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Daniel Wester - July 15 '03- 23:00 Central Standard Time

Viper: I hope you all liked the special #Homonokehime Q&A yesterday, because the lack of letters today I can only hope will make it as great. As for myself, I've never been one for introductions, if you want to know more about me read my bio.

Tadrith: Well, welcome to yet another edition of RPGamer's Q&A. While my cohort and I dearly wished to make this one of the most awesome Q&A sessions ever, some people *cough* the readers *cough* chose to leave us out all alone in the cold. We received a whopping three whole letters, and the rest had to be donated by a very generous bunny that we all know and love.

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And the award for the first letter to Tadrith and Viper goes to...!

Tad and Vipe,

1. So.... you guys didn't go with Kamikaze and his friends to Six Flags? Sounds like they had a lot of fun together..... >_> <_< ........ :wink:

2. Gah! 3 PS2 RPG's in August! Which one are you getting: .Hack, Chaos Legion or Gladius? I only have money for 2 games, so I guess I'll get .Hack (obviously) and maybe Chaos Legion, since it seems to rock more than Gladius. I'm just hoping it doesn't become a "stylistic fiasco" that was Devil May Cry 2. >_<

3. Which one of the PS2 online games have/will have the cheapest monthly fee? I live all the way across the Pacific, and can't really afford anything more than $12 a month. Recommend anything?

4. Is CatMan EVER online? Except for updates, of curse, but he's the one staffer I never see in the IRC channel.... even in #edscorner.

-- MeoTwister
Gabe "Stop licking my toes!" Ang

1. If I didn't have this marvelous thing called a job I would have joined them. There's also the fact that's a four hour drive, and I'm financially screwed. But somehow I would have found a way if I didn't work.

2. That's an easy question, I'd get .hack since I already paid for it and unless GameStop suddenly closes down, I should get it when it's released.

3. Umm... Link Porn?

4. Well of course you don't see him. If you were yelling out curses at me, I'd try to avoid you.

1. I happen to be stuck on the Pacific coast, and I couldn't risk contamination by leaving the building while the sun is a whole 12 INCHES from my face. You must be some kind of sadist!

2. My PS2 and I are currently in the process of a messy break-up, and it's staying at a friends house right now. To top that off, PS2 RPGs have not really piqued my interest all that much. If I had to make a choice, though... take Chaos Legion. It rocked at E3, and it just feels like the perfect summer game.

3. The offline games, of course. ;) I tend to detest online gaming... so perhaps I'm not the right person to answer that...

4. CatMan? Uh... CatMan... CatMan... oh! Right! Well, last year during our annual RPGamer vacation, our ship set ground on the shore of an uncharted island, and we had to eat him. We downloaded his persona to an old Apple ][ floppy, though, and he now exists as a intelligent entity on the internet. Last I heard he was dating a new hot packet he met during an FTP session, and we haven't seen him since.

The letter for all you Harry kids.

Wouldn't it be funny if for some reason Square-Enix teamed up with J.K. Rowling and made a Harry Potter/Final Fantasy crossover game that would make all the Harry (Or Ron or Hermione, etc.,)/whatever female FF character faniacs go absolutely berserk? I mean, think of how fast people would be ripping the game off the shelves! Better yet, you'd chose whether you wanted to start out at Hogwarts and get sucked in through Time Compression to Squall's world, miscalculate your Apparating and land in the middle of "I want to be your Canary" , be somehow pulled via the Lifestream into the lurvely realm of FF7, or be pulled through Sin to Spira or...the other way around...yeah!

No offense to any HP/FF crossover fans out there, but I mean, can't you just see Tidus or Squall (Or Seymour or Sephiroth, for that matter) sitting through a Charms lesson and playing Quidditch?

"Maybe he's not really evil. Maybe he's just a warm-n-fuzzy person gone slightly awry."

I think the Harry Potter books would have a better cross in a Dungeons and Dragons setting. Just imagine playing NeverWinter Nights as little Harry, and youíre off to save a plagued town... But I have a strange feeling thatís already in one of the books.

Well, I'm pretty sure attending Hogwart's would be an improvement for nearly any Final Fantasy character, as most of them suffer from a severely bad case of I-hate-my-life-and-I-don't-want-to-live-anymore, or act as if they've been taking uppers non-stop for a week. As for the Harry Potter characters, I believe they would all go mad and end up committed at an asylum shortly after arriving in any Final Fantasy world, utterly destroyed by the crushing weight of teenage angst.

If only they could translate themselves...

