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Ride Ze Schoopuff? July 26, 2005

J_Sensei - 9:06 AM JST

My stint as the QnA host continues for yet another day. There's another batch of letters to answer, so that's always fun. Keep sending those letters, and I'll answer them every one. Well... not the spam, but I'll answer legitimate questions. Even the silly ones.

As for the title, we were chatting in the staff channel, and one of our staffers is reviewing RPG Maker 3. Well, he's making an RPGamer-themed RPG, and some of the staffers are going to be in it. I asked if I was going to be in it, and the reply was maybe. And maybe I should be made to talk like a Hypello. I've played FFX and FFX-2, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what a Hypello was. Soon as everyone said 'Ride Ze Schoopuff?' I knew exactly what they were.

So, let's get this party started!


The letter from dollerz describes an ending from Chrono Trigger. I liked that ending too... Except it didn't happen the way he described, by my memory. (SPOILER) He claims that the other party members "don't listen" to Marle when she says that they've gotta find Crono. The way I remember it, they did, though it doesn't seem that way at first. After apparently going back to their own times, they surprise Marle at Millenium Square, and she watches as they go into the timestream to rescue Crono.

With that, the final image he describes takes on a totally different meaning. Is he just misremembering? Or did they change that ending for the PSX remake (which is the one I played)? - Leaper


From my understanding of things, they tacked on that video to the end of CT in the PS1 version of the game. My memory of the game is a bit fuzzy, but I don't remember the word 'timestream' anywhere in the SNES version. I just asked Alethea, who just played the SNES version, and she says that it doesn't appear. What you are referring to was something that was added to make it more inline with CC.


is "The legend of Zelda: Links awakening" made for nintendo 64?


Um... no. Link's Awakening was for the GameBoy and GameBoy color as The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.

A novel

Hey Jordan, Remember that one time I was talking about that Mobile Suit Gundam coffee as a joke? I forgot what I said, but man, I wish I could remember it so I can become rich off that one line that everyone thought was really unique.

Anyways, seeing as last week we were supposed to be putting what we thought about our greatest achievements in an RPG, or maybe video game. I'd have to say my greatest achievement would be getting through the 40 hours that took to get every secret in FF10, and another 2 hours to completely fill my sphere grid, and then 30 seconds to delete my game. This is a pretty great achievement when you see how boring this game is. Kidding about that, because it's not my greatest achievement, but the game is boring.

Seriously though, not very many people have done this, but there are people who have done this, and some like me that can do it semi-regularly. Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge for the Gameboy is pretty challenging for most people, even if they are fans of the Castlevania series, with the end bosses the hardest out of the entire game. So I'd say my greatest achievement would be beating the game in one continue(as it is almost impossible to one life this title, due to how hard Dracula is.) Also beating the original Castlevania, Super Castlevania 4, and Dracula X in a single life would be a huge achievement for anyone. Another one would be finishing Lament of Innocences Boss Rush on Crazy mode, which you have to be really good to do that.

RPG-wise, it's kindof hard because this is almost all I ever play is RPG's as well as the Castlevania series, so I have about 150 - 160 RPG's and 10 - 20 non-rpgs(3 of which I'm selling because they suck, all of which aren't RPG's.) Well, I don't know what my biggest accomplishment is, and my timed games are me reading the entire storyline because I don't like to skip any forced storyline they give you, even if I've beaten the game over 10 times, although I will run by unimportant NPC's. You decide which one is the greatest out of all these. The first I'd say is just beating the SaGa Frontier 2 last boss, who was just extremely powerful and is probably the hardest boss I've faced in literally any game, especially the other 15 times I was too weak to face him, and had to restart that many times, only to be too weak the next time I went to him and had to restart again. Going through Hell's Gate on Tactics Ogre twice in a single character, although not really difficult if you have a good party, but two times will get you all the rare items, so it's stupid to go more(I've been through it with more than one character too.) Beating the last bosses on Tactics Ogre Knight of Lodis and Arc the Lad 2, which are also extremely powerful bosses with an insane amount of HP, yet I didn't die at those two bosses. Beating Final Fantasy 7 in 17 hours(while reading all the storyline like I usually do, and getting every secret there is up to that point.) The last and probably greatest of all things I've did, which I'm certain I could have done alot faster because I made sure to check every area too, until I got bored at 70% and then went to kill the last boss, is starting a brand new game on Aria of Sorrow, playing it on hard mode, and completing it in an hour to an hour and 30 minutes. Which I'm sure I could have did in 45 or less. Also, getting every secret in FF4 usually takes me 8 - 9 hours too, so I guess that could be an achievement too(just noting since you placed it.) Lastly, collecting the platinum Evangelion collection and boxset(my favorite series. )

-andrew- -kupomogli-


Forgive me for being pressed for time, but I'll address everything... just quickly. The quote in question is 'Go Claim Your Victory!' and I still like that slogan. That would make a find slogan for most any product.

As for the maxing out of FFX, I have never taken the time to max that game out. The only game I ever maxed out was Chrono Trigger, and back then, there weren't enough games. Well.. I maxed out FFVIII, but that's only to make sure I could finish it. Not like getting to level 100 isn't hard in that game. I just didn't like getting killed at the last boss becuase I only relied on GFs.

And then there's the Castlevanias. I've also played most, but I never could finish the original. Stupid Frankenstein and hunchback.... But I have totally ownzed most other ones. Congrats on finishing it though.

As for the rest, I've never played the other games, save for FF II. I knew that game inside and out. But how'd you manage to get every secret in 9 hours? I've STILL never gotten a pink tail or a glass helm. And believe me, I've tried. Also, congrats on the Platinum Eva. I have the regular boxed set, and I'm happy with it. I think Eva is a bit over-popular, but it's not a bad series. I enjoyed it.

Thanks for the email/novel, and go claim your victory!

Gotta Catch 'Em All

To Sensei.

I guess my hardcore moments are the fact that i've managed to sit through all 4 Silent Hills, maybe screamed, but still sat through it.

To more serious hardcore moments, beating the Giant Slime at the bottom of the Ancient Dungeon in Lufia 2 comes to mind. Compltely passing all 4 MarioKarts in one weekend from the start is another one, oh and actually managing to pass Ephemeral Fantasia is the final, without any help.

Lastly I guess a question.

Since the new DS Pokemon game is going to contain new pokemon, are these pokemon going to be able to be transfered to the new gamecube pokemon game coming out soon.

Anywho thanks.



I've never played Silent Hill, but it does look a bit on the creepy side. I played a bit of Resident Evil, and I'll admit that it scared me a few times. Stupid zombies comin' out of nowhere. *shudder*

As for the Pokemon, I'd say that you'll be A-OK. Nintendo always finds ways to tie the little critters together, so I'm sure they'll all be in the newest one on the GC. I believe they will also be able to communicate via the DS by using both game slots. You'll get to have a Pokédex full of pocket-sized monsters.


So there's Day 2. I'll note that I did this column in under 36 minutes. Before writing it, I was talking to a staffer and I said I had 40 minutes to finish QnA before work. I wondered if I was a bad enough dude to finish and maybe still save the president. Dunno if he can be saved in 3 minutes, but I can try.

Shoot me some letters for tomorrow!

Catch you on the flip,
Jordan "I'm all out of Strong, bad quotes right now..." Jackson

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