. At the very least, King seems to be admitting himself in the book that he is a lazy writer. Then again, he's still talented, as he did makes us believe in this rag-tag group of gunslingers, and made including himself in the story not seem insane! Anyway, look forward to hearing from you again!

Continued From Last Week

Connect The Magnetic Monster to Dragon Quest VIII!



I bet you thought this would be difficult! Not so, my good sir! The Magnetic Monster was released on laserdisc (remember laserdisc?) by MGM/UA -> MGM and Sony are partnering on the next two Bond films -> Sony distributed Square-Enix's (then Squaresoft) film Final Fantasy The Spirits Within -> Square-Enix published Dragon Quest VIII.

That's it for this week! Next week the contest results will continue with round two.

See you then!


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