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Turtle God July 25, 2005

J_Sensei - 9:20 PM JST

Since Googleshng still doesn't have a roof yet, I have volunteered to take the helm of QnA this week. I've been reading the efforts of my fellow staffers, so I guess I'll begin by stating my most 'hardcore' accomplishments. I rencently climbed Mt. Fuji, so that should count for something. You can check out pictures in this week's Japandemonium. If we're talking about hardcore video game accomplishments, for me it's a three-way tie between any of my 45 song DDR workouts consisting of mostly 8 and 9 foot songs, the one time I passed MAXX Unlimited on Heavy, or the time I finished the US Final Fantasy II in 8 hours 17 minutes.

My most striking video game moment would have to be the first time I passed a Cata WAY back when in DDR. I know that's a lot of DDR for an RPG column, but you have to realize that I am not exactly graceful or a natural at that game. Hours of time and effort were put into it to improve my speed and stamina. Oddly enough, I am 50 pounds lighter in only a few years.

Strangely enough, I don't have any striking memories from RPGs. I love the stories, but I suppose I'm the type of person that is affected by more tangible things like things I hav e done more than things I have seen. That's not to say I don't have many a fond memory of video games or RPGs, but I guess just not in the same way as some others.

As for today's title, I have a pet turtle named Tama-chan. We were talking about her in the staff channel recently. All this turtle knows is the confines of her little aquarium, which I quadrupled in size from the one she originally had. About once a day, I open the lid and drop a few turtle pellets into her water so she can eat. I wonder what she thinks of me. Is she afraid? Does she worship me like some kind of God? Does she even care? Strange things to contemplate, but then again, when you live by yourself on the other side of the planet, you have time to think about some strange things.

I only have four letters for starters, but here's hoping I get some more as the week progresses. So without further ado, let's get this party started!

Short Question, Shorter Answer

Hey there whoever is doing the QnA today, I have a quick question regarding Phantom Brave, a game I've recently returned to playing in preperations for Makai Kingdom later this week, anyway here's the questions, possible spoilers

After you've finished the game and got all the extra stuff from the game clear(AKA fighting the ten bonus fights) is it possible to return to the area of of the final battle and see the ending again?

And if not is there some bonus ending hidden somewhere for those who killed Pringer X?

Arros Raikou

Kept it short


When I first read your final sentence, I thought you asked me to keep it short. Unfortunately, I will have to. I haven't played Phantom Kingdom, but I do have plans to pick up Makai Kingdom. I assume that you can probably find your answer in one of the many FAQs that can be found on Gamefaqs. If not, try the forums. I found a lot of good We Love Katamari info in the forums on Gamespot.

Short letter, many questions

Hey man xD,

i'm a HUGE nippon ichi fan, my first game being la pucelle, and i've already pre-ordered makai kingdom, I was just wandering...what can we expect from makai? what can we expect from nippon ichi after makai? why do I find shroudie kinda cute?

P.S: I Fricken CRYED during final fantasy 3 like a GABILLION times...celes rocks XD



I share your love of Nippon Ichi. In fact, I just pre-ordered Makai Kingdom myself. I'm looking forward to playing it in a few weeks. But the only answer I can give about what to expect from Nippon Ichi is more greatness. The only staffer that actually knows what's coming next is Steve the Monkey due to his l33t hax0r skillz, but after the fights with Castomel over his twin brother, he's not been around as much. Crying shame too. He was usually only on during his night, and that's my day. I really enjoyed talking to him since the rest of my world was asleep...

As for you thinking Shroudie is cute, I'm sure he appreciates the sentiment. I, however, only have eyes for one, and she is to be my future wife.

And yes, Celes DOES rock, but none will ever compare with Edgar from that game. He was by far my favorite.

Yay, the first letter to me!

I see you're back again, Jordan

"I'm a general, not some opera floozy" was the title for Q&A on Saturday. Isn't that said by Celes in Final Fantasy 6? I don't know if that's worthy of a tilde, but I thought it's worth a try. What's a "floozy" anyway?

The RPG moment that struck that struck me the most, that would actually be any moment in Final Fantasy 4 when a character died. Rydia's mother, Tellah's daughter, Tellah himself, Cid and Yang (sort of), you get the idea. That game was actually the first video game I ever played, and I was 7 back then, so while these moments may seem "meh" today, they really hit home for me when I first played the game, and it affected the way I view all video games I play.

