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Column 23: Cold Setting In
October 6th, 2007

Sean - 9:37pm EDT

I woke up this morning with a pounding headache, a congested chest and a nasty cough. Needless to say, I decided to not follow through with any school work and just take it easy.

For those that picked up on it, I just started playing Guild Wars again. This development occured for three reasons: I was asked to review it, a friend started playing it again, and I always wanted to finish Nightfall anyways. I started a new Mesmer/Necromancer and I am expected to bring her through all four games eventually. If I lose interest, I can always fall back on my monk anyways. For those that want to know, I am not guilded yet, and I would be interested in finding one that is PvE-centric. You know how to reach me.

I found some help for this weekend. Lusipurr, Historian-At-Large, has offered to take over Monday's column so I can have a nice Turkey Day. Please send him letters, as the mailbox is kind of dry right now. THAT MEANS YOU! And I think I need to make this explicit... JuMeSyn sic!

Let's get to the letters!

I rearranged my computer room.

Hey-o Matt,

Well no worries about me playing Xenosaga. I'd much rather play Xenogears again.

But that's too bad cause right now I'm working on beating FF1.

Finally. See I've figured out the method for getting through my backlog of games. I'm simply going to start with the oldest ones and work through up to the newest. If I get burnt out on a genre or even a specific game I'll skip it for the next. Then come back to it once I beat the "replacement".


I tried that method once--it did not work. The new shinies are too tempting to stay away too long.

This is going to take a while, but I know I can do it.

Especially if I use up some sick days. I'm not above being ill for the sake of my hobby. Though I used to be really bad about it back in high school. I would skip class to go to the arcade. Or talk up a minor cough as a seriously debilitating illness so my parents would let me stay home. Then I'd start gaming once they were off at work. These days I go to work though and skipping out on making money doesn't appeal nearly as much as skipping out of social studies.


Yeah, I have never skipped work to play games. I have moved around shifts and even taken days off, but never have I actually skipped a day. A few classes though, yes I have.

Oh and favorite character ability?

In Xenogears, Citan Uzuki's elemental sword skills. Specifically Rumble Earth once he has his sword.

That's all for now,



Citan was just too powerful. I don't remember many of his skills, but I do recall them being uberly powerful. It was almost unfair for the other characters. Thanks for writing in, Ken!

It is now disorrienting.

The early reviews are positive, the late reviews are positive... it seems no one has anything bad to say (yet) about The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I definately pre-ordered.


Positive review from me. Go get it.

The Zelda series has never had a strong story, instead focusing mainly on its brand of adventure gameplay. It should be noted that every game in the main series is an "Adventure" game, not a RPG. That's OK though- RPGamer covers it because, for some unknown reason, RPGamers REALLY like their Zelda, RPG or not.

That said, this latest entry appears to take the gameplay in an interesting new direction. Not being in possesion of a copy, that's about all I can say at this point.


It is different, but I still like it. I just wish there was less sailing... Sigh. Story or no, it is still a lot of fun.

I like the TV ad for this game. You can probably find it on Youtube just like everything else. Also, what is with game ads showing random (attractive, young) people dancing with their face in a DS? The 15-second ad shows that for ten seconds and only five seconds of actual gameplay. They showed a boss fight and spin attack, both of which looked pretty fun.



I saw that commercial earlier this evening. It is pretty good. I like it. Of course, the game is much better. Thanks for the letter, Flamethrower! Everyone--GET THIS GAME!

My desk is taller now and narrower.

Hi Sean / Matt!

Annalou wrote that she doesnīt mind playing with a male character, and Sean asked what we thought of playing as girls. Well, as a matter of fact, I usually find it much more interesting to have girls in the party, when the option is given, specially the ones that can do more physical damage than guys! Looking at Yuna or Riku almost stripping on screen is fine, but nothing kicks more ass than Lenneth in her full plate mail!

Oh, and on fighting games, I usually pick the chicks, as their speed are great, the only exception being Street Figher, with Ryu being my one and only choice till the end of time :)

- Alael


Fully-armored chicks are awesome. I like them too much. Lenneth was really well designed. Like many of the readers I don't think much about hald-naked armored uber-warrior chicks.

Ryu is the awesome. I play as him, or as Cammy, depending on the version I'm playing. There was a samurai girl in a recent one--I was partial to her too. But, Ryu still rocks my world. Thanks for writing in, Alael!

My TV-PC setup isn't working anymore.


I was inspired to write in after reading yesterdayís column in which Joshua asked about previously unreleased games that weíd like to see on Nintendoís Virtual Console. Of course, you answered correctly (ha) in quickly mentioning Fire Emblem! Just the thought of Nintendo releasing the first 6-installments, localized, is enough to make me start drooling, and Iíd pay twice over to be able to do so!

FE7 & FE8 (GBA) are happily represented in my Top-10 list, and Iím currently playing the import FE6, which is awesome as well (ĎOde for a training ground, though). Dang it, I want the rest! Chrono Trigger is obviously long overdue for more attention, and Iíd really like to try Secret of Mana which I missed on the SNES. For starters...


Some old Square and Enix games would be nice, but I doubt we will see them for a while, if ever. On top of that, I doubt there will be many games localized just for the VC. The only reason we got the two that we did is that one has like no text to translate and the other already an English track when released in Japan.

