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Ask Veronica - September 25th, 1999, 1:00am CST.

    Wow! My first week on staff at, (well, technically 3rd day... ^-^) and I'm already doing a Q & A column. This feels very strange... Or should I say it did at first. The fact that I was requesitioned into this weekend's Q & A from my lowly wonderful job in New Media so quickly still has my head reeling...

Oh, and so I have space for some good letters, (and this take care of a majority of the letters in one quick and easy stroke) here are the answers to many of your e-mails.

1) Yes, I am indeed female. *looks at chest, and nods* Definately.
2) I am single, and not looking!
3) No, I do not have a picture for you to...*cringe* "use". >_< Gawd!
4) No, I have NOT ever done that with a guy, you eechi! I'm the youngest staffer, for the love of god, Montresaur! Furthermore, I don't even have a car to do that in, let alone a driver's license OR permit! *thwaps the perverted males with a two-by-four*

Oh yeah, I'll explain the title for those of you who have had your minds drained of all useful knowledge by Final Fantasy 8. Veronica Lee rhymes w/Sandra Dee. Obviously. See? That wasn't so hard to comprehend! (Don't even e-mail me telling what movie that the original phrase is from, because I know. Capiche?)

Onto the fun-fest! And please please be's my first time.

And I *thwap* you if you even THOUGHT about the above line in a twisted way.

Final Note: Hey, really didn't receive very many e-mails. Maybe you can help me out, next time?

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Respect to the Grandma Ronnie.

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Veronica's Thoughts:
"What is the deal with Mambo No. 5?!"

"Why do hot dogs come in packages of 10, and hot dog buns in packages of 8?!"

"Will I ever finish the first disc of FF8?" *sigh*

Those Sly, Sly Enix Foxes!
Hello Veronica, pleased to meet you.

Quick question: Was there ever a "First Story" in the Star Ocean saga? Or is Tri-Ace/Enix trying to be clever?

If so, is there more info about it on the web?


Yes, as far as I know, there is a Star Ocean 1. I'm not too familiar with the game itself, or where you can find further information and details about it, but Google is a great place to start searching.

What's The Deal With "Official"?
Dear Veronica,

I have a few questions.
1) Do you get enough sleep?(unlike Brad)
2) Are you always starving like Brad?
3) How come OFFICIAL strategy guides always have some type of error,(not spelling error or anything trivial like that)but a gaming error that are so totally false?

Thanx for all your help, (See I was nice to Veronica)

1) Well, it depends on what I do the night before. If I get caught up in a major update, then I might go to bed a little later than I need. But, I can safely say that I am not as sleep-deprived as Brad. ^_-
2) Define "starving."
3) Because, Icepick, most people that write strategy guides are "human". No one is absolutely perfect. Well...except for the Allmighty Zacarena. _
But honestly, I don't know why. I've used strategy guide maps when I've been desperately stuck, and sometimes they'll lie to you, and completely screw up your game and what you're trying to do. I think it's a conspiracy from Capitol Hill Republicans to frustrate gamers into throwing away all of their gaming consoles, and making themselves look good.
This is exactly why you should keep playing console RPGs until you die.
And if you keep playing RPGs, you will need to keep visiting to stay up to par with the latest in RPGs.

Yes! Now I have job security for a good 6 months! =D

Ban Guns in the U.S...And Legalize Swords

you're not brad...but thats okay..i was just wondering..if there was anyone else out there who thinks the idea of a sword and a gun put together is dumb..Guns suck! there should be no guns in the world! the drug dealers should fight with swords!
-captain insano

Hmm...I believe my "Freudian" side can help you.

You led a troubled childhood, in which you were subjected to the evils of crappy RPGs such as Illusion of Gaia, Final Fantasy Legend III and SaGa Frontier. To outlet your stress you beat your sister's Cabbage Patch doll named Bethany Ann, and watched reruns of Webster when you were suicidal. Sinead O'Connor posters lined the walls of your room, and you had a fetish with buttons that has now since developed into a collection.
Diagnosis: You've been playing excessive amounts of Final Fantasy 8.
Treatment: None. You are hopeless. Go beat the game for the 9th time, and don't forget to get Siren this time around!

A Friendly Welcome
Hey there!

It's definately cool to have a female up doing the Q&A column. As fun as Brad and Thor are/were (no offence to the other guys, but... they just didn't do it as well), it's a good thing to get a different perspective on games...

And for those of us who don't care, we don't have to see comments about hot chicks. Some of us males don't care for those. There are a few of us out there! ;-)


Okay...let's get this over with. How much money do you want, or what do you want me to do for you? You know, just as well as I do, that there is no such thing as a sensitive, caring male gamer! Hah! You are smart taking on this approach to manipulating my mind, but I see right through you and your little plot! Mwahaha! The female triumphs over the male again!