On a different note, another moment was in Final Fantasy 7 when you wake up in the Shinra HQ and find bodies everywhere, and the floors were covered with blood, even during the battle sequences, all while listening to that chilling violin music. The reason this stuck in my mind is because, before that moment, I've never been so disturbed playing an RPG.

And on a different note yet, another moment was when I got swallowed by Jabu Jabu in Ocarina of Time. That took me completely by surprise, and I nearly bust a gut with laughter when I discovered that the whale's belly was actually the next dungeon in the game! I mean, who am I, Jonah? I thought it was hilarious, and this stuck in my mind because of the pure absurdidty of the moment coupled with how serious the game was taking itself. In any Zelda and role-playing game, I always expect a dungeon to be a temple or a cave or ruins of some sort, but a whale's belly? That moment was priceless! It makes me wish developers could make memorable dungeons in unexpected and hilarious locations like that again.


Yay! I get an email addressed to me. I guess I should start at the beginning.

floo-zy also floo-zie
n. Slang pl. floo-zies
A woman regarded as tawdry or sexually promiscuous.
n : a prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets [syn: streetwalker, street girl, hooker, hustler, floozie, slattern]

There you have it. I got that from I don't have any tildes, so I'll have to give you a %. Those are pretty spiffy, right?

As for your love of FF II, you aren't the only one. I have no idea how many times I played through FF II before I even bought it, let alone AFTER I bought it. In actuality, it doesnt kill that many people, but there are a lot of characters that leave your party with you to assume they are dead. Lots of good moments in that game for such it being so short.

As for FF VII, yeah, that is a good one. That game also had a lot of memorable parts, but then again, so do many of the Final Fantasies. I can think of lots of really neat parts in just about every one. I think it is helped by the music. Uematsu did a VERY good job of scoring the Final Fantasy games. That combined with good stories, even if they are cliché, allows them to speak to just about anyone. There is a very universal appeal to Final Fantasy I think.

And finally, you do mention one of the more interesting dungeons I can think of. At it's time, I can't think of anything that could compare to it, even if that trick has been used a few times now. I also agree that unusual dungeons make the game more interesting. I've been in so many ancient ruins/caves/volcanoes/undersea crevasses/castles that more interesting dungeons do make it more fun. That's not to say that I don't enjoy more stereotypical dungeons, but variety is the spice of life.

Yay, the first letter to me!

So back when I first played FF1 on the NES my brothers and I were about half way through. One of my brothers made the off hand comment that wouldn't be funny if the final boss took up the entire screen and was impossible to beat. Well needless to say once we finally got to Chaos and died at him for like the third time we had to take my brother out back and beat him senseless (after which we were able to come back and beat Chaos--coinicidence...probably). The next RPG I played was the original Dragon Warrior and more of a joke towards his FF1 comment then anything my brother makes the same remark about the final boss. Lo and behold the damn the dragon at the end is a pain of untold fathoms. So from then on when ever my brother would start a statement "You know what would be funny..." while we were playing an RPG, we would have to slap duct tape on his mouth and throw him in a corner. Not sure what exact this moment strikes, but it always sticks out in my mind.

-- Kalledon --


Being a little brother myself, I don't recommend beatings of them for any reason, but I will admit it makes your story more amusing. Chaos and the Dragonlord were both pretty hard bosses. I'll admit that I was never killed by either of them, but I was more than prepared for 'em.

But your stories are more in line with my own. I remember things in games more strongly due to real life factors that are outside the game. I'll bet your prophetic little brother helped add to your enjoyment of the game. But there there's one thing you probably didn't think of. If I had a prophet sitting next to me whose words came true in video games, I'd abuse that like crazy. 'Wouldn't it be funny if the next screen had a chest with a really great weapon?' 'Wouldn't it be funny if the next enemy dropped a ton of gold and EXP?' You shouldn't have feared him for his ability; you should have exploited it! Not that I'd normally recommend exploiting little brothers...


Day one of my week as guest host is behind me. For tomorrow, how about we mix RPGs and non-RPGs? We've been on this memorable/hardcore kick, so let's extend it to all games. Tell me about some really cool accomplishment from any genre and throw in a question. I'll try to maintain my policy of answering all emails as I do in Japandemonium.

There you have it, that's your opportunity to get answered for sure in QnA. Go for it!

Catch you on the flip,
Jordan "I'm just me. Can't you see? I'm just a silly little bumblebee." Jackson

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