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Column 24: Full of Turkey
October 7th, 2007

Sean - 10:01pm EDT

Let's start by me asking for some letters for poor Lusipurr. *looks in the mailbag* I have only two. JuMeSyn--Sic!

So what did I do today? I fixed a few design flaws in my new basement area and also finally cleaned my room. It was a mess, but didn't take too long. The rest of the day I spent with my girlfriend and the rest of my family. There was much turkey.

I did try to finish off my plans to transplant my PS3 into my basement. It failed. It turns out that the PS3 needs to be downgraded to composite cables prior to being moved to a regular tv. That doesn't matter though--it was my backup plan. What I really tried to do was hook up my PS3 to my PC monitor using a HDMI to DVI cable. This had two repercussions: the PC needed to be switched to VGA and it was UGLY and the PS3's range was unable to be displayed. I assume it means the resolution or refresh rate, or something. In any case, it didn't work and I am out of 30 bucks. I guess I will need to just keep it upstairs for now. *sigh*

Nope, I've had no time for gaming today. I will play Wild Arms 5 after this.

Speaking of which, let's get to the letters!

I need a Wii-Dust-Buster.

Hey-o Matt,

So I was looking at the three systems out and thinking to myself. I haven't turned the Wii on in months. When I do I usually play Virtual Console. I still need to play through a couple games on the Wii, but they've taken a backseat.


Same here. My Wii is an attractive electronic device that all my friends want and I refuse to give them. It will change when I run out of games for other systems to play though. It'll be a while, for sure.

Then I thought about my 360. I've been playing on it pretty regularly.I've got some games for it and it looks like it'll be my new RPG home. Why not the Ps3 for that?

Well I've come to the point of view that Sony is going to pull a N64 moment. There are going to be good games on the PS3 but is it really worth it? The things I hear about the last two big titles to be released for PS3 are as follows. Lair's controls sucked. The shoved in motion sensing simply doesn't work. When a game is designed around it's motion controls it should work. And Heavenly Sword, is apparently repetitive hack and slash and throwing hats at gongs is the extent of it's puzzles. Not good news to me.


Heavenly Sword has an incredible bad guy. His general, Flying Fox is hilarious. The game is a lot of fun, hat throwing included. You can also throw corpses around instead of hats. I haven't tried Lair yet. I am flirting with an Xbox 360 purchase, but I think I would rather buy a new tv instead... I don't know. I do know that I want Folklore. A HD-DVD player would be nice though.

People might argue that Square seems to be backing them hardcore, but that I think has more to do with Sony owning a chunk of Square than anything else. Besides I haven't really enjoyed the last few releases of theirs I've played.

On the other side I think Mistwalker is going in a direction I like. So we'll see how my prediction plays out over the next 5 years.

If only they'd give me a good Wii RPG. And not another minigame collection.



I hope Square-Enix does well. I just want good games. If I need to pick up a new system then so be it. I want Mistwalker to do well, as well.

I would settle for a good Wii game. Any genre would do. Except minigame colleciton. I agree with you there. Thanks for writing in, Ken!

QNA host just sounds too generic.

Dear QNA host,

I was sorry to hear about Koala Bob's experience getting SaGa Frontier as a gift.


I'm not. I *liked* that game. I played through it like seven times. I could never finish Lute's quest though. Of course, I played it in black and white and it did look kinda cool like that.

I received as a gift Valkyrie Profile for my 19th birthday without ever asking for it. This was a huge surprise, even more surprising considering my younger brother's rather limited funds. This is a great game, certainly one of the best on PSX.

He also got for me the RPG Darkstone, also for PSX. The game was cheap ($10) but certainly NOT worth it. I cannot imagine that anyone ever played this game through to the end - Not even the QA testers. The game suffers from terrible load times, terrible graphics, and a painful combat system. I am certain this is one of the worst RPGs on the system, at least of couple of notches below Beyond the Beyond.


I played it for a while on the PC. Compared to Valkyrie Profile it was pretty craptastic. I remember them comparing it to Diablo 2. What a joke. And congrats on scoring that game! It was/is an amazing one!

A lot of people like to hate on Beyond the Beyond, but come ON people, it was one of the PSX launch titles. Despite being rather basic in all areas, I enjoyed it.



Remember that guy Samson? Legendary strong warrior? The one with the curse that can't attack when you need him to? The one who when he finally loses his curse hits like a little girl? Damn I hate those guys. Does anyone have a hangup with this?

Thanks for writing in, as always, Mr. Flamethrower!

A good Inu Yasha RPG would be nice...

Heya Sean. The Heartbreak Kid: has a couple of those 'I believe something other than the truth which will come apart as a horrible lie' moments, but also has some genuinely funny material. If you were interested, I'd say it's worth seeing.

I can't remember you mentioning Inuyasha, so have an Inuyasha theme to chew on. The US manga releases are finally closing in on where the anime ended - but the manga is at volume 53 in Japan and still going. Will I keep on buying it? Who knows....


I was buying both the domestic mangas and dvds for the longest time. I stopped when I saw episode 167. I just lost interest then and there. I cancelled both ordering plans. I like Mr. Stiller, so I will have to see that movie eventually. And, I do know that theme.

Quick explanation of Fire Emblem, since Kharamain's letter ushered in a bit of confusion for you. In Fire Emblem items are NOT automatically dropped upon killing the enemy. If the enemy's held item is flashing green (in the status menu viewable at any time), it will be dropped upon death. But ONLY if it is flashing green, meaning valuable things such as an Angel's Robe to increase HP or a Red Gem to sell for cash that are not flashing must be stolen. Also, only one item in an enemy inventory will flash green. If that enemy has more than one thing you want, better steal it.


