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ASK Steve the Monkey
Double Banana Day April 1, 2005

Steve the Monkey - 9:00 PST

I guess before I kick this thing off, I should introduce myself. My name is Steve the Monkey, and I am the site monkey keyboardist. You might know me from such updates as the the Drag-On Dragoon media update I did way back when, but I think that most of you don't know who I am. I mainly do my work in the background helping the other staffers with large updates and help maintain the site. After all, that's what I was hired for.

As for how I was hired, well... A while ago, I saw an ad for Monkey Keyboardist, and I thought, "Why not?" I applied for it and was interviewed by Castomel, and I was offered the job. Then I had to talk to Mikel about my contract and pay. Unlike most other staffers, my job IS a paying one. The original contract said I'd get a banana a day, but through my genius negotiation skills, it now reads that I get TWO bananas a day when I'm good. And I'm getting a feeling that today's going to be one of those days.

But mainly I'm just happy to get to interact with readers. Since my job is mainly a behind-the-scenes job, only the staff know about me, and even then, there are still several staffers that I've never met online. I'm only able to use the internet in short bursts when people aren't using the computer, so I'm kind of hard to get in touch with by anything other than email. That's just how it goes.

Before I get kicked off the computer, I'm going to answer as many emails as I can. Hehe! This'll be fun!

Why didn't they ask me?

Sony knew exactly what they were doing when they stole the techonology used for their Dual Shock controler. The fact that Microsoft did the exact same thing and then settled out of court for a relatively smaller 25 million, shows that the company was willing to work with the thieves.

Most likely, Sony will get the amount owed substantially lower in appeals, as appellate courts love big business, and then just have to start paying a couple of bucks a PS2 unit to them for now on.

I'd love to see them lose all access to the technology and then have to start from scratch on their PS3. Sony has done a lot for the gaming industry. They've almost single-handedly made it cool to be a gamer. EA Sports is probably a close second for contributing to this attitude shift. Long gone are the days of people hiding how much they love video games in school in fear of getting their clock cleaned.

Still, for the sake of quality and innovation, I hope NIntendo or Microsoft wins the next round. Sony has done little to promote inspiration and much to support mainstreaming sequals. Sony is the Hollywood of the gaming field. The dried up, lets make nothing but sequals and remakes starring Ashton Kuscher Hollywood.


Steve the Monkey

I'm no legal genius, but it seems to me that the actual patents that were infringed upon were very specific. You'll notice that not every game in the PS2 library that uses vibration is in that lawsuit. I think that they just figured that they could beat it in court.

Personally, I think Sony handled this whole thing the wrong way. When someone's mad at me, I offer to help them do something. You'd be surprised at how quickly someone's anger goes away after you help them pick insects out of their fur. It takes a while, and by the time you finish, they usually forgot why they were mad in the first place. I guess even Sony can make mistakes. They should have hired me for this one.

Imperial Mog Strikes Back

Greetings Goggles


Now why would there be more than one person calling themselves the "impresario"? And why is one on the phantom train? In the opera you see him seated next to your party and on stage as the narrator, since I doubt they could be that lazy and have identical twin sprites. That and other things I noticed is just begging me to do a parody roast story of the game.

Now the other part is that I think you might be Gogo. Especially since whatever real name could just be a penname since I can't prove who you are. That and there is plenty of mystery still about you like where you get finances from.

Imperial Mog

Steve the Monkey

Actually, I'm not Goggles. He was the monkey keyboardist before me. I'm Steve.

As for the identical twin thing... I recall there being a LOT of identical twins, triplets, and more. The weird thing is that there would be a set of people identical to the last set in the previous town.

But it could be that they just look really similar but aren't actually twins. I look a lot like the other monkeys around here. We're not twins. Heck, we're not even related, but we do look alike.

It's a trap!

Hey Google,

Awesome! I just picked up Grandia 2 for the PS2 and am loving it so far, this is a really great game. I can't wait to see where they take the series in 3. Those screens look _awesome_. I really hope they bring this to the US (do you think they will?)

Now if a Breath of Fire VI and Skies of Arcadia 2 were announced at E3 that would just make my year.

Steve the Monkey

I wouldn't know much about the Grandia games. They weren't really marketed toward the monkey market, and I never really was interested in them. But based on the fact that Grandia 1, 2, and Xtreme came over, I'd say the odds are pretty good.

And the winner for Best Site Monkey: Me!

Hey Goog,


I remember about two months ago I placed my votes for the "Best of 2004" on this site, but have yet to see the results. Did I miss something? Or has the results not been tallied yet?



