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Column 36: The Invasion Continues
November 12th, 2007

Sean - 4:36pm EDT

Well, the skunk smell survives to today and had no intention of leaving. It really sucks, but at least it is more bearable. I've been spending more and more time away from my play area because of it, and this has meant less playing time. Instead I have been shopping for apartment stuff and Christmas presents. The animal control guy says it will take another week for the smell to fade, so I better get used to the lower amount of playing time. I miss the Witcher already!

Officially, the semester is over on December 7th for me, unless the prof delays the presentations. I sooooo can't want for that date, as it will be my unofficial graduation date. NO MORE CLASSES. I am giddy already!

So, what is in the letter bag today?

Belated birthday wishes


Ack, I don't know how, but the URL that was in my last letter somehow had an extra period in it, and therefore wouldn't work. Well, it would be better if I just explained what it was about anyway. This non-RPG news that I thought would interest some RPGamers was the news that Lloyd Irving would be a playable character in Soul Caliber Legends. We're not sure how or if his presence in the game is tied to his own game, but the screenshots did show him with his trademark dual blades and even angel wings. Since Soul Caliber Legends isn't an RPG, I guess it didn't warrant an announcement on RPGamer, even though Lloyd himself comes from an RPG. However, it seems like NONE of the other "major" video game websites bothered reporting on it either. This was one of those news stories that I had to learn exclusively from fan sites and blogs. I wonder how it is that sites like IGN or Gamespot choose which stories to report on and which ones to not even bother with? Well, they seem to ignore RPGs pretty often, so maybe that's part of it.


I've heard that Lloyd is in that game, and isn't just a hack and slash game? I loved Soul Calibur 1, 2 even less, and I haven't really paid any attention to Legends. Oh well, I really miss my friends when I play them...

And about my PS3 question, thinkfreemind already answered it in his posted letter right before mine. So thanks, thinkfreemind, and that's really cool to know. Maybe if I can acculmate enough pocket money when I study in Japan next summer, I can finally get one. I just hope that they don't also decide to remove BC by then.


Isn't it more expensive there than here? I would think that they would follow the same trend as here...

If I had known that Thursday was your birthday, Sean, I would have said "happy birthday" in my last letter. Well, better late than never, so Happy Birthday!



I tend to not announce things like that. It is always fun to see who I can give prizes to for actually reading my bio! In response to your unposted question, I was intending to buy a 360 when I finished the spring semester. I bought a couple of games when I found them for really cheap and ended up buying a PSP instead. I don't regret this decision. Thanks for writing in, FirstAid!

Mass hype kills games

Hello rpgamer Q&A host,

I was reading your column today when I saw that you were in need of letters. I read it on a regular basis I just never seem to have time to write in but I thought I'd make some to help keep the Q&A alive. I was wondering if you were as excited as I am to get your hands on Mass Effect. I really liked the two Star Wars games that they did and I thought that Jade Empire was fun too (I think the systems were dumbed down a tad bit too much but still...). I've been reading a lot about Mass Effect over the last week and I don't know if it's just that it's the only game I'm interested in this month or if it's just that good that has me drooling over it. The good news is that it's only 11 days until I can play it and I have 3 days off that week to enjoy it(or I hope enjoy). My only fear is that I'm hyping it up so much that I can only be disappointed.


I hope you enjoy the game when you get it. I really want it, but I really can't afford to get a 360 just to play it. I am really hoping for a PS3 or PC release of that game. If I had a 360, I would be line waiting for the game. I love Bioware's work! I am sure you won't be disapointed! Thanks for writing in!

What is a massive headache inducer?

Hey-o Sean,

Sorry to have not written in for a week, but I've been busy with my job becoming a massive headache inducer. I went from having Monday off to getting an angry "what the hell were you thinking you get a national holiday off?" lecture from the boss. Which isn't even my fault as my Boss told me we weren't working Monday. Oh well, at least it's snowing finally. It might actually stick this time.

I actually haven't even gotten to play more Rogue Galaxy. Which is a travesty that I intend to fix now. I've gotten to a point where the game is quite enjoyable and the extras like weapon combining and using common fruit to learn new techniques is very fun.


