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Tales of Ducks
  August 16th, 2013

08/16- 7:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Ask Wheels! We've got some great questions this week including one about Final Fantasy Type-0. As many of you know, I imported the game and was severely disappointed with it. I think I'll make this my final thought on the matter, and let you all get back to your wistful dreaming as I still think it's a game deserving of a localization. I've also been enjoying Duck Tales Remastered and just polished off Shin Megami Tensei IV (in under forty hours). I'm thinking I'll get back to Soul Hackers next. Anyway, I'm probably boring you and we've got questions to get to (and I need to get started on .hack//G.U. Volume 2).

Darkwing Duck
                                Let's Get Dangerouss

The Letters

Q: Why the hell did it take so long to get a thread for Q&A?


I can be a stubborn idiot sometimes. I think the best excuse I can give is I thought I'd just start answering questions right on the forums? I dunno, I really wanted to everything to come in through e-mail but in this modern age of social media that wasn't the smartest thing. I can understand perfectly how much easier just typing in some questions onto a forum post are, because doing so for Phil was insanely easy for me. So I apologize for taking so long to do it. After all, you all make this column possible so shouldn't I be making it as easy as possible to send me questions?

Q: Is it possible for a good game to blend elements of WRPGs with those of JRPGs? What would that look like?


It is very possible, and it has happened before. Just look at Final Fantasy XII, it blends a lot of combat elements you'd see in some BioWare titles with the great menu interface and variety of skills of the Final Fantasy series. Thoughtful blending of elements is what would be needed. For example you wouldn't want to just throw real time combat into the Persona series, but you could add in deep conversation trees like those in many BioWare games. On the flip side, you wouldn't want to anime up The Elder Scrolls series, but you would want to take combat ideas from JRPGs to spice up the series' lame combat. You could figure out a lot of mash-ups like this. I think in general WRPGs tend towards less interesting combat but better stories and characters, whereas JRPGs have more variety and quality in terms of combat and often settings but tend towards less developed characters and stories. To mash the two you'd have to mix the different elements to find something that works best. Both genres would benefit from this greatly to shore up their weaknesses. Seems unlikely to happen, but we can dream!

Q: With WiiU off to a false start, do you see any hope for US gamers to get Dragon Quest X on any of the other consoles?


I do see hope, just not for it appearing on another console. With the announcement of a PC version, that seems to be the most likely avenue for the game to be localized and released in the US, seeing as how I think it's the most popular platform for MMOs. That said, if it were localized for PC, I wouldn't be shocked to see the Wii U version brought over as well. As for other consoles, I think Nintendo and Square Enix have worked too closely in regards to the Dragon Quest series, so I don't think the game will ever show up on anything but PC and Nintendo platforms.

Holding Out For a Hero (with a cheaper cartridge)

So now that Earthbound is out on WiiU, I expected the price of the cartridges on Ebay to plummet into the sub-$100 range. But a cursory glance at the completed listings shows people still getting $200+ in auctions (not just Buy it Now).


Still? I expected a minor drop at least, but that price doesn't seem to have changed at all. Part of it may be just that there aren't a huge number of Wii U owners out there just yet. Buying the cartridge is still likely cheaper  than buying a brand new Wii U and the game. Even so, you've still got your collectors and purists who will want to play it on the original system, so that may be able to keep that price high regardless of re-releases.

Has the Virtual Console release taken the "I want to play this game on an actual system" people out of the bidding, leaving just the insane collectors? Or am I just being too impatient in waiting for cartridge pricing to drop?



I'm not really sure. There are plenty of games available on the Virtual Console, or on other systems. The original PS1 versions of Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile are still pricey despite re-releases on PSP (which go for cheap). There have even been some games (which are on Virtual Console) that have increased in price in recent years, so I have a feeling collecting retro games has become more popular. No matter the reason, it really sucks for those that just want to pick up and play some old games not available elsewhere. It's too bad! Hopefully it changes in the future, but I don't see that as very likely.

Tales of Disappointment

Dear wheels why is final fantasy type-0 the suckiest thing that ever sucked?



Oh dear this is a loaded question. The shot answer is that it's not. The long answer is Final Fantasy Type-0 isn't quite the lost classic we all want it to be. Part of that just has to do with us, and its status as an unlocalized big budget Final Fantasy game, which hasn't happened in a long time. This creates some unrealistic expectations that Type-0 can never meet. That said, the game does have many issues. For starters, the 2-UMD size seems to facilitate nothing but the high quality cinematics. They're great for sure, but they don't really add much to the game that couldn't have been handled just fine in the game's engine. There's the boring and bland world map and the horrible RTS missions that take place on it. There's the combat itself, which is good, but nothing particularly new or fresh. I can't speak for the story, but every other element is just largely disappointing. Again, not awful, just not deserving of the obsession we gamers have in seeing it localized. The game is in real need of an updated version for PS3 or Vita that tweaks things a bit. I'm hoping that, if we do get it at some point, that's how. Many have found the game more to their liking, but I really don't see what they're loving so much (other than the soundtrack). I would trade a fully voiced localization of Type-0 for a partial localization of a brilliant game like 7th Dragon every day of the week.

Tales of Exporting?

@AskWheels what's the most underrated export game?



That's an odd question, I assume I have to find an RPG that wasn't exported to Japan? There doesn't appear to be a Japanese release of Alpha Protocol, so I'm going to go with that since it's an underrated game in general. Though the combat can feel funky at times (similar to combat in Mass Effect) since it mixes skill based action with "dice rolls," I can understand why people had trouble getting into it. That said, the story and characters are great, the choices in the game are interesting, and the gameplay really is a lot of fun once you get the handle of it. A lot of the higher level skills are really fun to use as well. I'm not sure it is the kind of thing the Japanese gaming audience would enjoy, but they deserved a shot at it!

See you all next week!

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