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Lohr is soo dead. Now I'm tempted to start an in-company flame war...or something of the like. However, I know that he has many more followers than I, so I'll hold off on that campaign for a little while. Just remember, Lohr, I know where you live...well, I don't really. I'm not really violent either after giving up the entire two-by-four stint. I'm also a bit of a weakling. Oh screw it. *stomps and snaps fingers in synchronization with 2 other innocent bystanders*And I'll be damned if you got the reference even though it was strangely worded. If ya did, just keep it to yourself, m'kay?
Speaking of battles, I'm so filled to the brim with knowledge of the battle of Gettysburg that I could burst. ( I'm also tempted to storm into my school with 3000 people and make a miniature Pickett's Charge on all of the erhm... Yankees, but that might get me in trouble... or killed. o.O )

Ah, and thanks for all of your advice on how to avoid being dealt crappy cards while the Random rule is in effect in Triple Triad, but I failed to mention 2 things:

  1. I collect all of the Triple Triad cards I can and only Mod those that I can easily replace. Damn Pokémon has conditioned me into doing this. *sigh*
  2. I have not spread any rules around in my game except for Elemental, Open, and Same. I only have to deal with Random when playing in Dollet (and getting that damn Siren card. >.<) Yes, I know that I'll have to play with the Random rule while facing the Card Queen, but I'm up for a challenge and a few... okay, maybe many presses of the reset button when I lose a precious card.

    A final thing off the topic of RPGs: (what's new about that?) I'm looking for two MP3's that have eluded me through mass searching on and Any information on these would be appreciated. Please do not send me files without asking. I require:

    • An MP3 of "True Faith" by New Order ('97 edit version)

    • An MP3 of "True Faith" by New Order (karaoke version - if one exists)

    Forward with Q & A mayhem! Do it for Old Virginia! (Argh... Gettysburg is getting in my head again.)

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Veronica's Thoughts:
Who is the true god of games: Hironobu Sakaguchi or Shingeru Miyamoto?

Gen. Pickett was an idiot for leading that charge on July 3rd. Okay, it was really Gen. Lee's error, but I can't diss Robert E. Lee. He's a distant relative of mine.

No, I'm not kidding about being related to Robert E. Lee.

Dammit, I NEED to play more FF8. *sigh*

All that fuss, and it's not even a Pfaltzgraff.

*possible FF8 spoiler, if you're really nitpicky*

Dear Big V, 
I've been reading the FFVIII  questions and no one has asked this, & I'm desparate to figure it out.  If you (not Laguna) go to Winhill, you can get into the mansion, & they tell you about a broken vase.  If you search around you'll find pieces to the vase.  I'm fairly sure the one piece I'm missing is in Laguna's old house - on the floor across from the bed, but no matter what I do I can't pick it up.  What am I doing wrong?  HELP!!!!!
Thanks, Jeannie

Let's run through all of the locations, because one of the pieces can't be found by Laguna's bed. (Sorry, dear. ^_-)

  1. One piece can be found by looking at the statue to the left of the stairwell inside the mansion.
  2. Another piece can be found in the house in the middle of town. (An old woman lives in it.) "Talk" to the white flowers near the front of the screen and you'll find it.

  3. Another piece can be found by grabbing a Chicobo at the Chocobo Crossing.
  4. The last piece can be found by going back to Raine's house and speaking with the woman upstairs until she mentions the smell of flowers downstairs. Go back downstairs and look at the table in the lower right-hand corner of the screen (it's the only table with a set of flowers on it.) Raine's ghost will appear behind the bar. Talk to it, and it will turn into Raine's cat. Talk to the cat once again to find the vase piece.

Stump Veronica
OK...since literary allusions seem to be pretty frequent with you as Q/A person...I hereby throw down the gauntlet.  Translate the following:

    Ph-nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

    Hmm...I wonder how a game based off of some of the author's other stuff would be...I've never played Shadow Madness, how is it?


I believe the reference is from the Cthulhu Mythos.

Cactaur by Yanni? O.O
Energy Crystal...

  Cactaur learns SumMag +30%...

  at last!  more than 2000 damage...

  after an eternity (curse low compatibility)...

  one thousand needles fly through the air...

  what?  2000 damage?  curse it all...

perhaps Boost will fix that...

  probably not.

Dammit, I said the Beatniks were dead! D-E-D. Dead.

Although...that is a good poem... Grr! You suck me in with your clever rhymes. But I shall prevail over you! I shall!
*listens to the JPOP group Every Little Thing on repeat*

Big Bad Betty's Bouncing Brad.
I got the distinct impression that Brad "Monkey Boy" Lohr was making fun of me the other day.  Maybe he'd like to step in the ring with 220 pounds of grade A prime chuck!  Bring it on Lohr, but you should know that I fight dirty.  The sound of you screaming in agony will be sweeter than the heavenly chords of "My Sherona".  I like that song, I wanna dance to it again.

Janet Reno

*feeds Janet Reno a bottle of NyQuil and shoots her with an animal tranquilizer*
Now, I may be mad at Brad, but I can't let something that sinister near him. That's just wrong.
Besides, if I'm nice, he might save my ass next time, although I'm not counting on it. =)

"My wav is wavier than yours!" - 6 year-old computer geek in Silicon Valley
Erg, I was wondering if you had anymore funny wavs you could post, like the Ebonics styled Delta Commercial. Funny as hell. If you can post one similar, you'll be a good kid, you'll be a smart kid, and you'll get eaten by a tiger.


Absolutely. Looney Tunes Outtake


Do you like cows?


I guess they make damn fine burgers...

Take some hell.  Brad ordered us to give you hell, the least you could do is accept this generous offering.  I have more than enough hell to go around. Here.

Thank you. I accept this Hell with the utmost gratitude. You know, there were so many other jerks that should've recieved this Hell, and not me. First of all, I would like thank the Academy...

Majiinn Buu EeK!!!! wants a JELLLLY DOHNUT!!!!!!

Yeah, well I want a Cinnabon right now, and I can't have one. Nyah. ;_;

Words from the Wise One:

Well, there isn't much more to say for the evening...except that I have another Photoshop creation! Mwahah! ^^
Yeah. It's supposed to be scary.
What happens when Veronica watches too much anime...

Veronica "Brad may be a sugar bowl, but I'm the sugar." Henry

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