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Yes...the title is a Triple Triad referrence. There are no Tolkien, Poe, or anime referrences in the column today. (*coughbullcrapcough*) Just good ol' Final Fantasy 8...erhm...."goodness". Why? Well, its the only recent RPG I've purchased and loved immensely...and... well, I haven't even thought about touching Suikoden II yet.

Because this is my weekend Q & A, I want to take time here to rant a little about something that is really really ticking me off in Final Fantasy 8. It doesn't have to do with the plot, so there are no spoilers. ^_-

The "Random" rule of Triple Triad. Why did Square throw that God-awful rule into the game? To test one's limits of sanity? Now I may just be cursed with horrid luck, but when I have to card battle in Dollet using the Random rule, I am always dealt my Level 1 thru 3 cards. We all know what a joy those are to use. *rolls eyes*

To make matters worse, my opponent will have a Behemoth, Cactrot, Siren, Grand Mantis, and thankfully a Grat card in his deck. The outcome? My ass is wiped all over the TV monitor. (and that ain't pretty. No siree.) What did I do to deserve this? Is it because I willingly carry the Seifer card? Because I'm starting to think that Selphie isn't so annoying? Throw me a friggin' bone here!

Okay...rant is over. On to Q & A mayhem...and frustration from spoilers. ;_;

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*FF8 Spoilers - Large and Not-So Large*

Greetings, oh marvelous 2x4 wielding Q&A girl, I seek enlightenment

As I was wandering about the FF8 overworld in a halfhearted attempt to find the lighthouse (disk 2), I was drawn into a random battle, not exactly notable in and of itself. What was notable was lack of enemies. At first I dispared, thinking that I'd encountered some bug and would have to reset my console. And then I saw it: A cow, being carried by a ufo, floating across my screen. After the cow and its ufo vanished, I got the victory screens and all returned to normal. My question then is twofold:

1) Was the cow an easter egg that some completely bored programmer placed in the game or a product of caffine induced delerium (I had been playing for 5 hours straight at the time)

2) Where is the lighthouse anyway?


1) The cow is part of a side quest in FF8 that lets you get the PuPu Card. (or an Accelerator depending on what you do.) During the game, your party can encounter a UFO four times. The locations are:

  • Winhill Bluffs - (Around Winhill, obviously.)

  • Mandy Beach - (Beach south of Timber)

  • Kashkabald Desert - (On an island on the eastern side of the Centra Ruins)

  • Trabia Heath Peninsula - (East of Trabia Garden)

After sighting the UFO these four times, go to the plateau north of Grandidi Forest's Chocobo Forest. ( You'll need Ragnarok to get there, so you can't complete the quest until Disc Three.) You'll encounter the UFO and engage in battle with it. After defeating it, go back to where Balamb Garden was once located (in the Alcauld Plains.) and explore around. I won't tell you anything else, so you can earn the reward on your own.

2) The Lighthouse is located at the very Southern part of the world. Find the location of the Centra Ruins, then look south. The island below the Centra Ruins has 2 major peninsulas, with one to the east being much longer than the one to the west. The Lighthouse is located on the tip of the western peninsula.

Numbered Lists are Spiffy!
Greetings from your local guy in charge of doing stuff!

Just a couple quick things:

1. This is a number list. Is it not nifty? Worship the number list.

*lights incense* Hail, oh mighty number list.

2. Can I head up a local branch of TTAA?

I don't know. Are you physically "able" to get off your bum and start advertising?

3. <"I'm way too addicted to roleplaying on DALnet.."*sigh*> From Veronicas thoughts. Where do you RP on DALnet? I do occaisonally, but I mostly roleplay a game called Changeling on the White Wolf server (which sucks. but i know people there).

That is a secret. There is one clue in a previous Q & A column on how to find me.

4. Being an official Guy Who Likes RPGs/Pervert, I must ask this one. Will you sleep with me?

Nope, and I will not resort to physical violence because of that question, like you may be thinking. I joined the Peace Corps and T.A. (Thwappers Anonymous) to break my bad habit.

"Hi. My name is Veronica, and I'm a thwap-aholic."

5. Please remind Brad of our date next friday, he's a forgetful little boy.

I thought that Brad was going out with Hunter next Fri...ooooh! I'll be sure to tell him.

thats it. I'm going back to bed.

--The Cabbit

Hello Veronica,

How's it going? I'm glad to know that you're ok. Here's my question: Summon spells in the FF games seem to come from the mythology of many cultures. What culture is Alexander from?


This question is what took up a lot of my time to read letters, simply because I was searching on Google to try to answer it. I'm not sure if I'm correct, but here's what I found.

Alexander is without a doubt from European culture, and ties in with Christianity to an extent. Alexander succeded the bishop Peter of Alexandria, after he had died a martyr. He was deemed a heretic by the church after a famous religious debate. Not long after he took over Peter's position as bishop of Alexandria, he made a speech infront of a group of clergymen and presbyterians explaining the unity of the Holy Trinity. (The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit all being one, yet 3...) A presbyterian in the church, named Arius, took the opposite view of Alexander simply "for the love of controversy."

The controversial argument became very bitter and widespread, reaching into Egypt, Libya and portions of Thebes. The debate became so violent and severe that the Emperor Constantine sent Hosius the Spaniard to them with the message to resolve the dispute quickly and quietly, which was done.

If Alexander was indeed a bishop of the Church of Alexandria, then perhaps that explains his Holy Judgement attack.

And if I'm completely off the deep end on this.... I apologize. I tried my best. ^-^


(cue 70's wakachawaka music) mitchell, Mitchell,
You eye on the samich
Heart Poundin'
Veins Cloggin'
Wakachwaka, wakachawaka,wakachawaka

(cool MST3K reference)

^-^ The only thing scarier (or funnier?) than this would be an Ode to Joe Don Baker poem or song...

May I stalk you?

...must not thwap...must not thwap..must not...

hey why dont you use a 2x4 with rusty railroad spikes? Here :gives her the special 2x4: Now that will be treefitty.


I do not require a 2x4 anymore, so that is unnecessary....
Ah...but it is oh so tempting!!! ;_;

The fact that Brad slept with both Celes and Pikachu gives him points in my book.

-Brad (no, not the same one)

I'm actually more impressed that he was able to score with a dog and Ricky Martin. Do you know how many teenage girls would give up every earthly possession they had to touch Ricky Martin's hand? Now Brad can gloat to his newest partner that he banged Ricky Martin, which strengthens his reputation even more. I wonder was he even able to see Pikachu in bed?! o0;

My last name is Mitchell.
-Brandon Mitchell

My last name is Henry.
-Ohreheim "Oh" Henry

Words from the Wise One:

^^ I apologize for the lack of letters today, but there basically weren't that many to post.
Well, rejoice that Brad is returning from the Bay Area tomorrow and that I am no longer thwap-happy. I'll try to be a good little girl from now on. ^_^

Dewa Mata!

Veronica "I hate sauerkraut!!!" Henry

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