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Hangover Season
December 14th, 2012

12/14- 3:00PM GMT

Greetings once more for my second and final Q&A before Wheels returns from his baby-related break. It's now that time of year for the Christmas parties and one last epic hangover before breaking up until New Year's. I'm recovering from our office Christmas party yesterday so if I seem a bit out of it with any responses that's because I am! Anyway, let's move on to the letters.

The Letters
Because They Are Clearly Crazy People

Some people say Resonance of Fate "can't be a great game because it's tri-Ace." Care to explain why they're wrong?


The main issue I have with statements like this is usually the wording, often it's people making a blanket statement just to try and provoke a reaction. Just because, say, previous Final Fantasy games were great, it doesn't automatically follow that the next one is going to be the same (possibly already proven depending on personal opinions of XIII and XIII-2), so I don't see how the inverse of that is automatic either. Naturally it can be assumed that if previous games from a developer have failed to inspire, then chances are higher of the next one doing the same, which I have zero problems with people stating, but automatically dismissing that single game in such a way is unlikely to lend the opinion much credence.

Anyway, after that tangent, I personally do think Resonance of Fate is a great game. I really loved the characters and their interactions, as well as most of the gameplay systems, which had lots of aspects that were near perfect fits for my tastes. That said, there are perfectly valid reasons others might not. For example, it doesn't do a great job of explaining or easing people into the battle system and the overall plot is not the clearest one around. Who can argue against the ability to create a handgun with six sights and twelve barrels though?

Three Tweets Into One

As a PAL gamer, you've often gotten the smelly end of the stick for releases. What are some fond exceptions to that rule?


Damn you, lack of any Atlus presence, causing any Atlus games to normally be severely delayed here if they do make it! This is why region-locking is an evil, evil thing. The obvious answer for me here is Xenoblade and The Last Story, two great RPGs with the rare experience of fully British (and awesome) localisations. There are a few other areas where we've come out quite nicely, the Inazuma series for one, which hasn't made it to North America and is very enjoyable. Unfortunately NoE decided to go for the awful Inazuma Strikers spin-off as its latest release in the series rather than doing Inazuma Eleven 3 yet, which is a shame. Another game I've enjoyed that didn't come in NA was the PSP version of Tales of Eternia.

Which games are people flabbergasted that you haven't played, and will you?


I'm pretty sure there's a fair few games out there. Most of them would fall into the usual list of classics from before I was into RPGs, like Chrono Trigger, but don't honestly find myself with any real desire to go and play them when there more than enough new games coming out with the shinier graphics and such to take up my time. I did get a bit of flak recently for initially missing out on TWEWY and Radiant Historia, but I've managed to play both of those since.

What firsthand experience with Sega properties, either software or hardware, have you?


Before this generation I was firmly entrenched on the Nintendo side, so I've never owned any Sega hardware. I did, however, have a few friends who owned Sega consoles so I did spend a fair bit of time playing multiplayer games on those. Micro Machines on the Mega Drive was a particular favourite.

In terms of software/Sega-published titles, I've been following the Football Manager series (a requirement of being British) and the Total War series for a good while, although I have gone off the latter a bit recently. When it comes to RPGs the properties I have experience with are the Valkyria Chronicles series, the previously mentioned Resonance of Fate, Skies of Arcadia on the GameCube, and Sands of Destruction on the DS, which was a bit lacking compared to the others that were all great.

It's Almost Like This Random Question Could Be Revenge For Some Previous Ones

What is your favorite Final Fantasy and which fruit best describes it?


My favourite Final Fantasy is easily IX, with VIII coming in second place despite some of the issues it has. As for any fruit-like qualities of the game I'd have to go with a mango. It's something I really enjoyed initially without really knowing much about what it was (mango - no idea what an actual mango looked like at first, FFIX - no idea what an "RPG" was), but armed with that knowledge now it's still something I'm more happy to go back to time and again.

Huzzah, An E-mail!

Dear Severin,

How are you, fellow staffer? As I tend to do, I always feel the need to send at least one letter to anyone doing Q&A. Sadly, I'm kind of strapped for questions or topics to ask about, so this letter will be a bit short.


I'm good, except for the aforementioned hangover. Thanks for sending in a letter, fortunately(?) the hangover does mean that I appreciate the shorter ones this time out!

I seem to recall you starting up The World Ends With You a little while ago. I don't believe you've finished it, though correct me if I'm wrong. How far are you into it? What do you think of it so far? I'm a total TWEWY fangirl, so I was intrigued when I heard you were playing the game for the first time. As you can imagine, the news that the iOS version of TWEWY hints at a possible sequel has me very excited.


That is correct, I believe I was around mid-way through the second week when it got moved to the backlog. It's definitely a very good game, but unfortunately I didn't quite get it to click in the way that other games I was playing at the time did, which is why it got pushed on to the back-burner a bit. I'm likely to try and get back into it some point this winter. I've still been enjoying the soundtrack though, it's been a staple fixture of my MP3 player.

Speaking of TWEWY, this game is one of the rare cases in which the main character is my most favorite in an RPG. I tend to find RPG protagonists rather bland and lacking much of a personality. I also tend to gravitate towards dynamic character in any sort of media, hence why I really like Neku. Kalas of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Emil of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World are also both dynamic lead character and among the few main protagonists I really like. What are some of your favorite leads, and are any of them your most favorite character from that particular game?

Well, that's all I have for today. Take care!

-Strawberry Eggs


I did like Kalas and Neku as a protagonists myself, they're interesting characters with both depth and growth. As for other leads I have to admit I'm one of those weird people who liked Squall from FFVIII. A lot of that likely stems from how I like to try to slot myself into that lead position, and Squall is probably the one who's most closely matched my general attitude to things, although I like to think I'm not quite as jaded just yet! Yuri from Tales of Symphonia is another one I really liked, although that's more down to his general coolness I think. In both cases they are my favourite characters in their respective games. Thanks for taking the time to write in :)


So that's my brief period in charge of Q&A, meaning you can go back to sending stuff to the usual place now as Wheels takes his column back. Hope you enjoyed reading it, I definitely enjoyed answering the questions, hopefully I'll see some of you around on the forums, twitter, or elsewhere!


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