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Hey guys! I'm back, 100% better after my neck injury last week, and ready for more Q & A hell goodness. I appreciate your kind letters and e-postcards wishing me a speedy recovery.

It was nice to see that there are also a number of Tolkien fanatics that read Q & A... I'm still guilting of underestimating others. Gah.. >.<

Well, well, I had an erratic week in school! ^^ 3 full days, an early dismissal and a full day off, not including vacation Monday for Columbus day. (Joy!!) The erratic weeks in October are always the best... but then you get into "the zone of no escape." Those of you still trapped in High School know what I mean. It's the period from October to Christmas Vacation where there is no vacation, and is even worse afterwards. Then might just be me. ^^;

Bring on the mayhem, horror, and mass Final Fantasy VIII spoilers!

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Veronica's Thoughts:
"Not only am I the president of the T.T.A.A., I'm also a member!"

"Oh..I wonder if anyone will realize that T.T.A.A. stands for "Triple Triad Addicts Anonymous"..."

"I'm way too addicted to roleplaying on DALnet.."*sigh*

"How many Final Fantasy 8 spoilers can someone send me in a day?"

Mambo No. 255
Dear Veronica, First off, I'd like to say hello, and compliment you on your work so far. I know you've only done two Q&As, but you already seem more charismatic than this oracle person. That having been said, here are may questions.

1. What's the deal with the number 255? It seems to be the maximum numerical value for a few things in FF8, as well as in FF7.
2. I'm sure you've noticed by now, but Squall's kind of a jerk isn't he? So was Cloud in FF7. They both had reasons for their behavior, but it's not like they couldn't try to be nice. Do you think FF9's main character will also be like that?
3. I was looking through a gaming magazine, and saw an advertisement for Thousand Arms. In this ad, it mentions that there is 12 hours of voice acting. I researched this on the internet, and all the sites that have coverage of Thousand Arms say so as well. Is this true? I'm not much of an expert when it comes to computers, but I don't think a regular CD can hold that much information.

Alex Penrose

1)255 is one of those inside programming secrets that nobody else really understands. Well, the actual reason is because it's the last number when you count 256 numbers up from 0, which is 2 raised to the 8th power, and we all know how much computers like 2's! (Thanks to the 255 people who corrected me about that! Dern you!)
I remember the number 255 from Final Fantasy 6 more than anything. It was the power of the Atma Weapon and the number of battles you had to have the Cursed Shield equipped for before it turned into the Paladin Shield. I'm sure it's probably in many other FF games as well.

2) I hope Final Fantasy IX's main character is female! Woo-hoo! Return to ye olde Terra days! =D

3) Considering that Thousand Arms is a 2 disc RPG, I think that 12 hours of voice acting is absolutely possible. Besides, you know how clever those dern programmers are. Sly foxes...

Amontillado!  Adamantine!

* Final Fantasy 8 Item Location Spoiler *

Hello there....I'm at the end of Disc 3 of FF8, and I'm wondering where can I get the adamantine to upgrade my weapons with? My characters are level 100, and I just need them to do that extra bit of damage.  Thanks!

There's a very quick and easy solution to get yourself an abundance of Adamantines...but I wouldn't do it because I love the card game so much. You can get 10 Adamantines by refining your Minotaur card. (You should've received the Minotaur card if you took the time to get the Brothers GF earlier in the game, but ya already knew that. ^^) You can also get Adamantines by mugging BGH251F2 during the second battle in Disc Two, but that's just a handy tidbit for those of you who aren't as far into the game.

Dancing with Death and Riding a train to Hell. Where did we go astray?
Hello, V

Hope your feeling better. Anyway, I have a couple of questions for you and hope you can help me.

1) I seem to have missed a GF in FF8, and its between Bahamut and Alexander. How do I get this? HELP ME! I keep selecting the solmon ring (or something), but it keeps saying "can't summon GF."

2) How do I get Quistis' final weapon?

3) Don't you think "Carnival of the Animals"(Saint-Saens) was really good?     I personally like his "Dance Macabre" for violin & orchestra. And what do you     prefer, violin music, or piano concertos? And I though only I was the only teen     that was into that kind of stuff!

