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QA Knights 3
  January 20th, 2014

01/20- 7:00PM EST

Welcome back! I apologize for the delay of this obviously short episode. I came down with a bad cold last week and found it exceptionally hard to concentrate on any sort of writing. Anyway, my Valhalla Knights 3 review should be coming soon, so keep an eye out for that. Will the third game manage to reinvigorate the series?

On to the letters!

The Letters

Heya Wheels,
So you're handing over the reins, huh? What sad news... Well, I suppose I will have to pepper you with some more nonsense in the coming months!


That would be great! I'll need all the nonsense I can get. I'm hoping all the regulars write in.

Guess what? My New Year's Resolution was to finally, after almost 20 years, finish Final Fantasy 6. So I did!! In its 20th anniversary year... A heavy burden fell off my shoulder. Can you imagine... Taking 20 years to finish a game... And trust me, I probably tried at least once every two years... Now I suppose Suikoden 2 will be next, somewhere in 2019, just in time for its 20th anniversary.


Well that's fantastic, but what did you think of it? Did you love it? Really love it? REALLY love it? You should really finish up Suikoden 2. The final portions of that game are phenomenal. Keep at it!

I think I am going to give Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter a try this year though. A friend of mine has it, I have never played it, I have heard so many good things about it, I think it's time. I loved BoF 1, didn't care for 2, hated 3, took 3 seconds on 4 to decide it was even worse (what was I thinking, playing it on PC anyways?), so I guess 5, being wildly different, must be for me.


Give it a try! It's not only different than the other Breath of Fire games, it actually stands out from the vast majority of all other RPGs in any series. The structure requiring you to "replay" the game does not require as much repetition as you would think either. We've talked about the game a ton in Q&A, but it's always deserving of as much love as possible. Just a warning, if needed, make sure you don't play the European verison if possible. I recall someone mentioned they did something awful to it but I can't recall specifics.

So, any RPGs in your backlog that you have always intended to finish, still intend to finish, but still haven't?


I think that would have to be something recent, that being SaGa 2 DS. There's no particular reason, as it's an absolutely stunning remake, and the game isn't too long either. I think I just got distracted by too many new RPGs on DS (there were a ton), and running the game through a flash cart so I can use the English translation does feel a bit dodgy (don't worry I own the actual cartridge). I think I will have to scratch this one off the list very soon!

Ysy Answers

So when I asked if the column was a farce, the column that I was commenting on was one with just a bunch of silly links to youtube videos that didn’t really pertain to any subject about RPG’s at all. 

Also, it just seems like the amount of news about RPG’s that comes through on this site, is becoming more and more scarce. 

Also, I find the ads that run, extremely intrusive.  But hey, that’s just me. 

Also the long editorial like write ins, with no real questions, shouldn’t those just be referred to the editorials? 

And the search engine at Rpgamer.  What’s up with that?  Anyway, I still try to have love for this site, but it becomes harder and harder every day.


Oh, well that was just one silly episode. I'm not quite sure why you read so much into that? I've tried to keep Q&A loose to let people write in about whatever they like.

I can't really agree too much on that, there's plenty of news and content and the staff is always working on new content.

If you have any trouble with any specific ads make sure to let us know on the forums!

I don't disagree that the name "Q&A" isn't a perfect fit given the different kinds of content people send in, but it's tradition.

I'm not sure of the issue with the search engine. Could you provide any more specific details? Anyway, we do know the site has issues, but getting someone to do an overhaul is not easy in the slightest. The staff really does a great job with what we have though. I'm sure the site will get an overhaul at some point.

I have heard no news about this on RpgamerEoE!!!  A sequel to RoF. Pretty stoked.  Resonance of Fate is one of two games I have as Platinum Status on my trophy list.  Anyway, just wondering what you know about it.
Ian Bathelt ( AKA WarmCoat)


Yeah, End of Eternity is just the Japanese name for Resonance of Fate. Sadly there's no sequel in the works, and it really seems unlikely that there ever will be. tri-Ace seems to be very quiet as of late.

See you all next week!

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