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Who Could It Be?
April 1st, 2011

04/01- 12:00PM EST

  We've got a very special Q&A this Friday! One of my favorite game designers, possibly one of the best of all time, has decided to write into Q&A. That's right, for the first time ever, Mr. Akitoshi Kawazu has written a letter to one of his biggest fans, me!

The Letters

The Maestro Writes In

Dear Wheels,

your page has left me with much joy

you have been a good fan of mine so thank you

I wish to tell the other fans thank those who adore me


I'm glad you like it sir! It is an amazing honor to have you write into this column. It's just sad that there aren't more fans of your games. I mean, many people even grew up playing Final Fantasy Legend. Oh well...

it is not often that I find so many people who admire my design choices


Well damn it, it's not you, it's THEM! I mean, what the heck? Why do people have to be haters

an apple falls from the sky so i take it


I mean they just...wait, what?

I know it has become the fashion to call my games obtuse and too obscure so I really want to extend a warm fondness towards people who champion the meaning behind my games' mechanics


Oh I got it, your previous comment was meant to be obtuse. Just like the game mechanics in your games! You know, many people bashed Unlimited Saga because it was so complex that it was impossible to figure out with the game manual alone. I guess those people are just lazy. I mean there's like hours of tutorial videos on YouTube! Unlimited Saga is a true digital version of table-top RPGs. I get that.

There exists a temple on a high mountain in the distance

I see that temple and I start on a journey towards it

I do not know why I want to go to this temple

In fact if I had not pointed out that temple a few sentences earlier I may never have known it was there

But nevertheless I reach that temple

Some will say I reached an ending

I believe it is only the beginning.


Just like those who think they've figured out the mechanics of your games are only just starting to understand them?

Enough about myself though, Wheels. If this is indeed Ask Wheels, then I shall do so.


Excellent! I am beyond excited to see what kind of questions you have in store for me, your humble fan.

Wheels, of all of the games in this vast ocean of dreams, which of my games is your favorite, and how has it transformed your life


My favorite game of yours would have to be the original Final Fantasy Legend. I played the heck out of it as a kid, being the only portable RPG for a long time. It helped instill my love for the genre. I spent many childhood hours trying to figure out what the heck the function of the mutant's ESP ability was.

If you could assign any of my gameplay systems to Dissidia 012, which would they be


Obviously I'd get rid of the awful story, and make an open, more whimsical narrative more the likes of Legend of Mana. Granted that was probably other people working on Legend of Mana who are responsible for that, but still. I'd also add Layle from Crystal Bearers to the roster. Perhaps change the leveling to be more like a SaGa game as well?

I spot a snake in the hollow of a tree, so I collect it. The snake bites the sky apple and they become as one.


Well...isn't that special. What the heck is a sky apple?

I trust you are enjoying the re-release of Legend of Mana. Do you feel that it was a welcome entry in the Seiken Densetsu series, or do you have the mind of a child?


Of course it was a welcome entry in the Seiken Densetsu series. I guess when your series contains Dawn of Mana, that's not saying much. Regardless, you have the honor of being involved in the last great Mana game! It's too bad people are so obsessed with that Secret of Mana thing...

Finally, I'd like to know, what series wouldn't you love to see me work on, and if there aren't any, don't you think that any game would be so much more impressive with the Touch of Kawazu?

Your eternal friend,

Akitoshi Kawazu


Well I would say Final Fantasy Tactics, but you already worked on Final Fantasy Tactics A2, so that's already been taken care of. So I'm going to go ahead and say Mortal Kombat. The series, in my opinion, failed to compete in the market because its mechanics are just not obtuse enough. Throw in some obtuse leveling, random flashing of new special moves, and we'll have a hit!

Perhaps more though, I'd love to see you take over the Dragon Age series for Bioware. The mechanics of the series just make too much sense. They could do with a makeover to be more obtuse and complicated. Time for Square Enix and Bioware to join forces! I hear EA is ready to sell them?

Wait a second, you meant to ask what series would I not want to see you work on? What a confusing and obtuse wording of that question. I wouldn't want to see you work on the Tales series, because Namco hates us. I hear they feed on our tears.

Sir it has been an incredible honor! I hope that you'll be working on more SaGa in the very near future.

P.S. Please don't make your responses too complicated. I put all of these skill points into Writing, leaving me a little behind in Reading.


Well I put all my skill points into HTML so I think my writing skills are equally flawed, just as flawed as your one game I don't like, Ring of Fates!



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