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Column 42: North American Blues
December 12th, 2007

Sean - 4:46pm EDT

The Witcher is a fun game. True, I spend half the time looking for chicks to sleep with, but the story is progressing. I am at the end of the second chapter right now. A few columns ago, a reader mentioned his problems with the game. I have the same issues. The game loads way too slow. The inventory system is nasty. If you can live with these issues, the game is great. Now, why in the hell did they feel that they need to edit this game for us in North America? Why was the nudity removed? Are we children compared to Europeans? In any case, it doesn't really affect the game--it just bugs me. Just slap an AO rating on it.

I sacrificed two hours of sleep last night to the masterpiece known as The Orc King. For a book that started as slowly as it did, it sure ended well. I just couldn't put it down! When I've selected my next book, I will mark it down in the sidebar. I think I will go with a new author. I think I have something by Peter David to read... It will not be The Golden Compass or anything else by that author. The movie did not please me.


Hello, Q&A dude,

Grrrrraaaaaaaargh! I am so mad at myself right now!!! I just played through FFXII's Pharos at Ridorana, a long, hard trial of a dungeon if you'll recall. I got to the end, beat the boss, watched the scenes that followed, went back to Balfonheim, sold off my loot, bought some new equiment and the last monogram, checked the Clan board for new marks, and then stood up, stretched, walked up to my PS2, and turned the power off.


Let me guess: you didn't save.

I FORGOT TO SAVE! I don't even want to go back through it now. That's the kind of mistake that makes a person take a month off of a game. Have you ever done this?


Sorry, but no. I never turned something off without saving. I am terrified of it. I always save when I first return to town--selling can wait.

I guess I'm spoiled. I was raised on the old school system of auto-saving at INNs and split-second, no-load-time saves on the overworld map. I used to reflexively save after almost every battle when leveling in FFVI's tyranosaur forest. Now I have to consciously do it every time.

Well hopefully I won't make that mistake again.

-Tommy Moo


I hope not. I have a problem where save spots are too few and far below in some games. That just bugs me.You know when you can't find one when your really need one? That sucks. I sympathize, dude.

I wish I could play my PS3...

Hey Sean.

I was not trying to imply the PS3 runs like crap. I was implying that a car that runs like crap is not as good as a cheaper car that runs really well.

The analogy was used to refer to the devkits not the end product. The devkits and development processes are the problem, not the actual PS3 (i.e. The end product may look pretty, but getting there is crap). I guess that wasn't exactly clear.



True enough. I did get it, I just wanted to argue. When I am tired... I argue. A lot. Sorry about that. So I heard that Atlus is bringing games to the 360. As long as the games aren't sRPGs, I might be forced to buy a 360. If I did take the plunge, which games should I get? I already have Eternal Sonata and Mass Effect chosen, and maybe a cheap Blue Dragon, but the rest escape me. Help me out people! Any interesting prospects? Any interesting non-RPGs?

Regardless of systems that I own, I don't have a tv to play consoles anymore. It is a little broken and the main tv here is in 24/7 use by my sister. Oh well. I am really busy with my PC right now.

An Ode to Sony Whores (Lusipurr: write this ode!)

Hi, Sean,

Congrats on your soon to be graduation. Now that you're better than other people, what type of employment will you be seeking?


I graduate at the end of the spring. Oh well. As for jobs, I am already working in IT and have been for a year and a half.

I am an unabashed Sony Whore. I cannot justify a 306 or Wii purchase. The RPG genre is the only one I really enjoy (probably because it's the only one I'm pretty good at). Heck, I ended up trading Wild Arms V away because after trying for 5 hours, I could not get that stupid jumping/timing puzzle in the room of the tower that would have led me to the battle with Fereydoon. I knew what they wanted me to do, I'm just not fast enough to do it. With anemic 360 sales in Japan & the Wii being in its own niche, I think in time the PS3 will turn out to be the system for RPGs much the same as the PS2 was.


I can't believe you traded away Wild Arms 5! Why not just get someone else to do it for you and then just play from that point? The game was actually pretty good! I hope the PS3 gets something worthwhile and soon. Then I might have a reason to kick my sister off the tv. Anyways, I do plan on getting a new tv for graduation, so that is why I am asking a lot of questions about them. Speaking of which: LCD or Plasma?

