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People Probe My JRPG Love and Hate
June 5th, 2011

06/05- 12:00PM EST

  Another Sequel crazy contest has begun! Only one entry so far, but I have a feeling you readers are going to come up with some great stuff. To give you some motivation, the prizes are now Tales of the Abyss 3D, Persona 2 Innocent Sin, or something similar. Finally getting the last missing chapter in the Persona series should at the very least be quite interesting. I'm also still trying to get through Avadon to review it, which is getting quite tough. I shall win though!

Rosestorm is here to answer all your questions while Wheels is on vacation.

On to the questions!

The Letters
IRC Love

These are some questions that were asked in RPGamers IRC chat room

Wolf: Inafune's interview with 1up saw him expressing a great deal of discontent with the secularized industry in japan, and mentioned that a big market was being overlooked in the form of downloadable and flash games. According to him, big developers consider it beneath them. Do you think that there is a chance that he will generate any change?


  Unfortunately no, Inafune is merely willing to state what most people in the world already know, but what most of Japan is more than willing to ignore. While most western developers are constantly trying to innovate and improve, Japanese developers are stuck in the past. Though there are some exceptions to that, for example based on new details for Final Fantasy Type-0 seem to indicate that the game will incorporate some RTS elements.

More IRC Love


Wolf: Why has storytelling in JRPGs gotten worse since the improvement of visual power in consoles?


  I think it is largely because back in the days of the SNES and Genesis, we had to use imagination to impart emotion onto the characters, but as the visual power increased the developers were able to display the emotions they intended. I think that ultimately we conveyed stronger emotions on those games then most JRPGs convey to us now.

Even More IRC Love


Stage: Has the japanese gaming industry grown with its market?


  Yes and no depending on how you look at it. For western fans then no since JRPGs rely on anime tropes most of the time. However for the Japanese fans, they are bigger fans of anime manga so they don't need to change so they can't actually grow in that sense.

Wheels Asking The Help

Dear Rosestorm,

How are you doing!

I have several questions for you.

Question the first: Who is this Wheels guy and why does he like crazy Kawazu games so much?


  I'm doing fine, but as for Wheels he is just a nut who works here, though his love of Kawazu has always been a mystey to me.

Question the second: With Wheels away, will we be free of Tales talk for once?


Of course we will, I don't play Tales Games, wait...Damn it Wheels.

Question the third: your favorite color?


Rose red, see a theme.

Question the fourth: Your in charge of making an Uncharted/Indiana Jones/Tomb Radier type game. What ancient civilization(s) would you use and why? Extra points if you use one people are totally clueless about. Negative points if your game title isn't awesome.


I'd say we start off in Sumarian ruins, then we go to the American Southwest with the Pueblo Indian ruins, then stop the by the Aztec ruins of Belize, finally ending at Atlantis underneath the Sunken Isle of Minoa. Make the connections between those civilizations if you can, but the game should be titled...don't know, I suck at this type of thing.

Question the final one: Is there an RPG you enjoy that is generally disliked by most gamers?

Good luck



Legend of Dragoon is probably the biggest one.

RPG Music Bias

Dear Rose,

Do you think that RPG music, or even video game music in general, was better in the past or in recent years? As far as I'm concerned, they're equally good, though most of my favorite OSTs come from games released in the past ten years or so.



I would say that it has only gotten better over the years, the OSTs of both of The Witcher games were fantastic.

Your Persona Fix

uh, just for kicks I'll ask some questions. I think I can come up with a good one or two....


Yipee, lets do it.

Speculate about Persona 5. What subject matter do you expect and what about dungeons and maybe region it all takes place? Will it be an exclusive or multi-platform? Do you expect a choice between male and female main character like they added to P3P? What new things would you hope for in the game? new ground covered? different themes?


I'll say that it will probably be just as awesome as Persona 4, one would hope. I imagine that it will take place in either Tokyo or some other large Japanese city. I think that it will be exclusive to the to the PS3, given the series history, but may also be on the Wii 2 given the DS releases. I would definitely expect there to be a male or female option, and I'm hoping for more exploration of homosexual themes.

What's your favourite/the best game involving a main character that either is or can turn into a dragon?


Dragon Quest VIII, spoilers, the main character is a member of the Dragovian race and a skill he learns at lvl. 65, "Dragon Soul," allows him to turn into a dragon for a mega attack.

Will there ever be a monster collecting (or robot or demon or any of that) RPG that actually mentions how dangerous it is to give these powers to a child? Ever since my first charmander I have wondered how no one would stop a grade school kid from owning a walking flamethrower...



I doubt it, given the indifference the Japanese seem to show about their children owning fire-breathing monsters.


That's it for this week! Rose is done for now. Wheels will be returning next week, so look forward to that.

Tata for now!


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