Steve the Monkey

Worry not! I've been working furiously on that, and it should be up soon.

Go go Monkey Teleport!

You had stated to a reader, well this.

what i was asking sir is will we see nintendo make earthbound 0+1 aka mother 1+2then i asked your opinion on it.

my other question was super mario rpg legend of the 7 stars so many want that on the gba that i was curious if nintendo and square-enix would work together to give us that title for the gba or ds.

then i asked what your opinion is on it.

so many on the nintendo forums want it that i wanted to know what your thoughts was on those 2 games



Steve the Monkey

As for Mother 1 and 2, I don't think you're going to see them over here. As much as I loved Earthbound,it's been out far too long in Japan with no word on it ever coming here. Sorry.

As for Super Mario RPG, again, I'm not so sure it's going to happen. I'd love it TO happen, but Square's bringing over games that were already in the works or previously released on other handhelds.

But while we're talking about Earthbound, I just want to say that I really wish I could teleport like those monkeys from the swamp. I've tried running in a circle really fast, and all I get is really dizzy and yelled at by the people. Evidently, they don't like having to clean up after a very sick monkey.

Longer than my tail

So, I'm reading the day's Q&A and come across a letter that says "I read a lot of books and a good 75%of them are mediocre if I'm lucky"......What the heck is that guy reading? Fan fics? Dungeons and Dragons books? Eragon?

So I have a short list of good authors and books for that guy (stick with me, I'll get to the RPG part in a sec):

For something dark but at the same time lighthearted (and easy reads): Diana Wynne Jones.

Something just plain out weird and twisted: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

Of course: J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Any C.S. Lewis book.

The Harry Potter series isn't that bad.....Just extremely easy to read. They're pretty dark too.

ANYway, cut that out if you want to (if you put this up in the Q&A).

I also saw a while back someone mention that Square Enix is no longer "original" (sorry, I'd have emailed sooner, but I lost my internet connection for a while). Was Square ever original? The times they try to be original, fanboys shoot them down ("I hate the Junction System!!!! We should hire assasins to kill them all!!!!!!" Or: "Saga Frontier is AWFUL!!!!! I HATE THEM ALL!!!!!!!" Or: "WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!? I HATE FFX2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!"). Face it, Square has only been good in the story department (although, I liked the battle system in FFX). The only reason people like the old ones better is because they were the first. They didn't have high expectations like they do now. Always, they expect a new, good, battle system. Only thing is, the battles have never been that great. I like the battles in Xenosaga (Ep. 1, not Ep. 2) more because you actually have to think a little bit instead of the "press X and win". Even FF7 had the tired ATB system. The only thing that kept me going on that was the story.

Oh, another person asked "what reason does Crono have to save the world and why can he?" Uh....duh. Maybe he had a sense of justice? Maybe he felt he should help the people he loves? That's why I liked the hero Crono, he didn't need to have a hidden agenda to save the world. Also, the last boss was just an alien. It didn't really look like a superior being, any human could've killed it (as long as they had his strength.....I guess.....).

Sorry, didn't mean for it to get this long.

Oh.....question......I'm not really big on the whole MMORPG area of RPGs. Why do people love it so? YAY!!!!! Let's all waste time on leveling characters that have no real goal!!!!! Yes, I like story driven RPGs (didn't like tales of symphonia and star ocean: tteot, because of that). So, what's the point? What's the draw? Why waste money on it?

Steve the Monkey

But what I want to know is what's up with everyone hating FF9!? I love that game. RPG makers should have more monkeys as lead characters. It's an absolute masterpiece and I consider it the best RPG of all time.

As for MMOs, I can't tell you much about them. I don't have enough time to play them because people are always on the computer. I'm barely able to work on here to get my banana(s) a day. I suppose that MMOs are kinda like this white stuff that I see one of the zoo keepers sniffing all the time. He always takes out a little and sniffs it at work, but he never lets us monkeys try. As much as he's sniffing, I bet it smells really good too...

This one was marked SPAM...

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i don't think so -

Steve the Monkey

Umm... Thanks for the info, but you forgot to ask about RPGs. Out of all of this, one line strikes me as most important: "This report is for entertainment and advertising purposes only and should not be used as investment advice." So, I think I'll just leave my money in Chiquita Banana, CQB. After the tsunami, banana prices went up, and I think it's a very bullish market. That's where I sink all MY money.

Steve the Monkey:

Well, it looks like some people want to use the computer again. I guess that means that I have to wrap this up. It sure was fun doing this. Be sure to tell everyone how much you enjoyed this, and maybe I'll be able to answer emails again sometime.

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