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I'm the Son of Rage and Love June 30th, 2005

Steve Przestrzelski - 11:21 EST

FROM THE BIBLE OF none of the above, and this is Shroudie coming back at you with a new chapter in my story. I apologize for lack of column yesterday, for it seems that when one still lives with parents, one is subjected to their rules. So high school has been over for me for the last two weeks. Some might think that the summer would be quite relaxing for me knowing that the rest of my life is ahead of me, but those suckers need a kick in the face for thinking such nonsense.

So far I've been nailed down with work at everyone's favorite theme park to visit. Those who remembered my ranting last year will be thrilled to hear that the amount of suck has increased from 75% to 96% on a daily basis. Who's to say we're not 100% dedicated to our guests' needs? We now feature horrid "souvenir" cups (priced at $15 USD) featuring the smiling, plastic mug of that stupid, dancing man who Andrew and I both share undying hate and resentment towards. On a similar note this seems to provide some clarity and ties up some lose ends. Those that have missed my letters have my apologies, but I have been busy helping slaving under Phil and Cortney posting up media for you guys to enjoy.

Let's roll.

So much for my day off...


Why must it always be about Cid?


I've heard that in FFVI it's possible to save Cid at the part where you are Celes on that island and you feed him fish and then later use that raft to leave. Is this true? Can you save Cid?



Celes should've been on Gilligan's Island, she really should've. While Cid's wasting away she does all the manual work, including making a submarine out of banana peels. Cid can be saved, however the task required to feed him fish is quite difficult to pull off.

Tina Louise and her coconut bras, indeed!

I have magic balls...

Oh magic QNA host,

The quote at the top is from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, specifically from a NPC called Co-Worker, about 5 seconds into the game. Tilde, please!

Incidently, why is it that you have a section for Eternal Punishment but not Persona 2: Innocent Sin?


Tsk, why must we be so pushy? Tell you what you get no tilde, but only a % from me! Shove that in your pipe and smoke it, fella!

For your troubles, it's because we're bastards and/or lazy. I dunno dude, I wasn't around way back then to tell ya.

You don't know the meaning of the word

Andrew, you're weird!

I swear... That was the strangest column ever.





Such discussions I've let Andrew have

This probably isn't worth a post, but seeing as the topic is still under discussion, I might have one more person for this Final Fantasy discussion. I am in agreement that "young" rydia doesn't count, since there are so many characters that get older, or change clothes, or cut their hair, etc. Also, with the Gilgamesh thing, if that REALLY counts, it would seem we would have to count a lot more things, such as some summons (or maybe Interceptor).

Anyway, reading that guys post again, if we go by the strict definition of what he says first, that they have "joined your team", but not necessarily the second, where they actually fight for you, then I believe we could include Baigan from FFIV. I seem to remember him officially joining the team for a few seconds before you kick his ass.



Wow, I missed quite a bit here it seems. Ummm, whatever you say, Lunitarian!

It's a Full House afterall!

I was just writing in to say how much I loved your ask Bob Saget QA article! I laughed till I cried with every question. I'd love to see him make a return some day!



Luckily, Kimberly didn't make a guest appearance, otherwise I'd burn down San Fransisco all together. To think that I enjoyed Rice-A-Roni too. Also, next time we play strip poker at Casto's the rest of the staff is invited.

Whatta time for dyslexia!

Well, it appears the search for Final Fantasy Playable Characters #95 and #96 has come to an end. In addition to the 94 previously listed (which I won't list again), I got a lot of help, but we really did have to reach to name the last two. I got Young Rydia, but as pointed out in a previous column, it's still the same character, so no dice there (Cecil, too). Interceptor and Rinoa's stupid dog were creative ideas, but not quite what I had in mind. Other creative people suggested the various summons that appear throughout the series, but that would turn into a bit of a logistical nightmare. Another person suggested listing the different job classes from FF5, but I was looking for actual characters, so those are out too. Same deal with FFX-2 (which I realize I forgot to mention was also being omitted), so unfortunately Paine wound up on the cutting block as well. So in the end, it appears that the final two suspects are...*drum roll* Gestahl and Gilgamesh! Gestahl I was hesitant to include because although he does fight Kefka on the Floating Continent, it seemed more like he was fighting against the bad guy than actually fighting on your side, but in the end I guess that given the circumstances, it was enough to get him in. Gligamesh I was even more hesitant about, because the way he fights on your side seemed more like the type of thing where you control an enemy against other enemies. But rules are rules, he does fight on your side, despite not having a battle sprite like your regular party members, so he gets in too. I want to thank everybody who threw their ideas at me, it helped a lot and this was a lot of fun.

