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Prince of Spins
January 26th, 2012

01/26- 12:00PM EST

Welcome to another edition of Q&A. We finally put up our 2011 awards, and I highly recommend everyone check them out here. There are a number of surprising winners! In other news, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is still amazing.
Without further delay, on to the letters and tweets!

The Letters
Zelda: Ocarina of Failing

Hey Poppa Wheelie!

I keep telling myself I'll write in again and I keep forgetting!  Oh well,
at least I'm not as bad as some people...


I know right! It's like some people are so terrible they'll forget to write in for months, and then when they finally do all they come up with is some insane RPG crossover between Rayman and Mario. Wait a minute...

I'd like to weigh in on Soul Hackers, if I may. Simply put, the game is awesome and you are all missing. It also contains one of my favorite demon conversations in the series, which goes something like this:
Demon: Hey, hey, I know you!
Me: You do?
Demon: Yeah, you're that superhero, Captain Fantastic! Right? (note: this is an in-game comic book character
Me: Um, yeah? (lying through my teeth)
Demon: Ooh, ooh! Can I have your autograph? Me: Okay...
Demon: [player name]? Oh, that must be your secret identity! That's so cool! Can I come with you?
Me: Sure!
(Demon joins the party)


Man, we really did miss out on this one didn't we? I'm still holding out hope a lot of these older games will eventually be remade or ported in such a way that they could be localized. I wonder if we had gotten more of the Shin Megami Tensei games back in the PS1 era whether the series would have gotten popular a lot earlier. Oh well, better late than never, right?

The demon loyalty system in that game takes a little getting used to. There are five personality types, with each species of demon having a set personality. Violent demons like physical attacks. Crafty demons prefer magic. Kindly demons are good for healing, while foolish demons just do whatever. Finally, calm demons quickly assess the situations and do what works best.


Sounds like something some of the newer games could expand upon. I've always liked the various alignments of the demons you acquire, but it'd be cool if you had to manage their personalities as well. Sounds like you don't directly control them though?

Loyalty kicks in when you try to give orders. If the order doesn't jive with the demon's personality, then there's a chance it will refuse, and its loyalty goes down one notch. Give it a command that it likes, and loyalty goes up. The higher the loyalty, the less likely the demon is to refuse. The toughest demons to use this way are the calm demons, since they prefer tactical thinking. Whereas you can use certain preferred commands over and over on the other four, the calm personality requires the player to know when best to use multi-hit or elemental attacks, which can be difficult if you're playing in another language.


I see. That sounds like a really cool system. Why didn't this game make its way over again? Here's hope that at some point a port shows up in the US, or at the very least someone completes a fan translation. I really want to play this one!

But now for something completely different! Did you read my challenge on December 30th? It's holiday-themed game time. I specified Christmas, but it's a little late for that so I guess any holiday will do. Write in fast, as I'll be sending you my own next week. And include a plot synopsis this time, okay?

Your fellow columnist,


I did, but as usual, completely forgot about it! I'll get to that as soon as possible. I'll be away this weekend so perhaps I can come up with something during that time. Looking forward to seeing what you came up with!

God of Trickery

@AskWheels Why is Zelda the best "RPG"? #YesThisOldDebate


How is it an old debate? Skyward Sword just came out two months ago. Certainly there's an argument there, but it leans more to the RPG side of things than any other game in the series. What really strikes me is that people went to this argument first, and no one brought up Dissidia as a possible non-RPG. I mean really, just let the Zelda thing go people. What's the big deal?

ARGGG. This list is making me mad. Mad about video games! I hate getting mad at video games! >:(


The whole flippin thing! Zelda this, Alterier Something that. DEUS EX. And not even one mention of Metal Max 2. #SoThere


We don't cover import RPGs in these awards. I think only a few on staff are able to read Japanese. Besides that I'm pretty sure it came after our cutoff for releases, so it wouldn't show up until next year's awards. So there!

Back in my day an RPG was an RPG and not any old thing you said it was.


I don't think we listed any old thing as an RPG, I mean it's not like we listed Battlefield 3 as an RPG or something.

I'm saying why is Persona 2 listed THRID?!?


Hey, that game has lost a bit with its age. I think that had we gotten it the year it originally came out it would have been received with much more fanfare. I mean its not likely it was completely off the PSP list. I think you're being a bit harsh towards Trails in the Sky.

My personal top 5 rpgs of 2011: Portal 2, Arkham City, Gears of War 3, Rayman Origins, NCIS: The Game.



Listen you, I'll have you know that only one of those is an RPG. Can you guess which one I mean? No, not NCIS you fool!

Chrono Souls

I was gonna start some beef w/your space ship CC ost cuz hey! you didn't even pick the best remix of the trigger theme (which for the record, is this one ) but then I got to listening to the entire soundtrack for like the bajillionth time


You know I was thinking about this, and I have to wonder, why would we only be able to send one song into space? MP3s are pretty small files, why couldn't we just load up a flash drive with the whole soundtrack and send that out there. Seems to me that would solve the whole issue of trying to pick a single song! So that's my answer, screw the one song, let's send the whole thing!

After 6 weeks i'm finally to the point where i can play games again and I'm going straight back to Dark Souls (<3). game can do know wrong, although I don't think its as freaky/creepy as Demon's was. Demon's had the plague of babies



I can agree with that. I believe Dark Souls to be a much better game, but it misses a bit of the creep factor that was present in Demon's Souls. I remember I often referred to it almost as a survival horror RPG, especially when playing the creepy dungeon level. If they make another Souls game I think that's the one thing I'd like to see them do more of. More areas like that creepy dungeon please!

The Root of All Evil
OK Wheels, this week I want RPG villains as trees :D


RPG villains as tress you say? Well that's easy! I can just pick a villain who is a tree and then be done with it! I choose ExDeath!


in that case I want five of them ¬_¬



Alright never mind that then, I can only think of three tree villains! Alright, Kefka is like a bamboo tree. On first glance it may seem thin and fragile, but in actuality it hides an extremely strong construction that can be very dangerous if you aren't careful. Alright that was terrible but it was the best I could do!

That's it for this week, I'm off to play some Breath of Fire and even more Mega Man.

See you next week!


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