Anyway, you asked about Enchanted Arms. I bought my PS3 when that game became available. I really enjoyed it. I've heard people complain about the stereotypical mannerisms of the gay guy (Makoto) in it, but I think people are just too damn "pc" these days. First, I'm a gay girl & you also have to remember that the characters in the game are late teens/early twenties. I knew a lot of gay guys in that age group (back when I was in that age group!) that acted like Makoto does so I didn't see a problem. I've played so many games since then that I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I would definately recommend the game. If you like turn based battle & a decent challenge then this is the game for you.


I heard that the game was on the bad side of the scales, but didn't hear any definite details. I still bought it for $20 and intend to play it eventually. Thanks for the description!

To answer your poll: I'd like something solo based since I have no friends. You say something about ASP, but the only one of those I know is the one that did Cleopatra in. I don't know much computerese; so if you could please explain I'd appreciate it.


ASP = active server pages. Basically a programming language used to make easy web applications. I messed around with it for a project this semester and I think I could make something tangible with the new skills. So solo effort? We'll see...

Enjoy this time between now & getting a job - it's the last time you'll have your life to yourself until you retire!



That sounds a little bad. I enjoyed the non-crunch time while at school too. As I mentioned, I've been working almost the entire time while working on my degree. And I do plan on enjoying life now! Thanks for the letter, Jbumi!

Dwarven zookeeper? Interesting.

Hey-o Sean,

Been a while, work's crazy busy.

Personally I don't like people labeling anyone as a fanboy. Mainly because it always degrades into simple name calling. If I wanted to listen to people trash talk each other and their beliefs instead of talking like rational adults I would pay attention to politics.


True dat.

I don't like the PS3 mainly because I don't like Sony's recent angle of dealing with their customers. Telling people that just forked out a chunk of cash that faulty PSP square buttons are an art feature? Constant bashing of the competition in every interview I read? Then ripping the ideas in whole that they have and claiming them as your own? Lying about rumble feature not working with motion sensing? I prefer to spend my money on companies that don't treat me like an idiot.


True dat. They like to shoot their mouths off that is for sure, but I think that if one looks long enough, any company will be found to have said something incriminating.

Though I will admit that Ratchet and Clank Future tempts me. I really like blowing stuff up with ridiculous cartoon weapons.


It is a lot of fun. When I get a chance to play it, of course.

It also doesn't help their case much that the only RPGs I see on the horizon for the system are Final Fantasy properties. Everything else appears to be coming to the Xbox 360, which I already own. And I'll be honest the last few games of Final Fantasy haven't done anything for me, so I'm gonna pass. Now if they made another Kingdom Hearts for the PS3 I might be in trouble.


Meh, I don't like to prejudge games. Who knows? FFXIII might be your favoritest game ever, regardless of previous experiences. But sometimes I do get soured, and I just choose not to try them out. Of course, with such a huge variety of games out there, it just gives you more time to try other stuff out. But then again, Final Fantasy is a long series, and each game was different. Just do yourself a favor and give it a try--Square Enix can always surprise us, you know!

Anyway, done ranting on my end. As always opinions contained are mine and not that of the semi-sentient psuedopods.

Now off to finish working on some D20 characters for an upcoming tabletop RPG. I'm thinking a Dwarf zookeeper, out looking for the next animal for his collection. Should be fun.



A Zookeeper? Is that a pre-defined class, or is it just a hobby? Weird. Enjoy!



There is nothing really much that I want to say here, so how about I invent a few discussion points. As always, you can see them in the sidebar.

1) What were the best games of the year, and why? Speak of graphics, story, etc.
2) What game(s) from 2007 do you think deserves a sequel, direct or otherwise?
3) What game(s) from 2007 do you think should never have seen the light of day?

See you guys on Friday!

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1) What were the best games of the year, and why? Speak of graphics, story, etc.
2) What game(s) from 2007 do you think deserves a sequel, direct or otherwise?
3) What game(s) from 2007 do you think should never have seen the light of day?

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