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Twitter Edition
May 11th, 2012

05/11- 12:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Q&A! This week I'm trying something a bit different. I asked some questions on twitter, and here I'll be responding to people's answers, or letters they sent in to respond.


The Letters

Thought experiment for you wheelsio:

Pitch the next main series Kingdom Hearts games as though it were written by the Super Robot Wars team


A super robot wars game with Nomura in charge.

Fowl Sorcerous


Wow, you're really asking this to the one who knows nothing about Super Robot Wars? I guess I'll just have to assume it is all about giant robots and just run with that. The next game will be Kingdom Hearts Gaiden: Battle of the Giant Robots From Various Franchises and Modeled After Disney Characters or KH:BGRFVFMAD for short. Sora and company will travel to various Disney worlds searching for the legendary mascot bots, such as Scrooge McBot. They combine to form a giant Mickey Mouse robot for the final battle in the game. The action based combat will be replaced with turn based strategy, with a heavy emphasis on customization. How does that work for you?

As for the Nomura question? That answers itself. Super Robot Wars Nomura Edition: The Zipper Robot Chronicles.

PSP Awesome Sauce

The best PSP RPG that's not a port/remake? Tough call. Half-Minute Hero's a blast, but it's really not your standard RPG. I'll go with Jeanne d'Arc. Loved that little game and would love to see that engine used again.



You know, until the other day I hadn't really played Half-Minute Hero beyond the demo they released on PSN. I've recently fixed that, picking up the PSN version. I can't say I loved it, but it certainly has a great retro goofy charm to it. There's no doubting the power of the localization either. Jeanne d'Arc was fantastic, and it is a crying shame that we never got to see Level 5 do more with the PSP. It was a fine game through and through and I'd love to see Level 5 or someone else take that engine and do more SRPGs with it. Just imagine how nice a Disgaea title using it would have been. Anyway, it seems to be popular among PSP owners, so I'm guessing it did pretty well, especially coming out around the same time that Final Fantasy Tactics did on PSP. It wouldn't be my choice (I'd go with Ys Seven) but it would certainly be high up on my list.

(Game) is the worst thing ever

(These are in response to me tweeting: "Pretend I said your favorite game sucks")




I was going to come up with some funny arguments to bash Dark Souls with, but I really can't do it. That game is just full of brilliant level design, and has some of the finest combat you'll see in an action RPG. I guess I could complain about it because it ends? I'm hoping to see another game in this style at some point, and given the game's success, that seems likely.

How dare you have your own opinion that in no way effects my enjoyment of (game).



Listen, face facts, (game) just sucks. It has one of  the most misguided use of (game mechanic) you'll ever see in the (genre) genre. Not to mention, do you really like having to listen to (protagonist) talk? That (gender specific term) sure is a (gender specific insult). Really, (director of game) should be ashamed at what he's doing to the good name of (company) and (genre) as a whole. Do not buy (game) people!

Black and White

(These are in response to me asking for people's favorite RPG in Black and White)

Demon's souls played on a REALLY old tv

only because demon's souls wins EVERY TIME :D :D :D



Alright that is just cheating. Honestly though, that would be an interesting experiment. I think at the end of the day playing Demon Souls on anything less than an HD TV is less than ideal, though. Still the creepy setting would fit it perfectly. Someone needs to try this out and record some footage!

FF6 on my dad's old B an W set. XD



This I can relate to as I actually had to deal with a black and white TV back in the day. This was still in the NES days, though, and I don't think I had to deal with Final Fantasy VI on a black and white TV. We aren't talking the most graphic intensive game here, but it still loses a lot without color. I wonder what other games you had to suffer through on that old TV? I wonder if anyone out there has an HD TV that someone only displays in black and white? Anyway, I hope the TV speakers at least worked so you were never without that game's amazing soundtrack!

That's it for this week!

See you all next week.


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