At least they warn you. I always hate when I miss a stealing chance when fighting a boss. Right now in Wild Arms 5 I find myself including Greg in every party just for that reason--he is my sole thief.

I don't think I've adequately illuminated the lunacy of Tengai Makyou IV (and thanks to it only being in Japanese, you'll never play it) - so here's another story. Ah yes, at the end of the game you'll enter the Devil's Island, Manhattan. And who should you meet in New York but a young woman named Norma Jean, just waiting for Broadway to be cleared of rubble so she can star on it once more. After wandering through the ruined skyscrapers the final area is the Statue of Liberty, being overtaken by some red membranous stuff. Yes, this is an RPG: just the most ludicrous one EVER.


Has anyone else played this game? Was it good? I just find it too weird. Sorry, JuMeSyn...

Awhile back I broached the idea of TMNT being an RPG. I still think it has merit, probably as an action-RPG but still... what say you?

I can't think of much else to say today (maybe being awake since 3:30 does that, I've been thinking it's Monday all day). My Sega CD backlog is (expectedly) small. Dark Wizard is about it, though I actually haven't finished Snatcher (long story). Perhaps Dungeon Explorer is an eventual purchase, but the system's good games don't go high into the double digits.



Dungeon Explorer is on the VC, right? If I am thinking about the right game, don't bother. I didn't like it at all. A TMNT RPG would only really work in my books, if you could play as more than just the traditional good guys. Playing as Shredder? Pricless. Thanks for writing in JuMeSyn!

I now feel stupid.


It sure is funny how you and Matt get sick at around the same times. Is Turkey Day also national sick day in Canada? Hah hah, I kid, I kid.


No. I either got sick at the christening last weekend, or while at work. My symptoms remind me of people at both occassions. None had anything to do with Matt.

Anyway, if someone else hasn't already, I feel that I should clarify what Mike meant in his letter about collapsing nine characters into a single avatar. He was referring to nearly every RPG in existence where you have a party of characters, but the whole party only appears as one single seeable character (often the main character) when you are controlling your party outside of battle, like walking around towns, dungeons, and the world map. I believe that's what he meant, and yes, that would be very convenient to have. Imagine never having to worry about crowded car pooling or such.



I never considered that. Is that correct, Mike? I was thinking about the Breath of Fire guys... Karn + Ox + FishGuy = Puka, or something strange like that. That would just be weird. Thanks for writing in!

Most hated games round 23478523

Hi Matt,

I really can't stand Crystalis or Dark Cloud.


I never played the former, but the latter I played. I wouldn't recommend the first game too much, but it was enjoyable enough. I was too tired of the concept to get far into Dark Cloud 2.

Crystalis... you got to level 16 and that's it! That's all you could do. And there were like level restrictions before you could enter certain areas.... it was completely random and while it had some nice tunes, it wasn't a cup of tea belonging to me. (hence "my")

Dark Cloud was just tedious. If I'm going down so many floors, with rather limited item space, HOW can I be expected to carry everything I need, including weapon repair stuff? It's so frustrating... that's why I stopped playing it. Gaining the material or whatever necessary to buy the weapon restorer often was like taking one step forward and two steps back... the weapon would die before you could doooo anything. What a waste of money.



The trick was to make a couple nice weapons and bring the weapon repair stuff with you. It usually was enough to make it through even the nastiest dungeons. It is still a world above Timestalkers. Man, that game sucked. It is always nice to hear from you!

Oooooh, a topic!

Hey Matt (hopefully),

On your 10/2 column, you mentioned how you've pleaded the case that used-games shops should be avoided so that the games' producers can get a profit from their game's initial run from new-games retailers. How about theorizing a solution to this problem as one of your hot topics for the moment? You could go into digital downloads and micro-transactions and homebrew legalized game producers authorized on Xbox's network as ways for game producers to see direct profit from their work intead of relying on middlemmen. Just a thought...

Oh, and if Sean gets this, what are YOUR thoughts on this?



Sorry for stealing this letter, BLG. Anyways... I dislike purchasing used games for the same reason as Matt does. I won't go into the details, but I just don't--unless it is the only way to get what I want. I dislike spening five dollars less to get something that I don't know where it has been. It just bothers me.

Digital downloads are ok, but I prefer to have a boxed product. Buying from the manufacturers themselves is a little stupid, as they charge the same, if not more that retailers do. With shipping there is just no incentive to do so. I did purchase both a Guild Wars expansion and Vanguard by direct download.

I guess I am most bothered by the following situation: my PC goes down and I need to get a new one. Will I still be able to get my game? Will I be able to redownload it? Or will it be like the stupid iTunes and just say "Tough luck"?

So reader(s)--what do you think? Thanks for the topic, BLG!


Referencing Carabbit's Quickie last issue, I don't know about love triangles being annoying, but the one in Bahamut Lagoon was really well done. What makes me gag is the 'power of friendship' cliche.
-Virtuoso, Sound Test remixer

I tried that game... but it was too tactical for me. That and it was only 50% translated at the time.

You should NOT give Fire Emblem a try, because you're not a fan of TRPG gameplay. If you don't like TRPGs, Fire Emblem won't change your mind. If you were to pick one to try anyway I recommend Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GBA). I think it is the best in the series thus far.

That was the type of advice that I was looking for. It helped me make up my mind concerning this. I will pass. Thanks!


Well, that is it for this weekend. I will try to finish Wild Arms 5 tomorow. Wish me luck! Take a look at the topics on the side of this page. They need some love.

Peace out!

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