Using common fruit? I don't understand. Apples?

I don't like bosses that do that. I hope you got holiday pay for working that day!

Though I will say that hunting monsters to fill out the quota for the hunter ranks can get quite annoying. Thankfully they've started introducing the unique monsters and that's quite engrossing.

In other news I'm never going to catch up on my backlog. See the holidays are upon us again and I was looking at my holiday wish list. There's a lot of games on there. That's partly because I've been forbidden to buy any new games until after Christmas. Mass Effect is the one that's hurting me the most there. I would really like to play that game.


I usually write down a list of games that I want and I stay away from it this time of year. Anything that I *must* have I just buy!

In the end it's for the best though. If I can get other people to buy my games for me I can increase my backlog even further as I'll have the money to blow on even more games! Wait what do you mean I have to buy other people presents too? Oh, well I'll probably break even then. *shrug*

I'll do better about writing in the future, I don't want Q&A to go away, it's a great part of RPGamer for me. Keep up the good work Sean!



I don't think you need to worry, Ken. You are one of my top writers! I think this whole moving out thing will make me actually play the games that I own. I need to budget this thing. I need a new tv too, and that is budgeted!

A 360 RPGamer? They are pretty common now!

I believe this is the first letter I've sent you. The majority of letters seem to be about the PS3 lately but I'm writing in because I recently became part of what seems to be a very small group of RPGamers: 360 owners.


Actually, it isn't that small! A lot of people got Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata. There will be plenty more for Mass Effect and Lost Odyssey!

I'm sure I must sound like an Eskimo bragging about his new fridge, and yes, the PS3 should eventually dwarf the 360's RPG library, but I can play Eternal Sonata now! It's a good game. The graphics are great(Viola is HOT), I love the music, and I like the battle system. It even has a good plot(at least so far)! It actually reminds me a bit of FFXII's plot in that there is a good amount of politics and scenes that happen away from the cast, however it still manages to be about the cast. I feel like mailing a copy to whoever wrote the story for FFXII with, "THIS is how you're supposed to do it!" written on it.


Hehe, I need to see that. It would be fun! You might need to send them a 360 too...

The one issue I have with this game is that there doesn't seem to be a variety of enemies. In most of the dungeons in this game, there are two kinds of enemies. Enemies can change depending on whether or not it's in the light, but it gets tedious running into the same two groups of enemies over and over in a dungeon.


The only advantage is that you get to know thy enemies! The lack of monsters would be annoying to me too.

It's still a good game. There's also Lost Odyssey coming up, and maybe I should give Mass Effect a try(still on the fence on that one). It is nice to have a new system, my last new system was a PS2 I got at launch, so it's been a while. There is one thing I can brag about as a 360 owner:

I do not own Halo 3. :)



I love you, man. Never, EVER buy that game! Let me know how all the 360 games are, as I need to eventually decide on whether I *need* one or not. Thanks for writing in, Slashlen. I just want you to know that you are not alone!

A super Final Fantasy compilation?

Best explanation for an RPG...EVER (from FFXII):

"Lebleu's Gambits: Putting Strategy behind Assault and Battery!"


For or from? I like that explanation too!

Quick question long do you think it'll take before they remake/volume-ize every single Final Fantasy? By that I mean FF1-6 on one disc, FF7-12 on another, or am I looking too far in the future here?


There is too much money for SE in releasing them one at a time, so I doubt we will ever see such a collection. It would be nice though.

They've been remaking the games for quite some time now, apparently classics are no longer held as sacred as they used to be? You don't see Nintendo making a 16 or 32-bit version of Legend of Zelda, do you?



Actually, a remake of the early Zeldas in 3d would be pretty cool. Then again, they should just make new one! Nothing is held as sacred anymore, you know that. Thanks for writing in, Blade!


Since we're on the subject of what makes an rpg, I would really appreciate if someone could explain why Harvest Moon games are considered rpg's and not just 'farm sims'.

Damned if I know! Readers... help me out!


Well, that is it for today. I decided not to continue by answering all the letters that I receive. By keeping a backlog, I can make sure that I have enough letters when I need them. I'll be seeing you all on Wednesday!

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