Psychic Reader
Dear Wonderful Singer,

The reason you are getting very little mail is because the male RPGaming
population is intimidated by a female Q&A.


Now how did you know that I wasn't getting much mail? =) That is amazing! If you had a psychic hotline, I would call you religiously and waste hundreds of dollars that I don't have every week.

And you think I am intimidating? *looks at her two-by-four* Now where would anyone get that idea? Pshaw!

Selphie Fan Boy Deluxe
Yup, this'd be my third time writing to the Q&A section... aside from AK and Thor, er, I didn't find it much worth writing to this column, and now here you are... ^_^;;

Right, I have a few questions on the agenda:

...okay, one. I can't find a decent Selphie art anywhere. Can you or anyone lead me to some pics of her, preferably original art? Though fanart is okay, I suppose... :)

...okay, another one. What are your thoughts on Thousand Arms, if any? I mean, it looks good, but I dunno, think it's worth buying/renting? ^^

Well, I've said my piece. Blah, what an uninteresting letter. Thanks for takin the time to look. ^^

Blast, why can't I find any Sefie?! *_*

--some dude

Well, nice to see a familiar face. Oh, I'm sorry. I was mistaken. You're just some guy I know. (Ow. That was a crappy pun. >_<)

Well, I'm not a big Selphie fan honestly. (She's my lowest level character. What does that say?) If you wanted to look for some good original art, go look under the Final Fantasy VIII section right here at I don't mean to make another shameless plug, really!
If you're really interested, check out the Squaresoft sites and try to get in contact with some well know fan artists. FF8 is "the goods" currently, and someone's gotta love Selphie as much as you.

Even though the dating part of Thousand Arms is appealing to the lonely male gamer, I'm very interested in the game. I'll be renting it as soon as I finish FF8...ick. That might be a while. ^^; Oh yes, because the magical word of "anime" was mentioned with the game, I am instantly interested in it.

And My Favorite Person of the Day is...
Heysa Ronnie,

Guess what I have for you!.....A Gendo plushie! And a cardboard
cutout of Gendo! that's enough Gendo merchandise for now. So
when's your next tune gonna be released? I promise you more
Gendo merchandise if it's soon!


Xeria wins my Favorite Person of the Day award. *cuddle-huggle Gendo plushie*
And for those who don't know, I was the "Ronnie_Bell" that sung the Boat Song in Mark's update. I don't know when I'll cut a new song, but look for me in #rpgamer gloating that "Ohmigod! I did a new song!" and the fanboys that follow. :-)

Now That Is A Strange Coincidence
So I'm a Q&A guy at a popular website.. and I saw that you were too!
That Brad guy really sucks! I hate having the same name as him!
In fact.. I hate waking up in the mirror and seeing his face!
He sucks! YOU RULE THOUGH ^_^;;

- Brad

Wow! Now isn't that interesting... You have the same name, same e-mail address, and look! You even have the same last name as our own Brad. ("Brad Lohr" goes along with this guy's e-mail address) Isn't that just the strangest thing?!
And don't bash our Brad. That's not nice.


Tell me all of your nicknames >:)

Oh, cripes. There are sooo many! Well, here's a healthy dose: Ronnie_Bell, Yuichan, Vro, Rit, Ronnie, Yui_Ikari, #1 Gendou Ikari Fan, The Great Evangelion Sage, and Kaiyo_Takashi.

Hi. I am begining to suspect that JD is a 7 year old boy trapped in a 47 year old womans body.
Please confirm with a picture phone number.
Thank you.

Hi. I am beginning to suspect that you have not been taking your daily Prozac. Please confirm with a severe blow to your head. *thwap!*Thank you.

Dear Veronica
A female Q&A? At a video game website? I'll assume you have pepper spray.

And a tazer gun too! :D

Any idea what 'Fithos lusec wecos vinosec' means?

"Sucession of Witches Love." Thanks, Mark. ^_-

Is it just me or does Brad look like Doogie Howser?

-The Wandering Youth

It's just you. He has a certain picture that depicts him as a teenage Mark Hamill.

what kind of porno's do u like?
i asked brad this but he never answered


Well, that's because Brad wouldn't know a woman if one hit him in the face.

Brad likes you.
Shhhh, it's a secret.

Brad's out of luck, then, isn't he? I don't bend the rules, even though he is my superior.

Words from the Wise One:

Well....okay, I had very few mails in my box this time around, and most weren't about games. That hurts guys. ;_; Really...I'm dying inside. I'm so sad that I'm going to curl up into a little ball and vegitate into Cloud Strife's mental state.

Dewa mata!

Veronica " Bet you don't know who Gendo Ikari is!" Henry

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