The Young Fiddler (16, to be precise)

Well, you're on the right track by using the Solomon Ring, but you need additional items for the Solomon Ring to work. Before the Solomon Ring will work, you must gather six Malboro Tentacles, six Remedy+, six Steel Pipes and then use the ring. The Guardian Force Doomtrain will join your party.

2) Quistis's Ultimate Weapon is Save the Queen. (sound familiar? ^-^) To get it, you will have to gather two Malboro Tentacles, four Sharp Spikes and four Energy Crystals.

3) "Carnival of the Animals" is a great composition, although I loved "Danse Macabre" to death. (No pun intended.) I'm a bigger fan of piano concertos instead of violin, although I have a high respect for string players. The violin isn't a very easy instrument to play. (I myself played for 2 years before finally quitting.)

Veronica's Date o' the Week
Malachi: Well, this week we have Veronica's highly anticipated date with the mysterious gambler, Setzer. But first I must legally make this announcement: Vincent Valentine, having horribly embarrassing himself on the first show, has decided to sell me his timeslot (a steal at only 3,000 gil). On with the show!

Setzer picked Veronica up from her house (no, he did not meet her parents) in the Airship Falcon, and then treated her to a candlelit dinner on the deck.

Note: There was a large 2x4 hanging out of Veronica's handbag.

Veronica: So, it is believed, Setzer, that you don't do anything without risking a wager.

Setzer: Well, yes, I guess that's a casual way of putting it.

Veronica: Then where's the risk involved with taking me on a date?

Setzer: I would lose something far greater than money if I were to risk having another man sweep you off your feet.

Malachi: (Psst! Hey kiddies, I bet Setzer 100,000G that he couldn't avoid getting thwapped by her 2x4)


Setzer: Did I say something wrong? Perhaps some fireworks would lighten the mood again.

Setzer pulls out his slot machine and pulls the lever... diamond... chocobo... **LAGOMORPH** A small sprite appears and casts a spell on them.


Setzer: DRAT!!

Cid Highwind: Hey, Setzer! You call that @#$&ing peice of ?@! an airship? 10,000G says the highwind can beat you any day!

Setzer approaches Cid and speaks with him privately

Setzer and Cid:You're on!

Setzer: sorry to cut the dinner short, but I thought we might be overdue for some excitement.

The Falcon and the Highwind take off, quickly maneuvering around mountains and under bridges, the lead passing back and forth between the two of them. Then, unexpectedly the props start falling off the highwind and reveal rockets. The Highwind blasts off leaving the falcon behind in it's wake.

Veronica: That was VERY exciting, why I'm simply speechless... Setzer why do you look so depressed?

Setzer: Well you see all my funds were tied up in another bet, and I didn't have the money to gamble with...

Veronica: ...and?

Setzer: Now you're Cid's date.

Veronica: WHAT?!!!!!

(enter blue thwap text here)

Malachi: well, thus concludes another installment of the date show. Poor Setzer, his nose will never be the same again, and I'm 100,000G richer!

Now will there be another Date Show? And if so who will Veronica be dating?

the first question is answered by our hostess and the second is answered by either her or you, the audience feel free to send in your suggestions, ta-ta.


Cid Highwind?!


Funky beat, mai man
at long last, the blue bar disappears...  

green orbs brighten and fade away....  

a pregnant pause...  


Cactaur is summoned.  

And the world is a happier place, for a scant few seconds while he dances his merry jig of destruction...

You do know that all of the Beatniks are dead, don't you?


I think Q&A should devote an entire day to worshipping Ramen.  It is the closest thing to ambrosia that us humans have discovered.  What's your favorite flavor?

The cheese is old and moldy...

But the Owls are still around.

Words from the Wise One:

Well, this is a small personal victory of mine... but I finally have a very descent paint program! Hurrah! No more swearing after trial periods run out! To celebrate, I included a creation of mine courtesy of PhotoImpact4. =)

Take care!

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