It's a darn shame we don't get enough Strategy RPG's, or just simply great games from Japan. Yes, I'm talking about Japanese games not realesed to an overseas market. One of these great games I've been following for quite a bit in the Strategy RPG vein is called Venus and Braves.

Our protagonist is an immortal caught in a prophecy that spells doom for his world and he must prepare for the eventual armegeddon that is to come. He must raise his starting group of mercenary heroes in a brutally effiecient force of ass-kicking or the prophecy shall sweep over them in a tsunami. The game will span just a bit over a century and within that time, friends, loved ones, and comrades will rise in capability, peak, then decline... And finally death. However, from this your comrades in arms may find love amongst each other and bear new soldiers from the coming battles. Yet sometimes, you may have to see off a beloved friend who simply cannot pull their weight in the battles.

The game-play is very similar to ogre battle, and though I haven't played it, looks to be more involving in effects of team cooperation, critical thinking on placement of troops, and making a reputation of yourself to gain a pool of recruits. I've read a bit from the script, I find the characters be quite simply, genuinely fully developed characters with a sense of mortality and seriousness for their work. Highly suggested we all take a better look into it and hopefully may interest NAMCO to release it. In the meantime I'm planning on getting an import and savor the moments.

Oh and its imagery alone is a work of art.


There is a good reason we don't get a lot of Japanese Strategy RPGs, and it all comes down to the cars we make. Here we are making these big vehicles and theirs are puny compared to ours, so to make up for it they make great Strategy games and don't release them here. It's genius I tell you.

Just to let you know, I couldn't think of a real reason so I just pulled that one out of my ass.

There's a black market gambling ring in Japan, where cunning Japanese men to go and bet on how much frustration the latest game not coming to North America will cause. Take the Game Boy Advance SP, for instance. Japan receives the 32-bit palette equivalent in GBASP colors, and what do we get? A whopping TWO colors, one of which doesn't match anything else Nintendo has put out. Don't even get me started on the GBA Player for the Game Cube. I fail to see how a group of intelligent people can hack a game and translate it with more efficiency than a small team of programmers WITH THE SOURCE CODE.

Who misplaced the map?

What ever happened to the world map in RPG's? 7 out of the last 10 RPG's I've played, the developers seem to have missplaced the part where you run around on a world map and randomly get attacked by various woodlen creatures.


Considering most RPGs released lately take place in a limited section of the world, I don't see the need for the developers to make a whole world map.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a grievance with all major role playing game developers in regards to the unfair, and unethical treatment of woodland creatures, stating that the wholesale slaughter of their kind is a travesty, and unthinkable in this day and age.

This one barely made it in time!

Hi, I am sending this because of the lack of mail yesterday, so here I go to make up a question. Hm.......Ever play Albert Odyssey? I heard it was kind of like Lunar, with nifty anime cute scenes too. If you haven't heard of it I'm not surprised, I can only find it to buy on ebay, then again, I live in the middle of nowhere.....

P.S. Is Tadrith from anything...or what?


I could see how Albert Odyssey would be summed up much like the Lunar games. For its time it was a beautiful game, though I can't remember it having cut scenes. Also if I remember correctly there were two of them released.

Tadrith: Tadrith is from the Latin taydruth, meaning 'filthy minded gryphon'. Seriously, though? It's from a book series called The Mage Wars, by Mercedes Lackey. She's a fantastic, if sometimes cliche writer, and I highly recommend her material.


Hey guys, why doesn't this column get any letters on the weekdays? Even Google doesn't get many, and he's been doing it for years and years.

~Andrew Duff

Viper: I could tell you, but then Google would kill me.

Tadrith: I assume that's because none of us have a cute and fluffy bunny butt like you do!

For the record, I only wrote the P.S. about buttsex on the dinner letter. Remind me to maim Kami sometime...


Tadrith: Yes, well... I think Kamikaze's mistake is permissible, seeing as well all know how often he dreams of buttsex...

Viper: That's how I got my job... Maybe I said too much.

Last Words:

Viper: Now you've come to the end of my first Q&A, and I'll admit it's harder then it looks. Especially when we only have such a small selections of letters. So until next time... if there ever is.

Tadrith: Well, that was certainly interesting. Perhaps one day, in an ideal world, all of Q&A will be loved as much as that wascally wabbit. Until then, I suppose we'll just have to settle for what meager pleasure the limelight brings us...

Viper "I need to make a signature some year."
Tadrith "Can you draw gryphons? Mail me, we'll work out a deal!"

Jeepers, looking back at it, I'll never be allowed to do Q&A again.

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