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Steve? That's the best name you could come up with, Lohr? Steve? Pish!! Hey... no offense to you readers named "Steve", but I could've thought of a name more fitting.

I offer up my preferred masculine name:

Herman Orson Niles Atticus Henry the Fourth.

It makes me sound like an arrogant prick. Coolness.
^-^And it's hella hard to say!

On to Q & A mayhem... well, what there is of Q & A. *sweatdrop*

P.S.: I have acquired a Magic 8 Ball as well, and it says you should call Brad "Lolita" every Monday and Wednesday until the end of 1999. Flee, my minions! FLEE!!Istanbul was Constantinople, now it's Istanbul not Constantinople. Been a long time gone to Constantinople, now it's Turkish Delight on a moonlit night! You didn't think I titled the column "Is-stan-buul!!" for no reason, did you? ^_^

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Hi, Veronica,stever, er, well...

I just have one quick question no one seems to be able to help me with, so maybe you could clear this up for me: wouldn't it be cool to see the gears in Xenogears breakdance?

Please assist me in anyway you can, for whenever I ask my friends I only get a response with blank faces.



Ehrm... whatever suits your fancy, Xenochick. But if the Gears start doing the Macarena, I will unleash my dormant
MAD *blue-thwap!* SKILLZ again to take em' all down!

The Cactuar That Loved Me
dear Cactaur,

why do you look so frightened?

your endless needling brings me joy.

i shan't want you to be scared...

you are the true ultimate GF...

perhaps once you realize, SumMag +30% will work...


-the Cactaur poet

After much persistance and dedication, the Cactuar poet has won my heart. Congrats, son... you have swayed me into enjoying your Beatnik-esque poetry. You should be lucky. ....wait a minute... that doesn't sound quite right...

"......." / "Oh, is that so, Crono?"
Hee, hee, hee, stole your job...

Anyways. I gotta know. Why won't Square release the Chrono Trigger remake in America? Come on, DBZ hooked me on Toriyama's artwork and storytelling, and now my only way to play Chrono Trigger is through a really BAD ROM. I mean bad.... I gotta keep switching the backgrounds to see anything inn the future.... I just wanna play the legitamite game on the Playstation! We should start a petition!

By the way. Maou Jakki said he was gonna play through Xenogears a second time, something noone's ever done. Check your time, man. I did it out, and I came out with having played double the time on the clock, from all the times I had to start over. So I HAVE played Xenogears twice. All of us probably did...>shudder<.... Course, I spend so much time exploring, that the clock had 90 hours on it. That was 180 hours over four months. Hey, it was my first RPG since Phantasy Star IV, I was a newbie....

Max (The GIA's, and now your, annoying rodent on the letters page....)

To be quite honest, I don't know why there are no plans for the Chrono Trigger port to be brought over to the States... (Pray that Square changes their minds quickly.) You sound very desperate for the PlayStation port, but there is a much faster (although more expensive) way to play Chrono Trigger: buy a SNES and Chrono Trigger cart.

SNES systems are dirt cheap nowadays, and can be found at Babbage's, EB, or possibly a local Wal-Mart. If you want to find a better deal, look in your local paper for yard sales that advertise a Super Nintendo for sale.

Acquiring a cartridge of Chrono Trigger will most likely present a greater challenge. The best advise I can give is to surf the internet for dealers of used SNES games and check out stores like Funcoland. It might take you a while to get it, but patience is a virtue.
But if you're one of those types that says "Screw patience, gimmie now!", a petition is a good idea. Just don't send it to me. ^.~

One Flew Over the Monkey Boy's Nest
Hello, Steve.

I just had a simple question... is Brad mentally insane? I mean, seriously, have you thought about committing him to the local mental hospital lately? At least he'd get some decent sleep.

~Cid Reincarnate

Naw. When Brad's warped, it's just his id manifesting itself. Don't worry.

Lunch Time Quickies

nukes go boom! BOOM!

Live action Inspector Gadget movie go pfft! PFFT!

Hello. Am I the only person in the world who LOVES Jigglypuff from Pokemon?Is there something wrong with me that I'm 15 and still think the Pokemon are cute?

Eep Dong

What the hell is wrong with you, boy?! Chansey and Clefairy are SOO much cuter! You remember the TV Episode where Jigglypuff drew on everybody's face. (Uhm... right... I don't either.. *nervous laugh*) Well... from what I heard... (yeah, that works..) Jigglypuff wasn't so cute then...

My arse is fried for watching Pokémon, isn't it?

u suck. quit now.

This letter should've been sent to Lolita
Heh, just kidding. Lolita's a cool...ehrm, person. : )

Words from the Wise One:

Yeah.. this, I will conceit, is probably the sorriest update I've ever done. I apologize... but hey, we're not all absolutely perfect like Miss Lolita Lohr, now are we? ^.~

Herman Orson Niles Atticus "Melville Welles Crane Finch " Henry the Fourth

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