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Quad City DJs vs Q&A
May 18th, 2012

05/18- 12:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Q&A! It has been a while since we've talked about the Tales series, so with info on the next game starting to come out, we've already got a question about that! Of course lately I've been distracted from playing Tales of Graces by Atelier Rorona, which I finally got addicted to and completed. It is quite amazing what they were able to do with that game with an obviously small budget.

Anyway, on to the letters!

The Letters
Tales of Skull Cracking

Hi Wheels!  I've got a couple questions for ya.

First, what do you think of the Tales series going for a modern setting?  I don't think it's a big departure for the franchise, since there have always been science fiction elements in it.  I just hope the series doesn't lose any of its charm or get too lost in technobabble gobbletygook, which is a definite risk even for the fantasy-themed games (see: Abyss.)  Also, if the "girl" that the main character might destroy the world for is yet another stereotypical healer chick I'ma crack some skulls.


I really like the idea of switching up the setting. The Tales series, despite changing the gameplay up a bit for the Team Destiny games, have largely stuck to familiar fantasy territory. Sure, they often describe fantasy worlds with vastly different termonology, but that doesn't change the fact that its still fantasy. Switching things up is great! Remember when Final Fantasy went with a more steampunk style setting for Final Fantasy VI? That sure worked out. A more modern setting ultimately helped the Legend of Heroes series as well, given that it wasn't hugely popular in Japan before Trails in the Sky. Of course, this all depends on them pulling off a convincing setting. As for techno-babble and the like, I'm sure it'll be present, so we can only hope they don't go overboard. Oh, and you'll probably be stuck with a stereotypical girl healer so be prepared to crack some skulls!

I'm look forward to hearing more about this new Tales game. Hopefully we'll have Xillia localization news to celebrate around the same time.

Also, I hear you're playing The Game of Thrones: The Game (of Thrones).  I have to admit that I have thus far completely avoided the series, as I'm not fond of the whole thing where characters get killed off all the time.  Do you think the game would appeal to somebody with little to no knowledge of the setting?



Sadly no, I don't think it'd appeal much to someone with little knowledge of the setting. Though there's plenty of in-game material to help explain things, I think ultimately the game makes up for its gameplay weaknesses with tons of touches to appeal to fans, so I think a non-fan will find it quite disappointing. With that being said, you should read the books! The "characters get killed off all the time" statement is quite exaggerated because when it does happen, you'll know the character so well that it has much more impact. The series has quickly become my favorite book series ever, topping Lord of the Rings.

RPG Questiontrack

Hi Wheels, as Phil asked I am sending you some questions that I been pondering for a while.

First, let’s start with an easy one, why do we play games, it is really a hobby or it’s could be something more serious like aliens are trying to play with our mind and put idea like only a child around 12-16 years old, can save the world?


Excellent, it seems you are the only one who answered Phil's call!

Is that a covert reference to The Last Starfighter? Anyway, it is definitely a hobby. As far as RPGs go, I think we choose them as our favorite genre to fill our needs for adventure, to challenge our minds (with tactical games and the like), and to fill a need for compelling story (though not all RPGs fit this bill). I mean it's more fun to interact with a story than to watch one on TV isn't it?

As now my nephew ask me to buy Diablo III and go play with him and is friend.  Should I do that?  You know that I got a family and they don’t… well they do but not a wife and/or kids…


Sure, why not? Diablo can be quite addicting, but it is fine in moderation. Just don't quit your job and do nothing but play Diablo III! Besides, RPGamer's own  Adriaan den Ouden loved it.

Was it ok for me to quit World of Warcraft?  You know I don’t want somebody at Blizzard to starve to dead because I don’t send them money every month.


I hope this was a joke! Blizzard will do just fine without your $14.99 a month. Especially if you're going and buying Diablo III.

Then, I have right now quite a collection of games, I been wondering if I should keep buying more and add them to my collection, try to finish my backlog or start over and sell it’s all make a small fortune!


I'd say it would be better to keep buying and pruning games out of the backlog when you realize you aren't ever going to play them. However, if enjoy buying and playing new games, why stop? I think if you sell everything you'll quickly regret it and just have to re-buy a bunch of games (I've had this happen to me before when selling old games). Good luck!

I was wondering, I look at my backlog and I got some series in there, if you think that I should keep my collection of course, should I play them chronologist or in any order.  As an example, Right now I am playing Final Fantasy XIII, but I still have to finish the 5th one and the 9th one and up.  Should I stop right now and go back finish them first?  If it depend of the series, then what about Suikoden, Wild Arms, Persona?

Thanks for your wisdom on all these matter.



I would only play games in order if they're directly story connected. So for example, play the Suikoden games in order. Other than that, just play the ones you feel like playing at the moment and you'll have a much better time digging your way through the various series you mentioned. Too often people like to play the games in direct order, when playing the newer games can often give you a different perspective on the older games. Just have fun and don't sweat that kind of thing. I'll reiterate again though, play the Suikoden games in order.

Thanks for the letter!


@AskWheels Where were my Final Fantasy characters as fish?! >:(



I seem to have completely forgotten about this challenge. Perhaps because I don't really know anything about fish? I mean I could always just say the entire population in Final Fantasy X are like fishes since they all seem to be able to breathe under water. I could say that Quina from Final Fantasy IX is like a goldfish because she eats a lot. Kefka is like a clown fish because he looks like a clown. I think I've failed this challenge and kindly ask for a new one!

Quest for Quest for Glories

@AskWheels Why haven't your readers picked up the Quest For Glory collection yet from GOG?



Hopefully they have already gone to purchase the collection! The Quest for Glory games are a unique combination of the adventure gameplay that made the King's Quest series so great, and a bit of extra RPG goodness. There's really nothing else out there quite like them. Rather than blab on about the games for much too long, I'll provide a gameplay video that sums it all up.


That's it for this week!

See you all next week. Ys Origin is on the horizon, are you all excited? Send me your Ys memories and perhaps you'll have a chance to win a code for Origin!


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