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J_Sensei - 20:45 EST

It feels like ages since I've done QnA. Back in the day, I used to answer a lot of questions in my Culture Corner, but it's been a long time since I've even done that. I've bounced around a bit since those days, but I'm still around. Now I do PR work, and it's a lot of fun. I don't think I'll be moving anytime soon. At least not on the site. If all goes well, we'll be relocating again soon. Hopefully, this will be the year my wife gets into medical school.

These days I've been spending a LOT of time playing Fire Emblem for the Wii. I got to the end, but I kind of had to start over. The game can be brutally hard, and I'll talk more about that when I review it in a couple more days. It's been a blast, but it's the hardest RPG I've ever played.

But enough about that. It's time to get to some questions, so let's get this party started!

Sig Pics for Others

Hello there! I'm sad you didn't receive much mail. Well, not that much. Anyway, you said: ''Also, you will note that I now have a signature graphic. I am rubbishat visual art, so I deliberately made the graphic as busy as possible.It's especially irritating to the eyes!'' I agree. That's why I decided we needed you to have a new one. So, here, you can have it. My favorite piece of musique from a videogame... I could say it's hard to choose, but then I thought: which one am I listen to most? And also, I'm not sure if your question includes remixes, but I'll pretend it doesn't. So, my favorite original right now would be ''Ending Movie'' from Final Fantasy XII. I like that they reused part of it for Revenant Wings. Actually, part of it seems to be ''Balthier's theme'' since it plays so much when he's around. Well, I really don't have much to say. It was all really about the signature graphic. Unpetitmax P.S.: There are two versions. You should choose one.... Well, what? I still have to give you some work.. haven't asked a single question for you to answer!


What a coincidence. I actually do not get much mail these days. Makes me sad. I miss the Culture Corner, and I'd still reply to people if they emailed me. I've been considering emailing my regulars again, since I've been in a bit of a writing mood lately.

As for remixes, would you count things like the Earthbound remix Bound Together? I really enjoy it. It gets a fair amount of playtime on my iPod. Otherwise, I'm rather indifferent towards them. Remixes are fine, but so is new music.

I'm sure Lusi will like the two sig pics. I've already got a couple, so I'll just pass them on to him.

Spoiler Warning

Hi [insert name here please thankyou], While not really an rpg question, but how long (if ever) should it be before spoilers aren't preceded by a spoiler warning¿ Sure when an old game (such as ff7) has been out for a while (10 years now i think), it might be fine to reveal the spoiler or two about the story that really picked you up and threw you into the fridge when you found out. But I'm a bit restless. ff7 is a great game (for me) and I'd want others to experience it the way that I did (spoiler free). Hell, if i have kids i'm gonna push them to play rpgs and I don't want them to ask me "daddy what happens to the flower lady¿" prompted by somebody's forum post somewhere on the web even before they know who the flower lady is. vash


I think a couple years should be enough. After that, most people should know about spoilers. If it's a game that doesn't get as much attention, perhaps five years would be better. But no matter how long you wait, there will always be someone that will not know that something happens to someone in some game, and they'll get spoiled. It's unfortunate, and sadly, there is but one thing you can do. Point and laugh. Err... try to be conscience of things on message boards and use proper spoiler tags.

The name alone got me to answer this one

Have you ever really loathed a game but everywhere you turn it's receiving glowing reviews? I couldn't stand Final Fantasy XII:Revenant Wings. I loved FFXII, I love Ivalice, I loved all of Matsuno's games may he rest in peace, but RW seems like it was designed for very small children and the retarded. What do you do when you dislike a game so much you want to troll messageboards and send poison to the designers? What do you do when no one else shares your opinion of the crappy game? Is there a pill I can take? Even now it's all I can do not to launch into a rant about it. Redhead


I can't think of many games I loathed. There are games that I think are overrated but few that I hated. In general, I know whether or not I'll like a game before I buy it by reading about them before they come here. And there's also the fact that I get to go to E3, so I can get my hands on stuff before most people.

The only games that I truly regret buying got terrible reviews most places. The first offender was Gundam Crossfire. I only got it because I LOVE Gundam, and it got a 32 from Famitsu. I feel betrayed. I'd microwave it, but that'd be too good an end for it. I'm waiting until EB Games has one of those trade in two games, get one new one deals. Then I shall get my revenge, sort of, for them selling me the piece of trash in the first place.