So on that note, I wanted to encourage fans of this franchise, and other favorites, to take a few minutes and write to Nintendo and the developers directly with your thoughts. I did so several weeks ago, in regard to Fire Emblem, and received a nice letter back thanking me for my enthusiasm and giving me some info on future FE releases. They also encouraged me to post directly at Nintendoís message board where apparently eyes are looking at reader responses. Nothing huge, but enough of these and you never know.

I also wrote Intelligent Systems directly about things Iíd like to see with the franchise, including FE titles on the Nintendo DS, and localization of the older games on the VC. Whatever the outcome, it certainly doesnít hurt. I may do this with Dragon Quest as well. I know weíve got some [freaking awesome] remakes coming for the DS in the near future [going nuts!] but Iíd sure like to see DQ I-III on the VC as well, despite owning the GBC remakes. Again, canít hurt.


Yeah, but it will take a LOT of people writing in to get them to release those games. It would be nice though. For the record, I still have not tried a Fire Emblem game. Should I? Remember, I am not a big fan of tactical games--usually.

And just to give a quick game progress report:

With language studies taking up a lot of my extra time, Iíve only been able to turn to the handheld the last several weeks, for the most part. And as a result, I beat New Super Mario Bros. (DS) just last weekend, and after starting Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls (GBA) Iíve just located the Earth Crystal and set up a tent outside one of the next dungeons before I start it up again. This is the first time Iíve played the original FF in any incarnation and itís been a lot of fun so far. Iím hoping that starting with the classics will help spark the enthusiasm for the series that Iíve been unable to garner as successfully with later titles, such as FFX. I also purchased FFIII (DS) in the hopes that itíll continue to ramp up my current interest just in time for the other FF remakes on the DS to release. Other than that, I just completed my first tutorial adventure in Age of Empires III (PC), I've fired up Sonic Rush (DS) and am alternating between FE6 and my second play-through of FE8 (GBA) -- though itíll be awhile still as Iím trying to level up some of the characters I didnít have the opportunity to last go Ďround and am having way too much fun doing so. In the wings, Iíve got the Metroid Prime series rariní to go again, and while it might not be as well received here, Iím looking forward to revisiting Halo (360) prior to picking up the 3rd installment. Perhaps the announcement of the upcoming Halo Wars RTS will be enough to attract some of the RPG crowd? And conversely, send a few FPSíers to RPGís? One can hope.

Anyway, I'm certainly set for a good while.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work.

Kathan D. McCallister

Fort Worth, Texas


Thats a nice playlist. I also have the Age of Empires III games on my backlog and I will be looking at getting into it sooner or later. I really liked playing multiplayer with my brother.

I don't much like FPSs, except Bond and Metroid games. I did download the demos for Resistance: Fall of Man and Stranglehold, but I really can't play them. I just can't stand the need to manually aim at everything. Even on the PC with a mouse... I can't stand them. Sorry. I'll be passing on Halo. And it will likely extend to everything Halo related, as well.

Thanks for writing in, Kathan!

It looks like I will need to move it all around again.

I haven't wrote in since the days of Goog and Cast, but this topic caught my attention.


Hello watcher. Nice to meet you!

If real life were more RPG-like, then I'd have magical powers strong enough to conquer the world. Not that I would...okay, maybe if I got really bored. But I'd give it back after I was case I get bored again.


You would need some villains to fight, or you'd get bored.

But really, with a practical assortment of magical abilities, you wouldn't need much else aside from people to do things with. And you'd have plenty of free time to make friends and do things.



Do other things: Play lots and lots of games. Maybe all the games in the world. What would I do? Take a simple spell that removes fatigue and remove my need to sleep. I hate sleep.


Without question: the ability to collapse up to nine people into a single avatar. I live in Manhattan, and being able to slam all of my friends together to get down the street faster would be *priceless*.
I'd be tempted to say "teleportation magic," but honestly there's no place worth getting to *that* fast. Even in New York.

Teleportation would be fun. Instant vacation anywhere. Nice. What game is that collapsing-into-one from? Please excuse my ignorance. Umm... is it Jeanne d'Arc?

Wasn't it badass how fast the airship flew in FFVI? It was like F-Zero without the magnetic walls. In fact, I think it was probably the same engine as F-Zero. I wish airships still went that fast.

I remember it going so fast I had problems getting it to stop in the right place so I can get off. Does anyone else remember trying to park these things in 1x1 parking spaces?

My favorite "rare" ability would have to be the one that got me through FF8, which I totally despised playing. I didn't go past the 2nd set of weapons for Squall and everyone else pretty much kept the weapons they had from the beginning, so the only thing that saved me was Darkside I think it was. I'd sacrifice something like 800hp to do 8,000 points of damage. Combine that with trading my Bahamut card for 99 mega-elixirs and I was done with that disasterpiece in no time.

I enjoyed FFVIII, but I did only finish it by getting Holy War Vials for my Alexander card. They made it finishable. My favorite ability in a game? Vanish/Doom. Nah, just kidding. I don't really have a favorite.


The Kepper household celebrates Turkey Day a day early. We always have. In any case, I hope to get around to posting a column tomorrow night. If I don't... There will be two on Monday! Or maybe I'll just get Lusipurr to post a double-length column. Maybe. Anyways, I need to finish this clean-up job that I started before writing this column!

Peace out!

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