By the way, if you're really curious as to why I wanted exactly 96 party members...let's just say because it's divisible by 12 and leave it at that for now. :)

Robust Stu Gold Reviewer/Ayatollah of Rock And Rollah/Lost Member of Nirvana


Stu rhymes with Drew, Drew and I are friends with Roku, Roku ends with an "u", u + me = us

Did I ever tell you how much I like chaos?

I recently saw some news on about a voice actor confirming Xenosaga III's production, but it also stated that the series' future is questionable due to the loss of the 2 creators and "declining sales"... This is the first time I've heard about these declining sales, and though it makes sense because Xenosaga I wasn't what Xenogears fans had expected, I never really thought there would be any sales decline big enough to cause a stir. Just how big of a slaes drop are they talking about? (In Japan and USA).


Interesting enough, I stumbled upon such a news story the other day while doing an update. From what I've gathered, Episode I was not as hot in Japan as it was over here. Episode II tried to stir up some hype, but some thought it was too much of a change from the first one. In all honesty, I highly doubt Monolith Soft will can the series because there's still a great number in its fanbase awaiting Episode III.

I'll send you on a Quest into the bottom of a volcano

Dear Google:

I'm aware of that Square/Enix has possession of the "intellectual property" of the now-defunct Quest games, which is actually at the centre of my email.

I'm a big fan of the "ogre battle" series of games, and I was wondering firstoff if any plans for future releases of the series were in the works, and secondly if there were any non-english games in the series released.

Thanks a bunch!!


No future releases have been stated, but I wouldn't be surprised if the big S-E has plans to bring Ogre Battle titles to the Nintendo DS or PSP in the near future. The handheld business is pretty big and it worked with Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, so the possibilities are out there.

AHAHAHAHA, Lookit that nerd!

Dear Andrew:

Okay, just to lay it down, Shining Force: Resurrection of Dark Dragon was just about everything I've longed for from the Shining Series since I was nine years old, really. I always wanted a story to the original Shining Force for Genesis, but the American version just didn't have it...

Anyway, my question is this: are there any plans to remake Shining Force II for the GameBoy Advance?


A Big Nerd


Again, no details have surfaced on a remake concerning that. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if information comes up we'll post it up for you ASAP.

Oh look it's one of my bosses, hide the beer!

Hey shroudie!

So, how does it feel to be hosting Q&A? It's really funny to think about how RPGamer readers first met you as a letter-writer in Q&A, and then we hired you as a news/media updater, and now you're guest hosting Q&A. That must thrill your shrouded little creamsicle soul!

Next question! How do you like being an RPGamer staff member?

And finally, which games are you looking forward to this year?

Cortney Stone (a.k.a. Alethea)

Head of New Updates


I'm enjoying qna quite a bit so far. Not only do I get to take a stab at witty remarks, but it's awesome receiving questions from people that ask for my advice, knowledge, and opinion. And yes, I do find it quite ironic given the current circumstances.

I enjoy working here tremendously. I'm not kidding when I state in my bio that you guys are like a second family to me. Media's pretty fun to work on, even if I do have to fill in over 80 slots of html with numbers in increasing order. Also the chance to attend E3 and hang out with you guys is good motivation.

Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII are on the top of my list. I also want to add that I can't wait for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to finally see a release. What can I say, I have a thing for Tifa's new look.

Unfit for print

Okay....I was looking at another website that also made the announcement about Xenosaga: Episode 3's new voice talent. What blew me away, though, was that in this article, it was stated that Episode 3 would likely be released on the PS2. Ever since the release of Episode 1, it was speculated that Episode 3 would be on the PS3. And, I have to admit, that with the upcoming next-gen consoles, the PS2 seems to be on the way out.

So, my question: is there any reason to believe this report? Was the guy/gal high when he/she wrote it? Do you think it was a typo? What are the chances that Xenosaga: Episode 3 will be on the PS2 rather than the PS3? I would love to see Episode 3 on the PS2.

an RPGfan


Young one, people have a tendency to jump the boat and misinterpret any source of news given to them. Have you ever heard rumors at school? The majority of them are taken horribly in the wrong direction as what they should be. Someone makes a speculation and everyone then think it's a proven fact. The platform for Xenosaga: Episode III has not been decided, however it would be rather silly to think it would still be on the PS2. On that note, why would you want in on a system not as advanced as its next of kin? Sure the PS2 is great, but the glued hands and toothless mouths of Episode II makes me cringe at the thought of the series continuing on this system.


Well, that wraps up another fine edition of Q&A, and I hope that you'll look out for possible editions featuring me in the future. If I'm right, I leave you to my darling Andrew to send letters to. I would stay longer, but work is calling me to serve people fattening food and clog up their already tight arteries.
Steve Przestrzelski definitely can't wait for the fall.

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