Awesome Question!

Hey Lusi or J (whoever gets this letter)! Thanks for filling in for me! Its been a hectic few days, but I decided to take a few hours off to do something fun. What will it be? It ends with inal Fantasy XI, and starts with an F. Yay me, eh? Ok... a question... How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Too hard? Ok... Played Mass Effect? If so, do you recommend it? On another note, any suggestions for a good LCD TV to buy? I abhor plasma. My requirements are: 3x HDMI input, 40"+, 1080p, and a high contrast ratio wouldn't hurt. My budget for said tv would be around $2000, which doesn't include the home theater system that I also intend to buy (but later). So what say you? And wasn't Heroes just amazing this week? I really like Sylar--he is just way too much fun! I really can't wait for next week's show! Anyways, see you all after the Exam of Evil III and its little brother Mini Exam Retake From Hell! Ciao! ~Sean


Sadly, I have not played Mass Effect, but I did see it played at E3. Anyways, on to the meat of this question. I used to work at Best Buy, and I am VERY well versed in TVs. If you want a 40 inch LCD in your price range, I cannot recommend anything more highly than this one.. The Samsung LN-T4065F is the newer model of the TV I have now. In a word, it's gorgeous, and this one has a third HDMI. I'm forced to switch between the PS3 and 360. Also, I did a quick My Simon search, so that link should be your best deal. That's about what I paid for mine almost a year ago.

As for Heroes, I was disappointed with this week's episode. Last week was so very awesome that this one paled in comparison. Sylar is indeed an amazing villain, but I like Adam better. I am dying to see how it ends next week. Twelve episodes is just not enough for a season, but we get to watch Heroes Origins soon. That'll help make up for it, I guess.

Thanks for the letter!


That woodchuck question? 42. That is all you need to know.

One for me!

J_Sensei, It feels like it's been ages since I last wrote to you. It's weird, but to this day, when I click on a Japandemonium column, I still half-expect you to be the one hosting it. Maybe it's because Gaijin Monogatari is doing such a good job, and is a lot like you, I feel. Reading that column still gets me giddy for when my time to study in Japan comes (maybe I'll even be able to contribute then? Hmm). In any case, what have you been playing lately? If I recall correctly, you have a PS3, right? And one that's BC? How much mileage have you gotten out of it? Due to a discussion with Sean a couple of weeks ago, I would really like to own a Japanese BC PS3 now, for rather obvious reasons. Hmm, sticking hyperlinks in letters never seems to get the posted along with my letters. Well, I'll just use the URL then. This was a link that in last letter about my favorite piece of game music (though Lusipurr hated it) Well, if you ever host again, I'll try to think of more to write! FirstAid


I haven't heard from you in a LONG time. I didn't recognize the FirstAid bit, but I remembered your name. In fact, I could probably search my gmail and find your letters.

Anyways, despite having a launch PS3, I only have three games. One is the aforementioned Gundam tripe. Another is Untold Legends, and now I know why those legends weren't told. They would have been better if they had stayed untold. The last one is the ONLY good Gundam game, Gundam Musou. Sadly, after my original PS3 had a problem, I had to have it replaced. I lost my save, and I never even got to play as Epyon. I was saving him for last, too. ;_; I'll replay one of these days. It's too much fun.

What I HAVE used my PS3 for is watching movies and playing PS2 games. It's the best upconverting DVD player I've ever seen, and movies on Blu-Ray look amazing. The games I want are coming, and I don't mind being an early adopter. I've enjoyed it a lot this past year.

Feel free to drop me a line sometime. That goes to any of my regulars, and anyone else for that matter. I enjoy answering email.

Not Quickies


There you have it. I've not done QnA in two years. I hope it was enjoyable; I know it was for me. If anyone wants to drop me a line, just shoot me an email. I'll gladly chat about all things Japan, gaming, or most anything else.

Since I've been told to remind you all, be sure to send lots of letters for us to answer. It's hard to do QnA without questions. Otherwise we have to get Steve the Monkey to ask questions, and that never ends well.

Catch you on the flip,

Jordan "This would be easier without the boxing gloves" Jackson

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