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April 1st, 2012

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What level are your pecs, and did you have to do much grinding to get them to that level, or did you mostly just follow the storyline?  Can they beat the final boss?


The Rock

The Rock says this: Who in the blue hell are you? The Rock didn't have to level. The Rock was born level 9999.  The Rock did not need to do any grinding, he just popped out and gave the doctor a Rock Bottumn when he was born.  The Rock's pecs are magical. They could beat a last boss in his sleep.

Jabroni #2

Dear Mr. Rock,
1. Which RPG would you consider the "John Cena" of RPGs?

The Rock

The Rock says this: Remember that really boring RPG? That one that does the same things over and over for more hours than you can reasonably count? What was it called? ClaDun? Yeah the Rock says if you add another 100 hours to that thing you've got yourself the John Cena of RPGs.

2. Have you given any consideration to forming a new tag team, "The Rock and Locke Connection"?

The Rock

Mr. Locke from Final Fantasy VI? The Rock and Lock that this would just be unfare to the world as a whole. I mean you'd have THE MOST electrifying entertainer in sports entertainment history next to THE MOST amazing erm TREASURE HUNTER in the history of video games, everyone would be a Jabroni next to us. The WWE would just have to close shop and leave us with all the titles.

3. What is your favorite RPG?

The Rock

Let the Rock ask you this, What is YOUR favorite RPG?

Thanks for asking! My favorite RPG is...

The Rock

It doesn't MATTER what your favorite RPG is!


Jabroni #3

Dear Mr. The Rock, after your time in Doom was the only thing that made it even remotely watchable do you think there's any chance you could sign on to some more video game movies, just to make them a little bit more watchable?


The Rock

The Rock says this: The Rock saved that movie for the people. Its a shame the Rock wasn't able to do the same for tragedies like the Mario Bros. Of course the Rock could make this movies watchable, hell the Rock would make them GREAT. Let the Rock ask you you like pie? Of course you like pie, everyone likes pie and everyone loves the Rock. Because he's the jabroni-beatin, pie-eatin, trail-blazin, eyebrow-raisin, faster than a cheatah, stronger than a buck, hottest thing to hit Canada because the Maple Leafs suck!

If ya SMELLLLLlllLLLLlllllLLLL WHAT THE cooking.


-The Rock

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