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Column 22: Exam--A Thing of the Past
October 5th, 2007

Sean - 8:53pm EDT

The exam is over and done with. It sucked, but it feels good to have it over with. I'll let you all know how it went when I find out myself.

This weekend is Canadian Turkey Day weekend. Matt is away today, so I plan on posting anywhere between two and four columns this weekend, based on available time and letters. If I have enough... there will be more columns.

This week I finished Untold Legends for my PS3, as well as Overlord. Life is good. I also started the new Zelda game and I am enjoying it.

Let's get to the letters!

Watching... Redline. I hope it is good.

Hi Sean,

Yeah Filmore Slime is my little pimpin' nickname for Matt, at some point I'm sure inspiration will strike me and you'll get your very own pimpin name as well. Anyway's, I wanted to be one of the many who I'm sure will hop in to help annalou out. I actually wrote in with the same question for Ouro when he was the weekend host, but then I figured it out and wrote in telling him so along with another question so I don't think it ever got posted. Basically what's going on is that stat is going to become whatever the value of the weapons you have equipped is. The key is in the plural. One mythril rod or staff or whatever is a 12 and could very well be worse than being barehanded. But all your characters are ambidextrous so what you do is put mythril rods in both hands and now you're at 24. This gets even better as you level up because you start landing multiple hits with each hand which really gets the damage up there. I didn't figure this out until after I had really got my level grind on until I was able to beat that first salamander boss barehanded.


Yeah, I figured this out in the middle of class the other day. I remember having the same questions. Thanks for the answer though! ^_^

Oh, and that Star Wars Family Guy. Did you notice how beautifully detailed all the animation was on the x-wings and tie fiighters and such. I figure they just had to mostly use the original films script so they could spend the money on animators instead of writers. Looked real pretty though.



It was well done, but still... I didn't like it. It could have been better. Thanks for writing in, Kezzy!

Three links? Ouch.

We chat again, Sean. I can tell the fates feel like toying with me when I get two days off and a cold to deal with during them. So much fun.


I took two days off of work this week and I had a bad cold for both of them. I feel your pain.

Let's try a different series' opening out: Don't ask me where I found this tune, because I really don't remember. But I quite like it. Any info on Shadow Skill?


That was an anime show that I never got into. I don't like its theme. Wasn't it about ninjas?

Plinking around on the internets revealed this odd tidbit to me: Now I'm not going to say that Chibi Robo for DS is the one game I would seek above all else when it isn't true, but the title does intrigue me. Looks like eBay is my only option though: Wal-mart is nowhere close by. What think you?


I could understand making versions of games exclusive, but entire games? That is crazy. I guess they don't want to sell too many copies...

I'm just going to say this about a Simpsons RPG: how many of the Simpsons games on the market have been good? Simpsons Hit & Run seemed to extract favorable reviews, and the Konami arcade game was a reasonable beat-em-up. That leaves how many crappy Simpsons games? More than I want to bother counting. Plus, the Simpsons is about comedy, and that doesn't translate into any kind of video game very well. Watching Itchy and Scratchy cut themselves up is somewhat amusing on the screen but I seem to recall a game doing the same thing - and tanking. The same concept applies to Family Guy, only moreso: would it be funny to play Peter and that chicken beating the crap out of each other for awhile? Probably not.


Point taken. Stupid topic. Actually, I kind of liked the Simpsons Crazy Taxi game. It was fun!

Then we have this: Not claiming to be any kind of expert on the playing habits of preteen girls, I cannot offer definitive commentary upon this decision by Ubi Soft. I can say none of these titles ever appealed to me, and I very much doubt they would appeal to you. But the market for crappy licensed games proves that people keep buying stuff thanks to the name on the box, so huzzah for the bottom line!


We'll have to see if they sell. If they do, grats to them. It is a pretty big group that they are going after, after all.

I don't think I've regaled you with a Tengai Makyou IV tale, so it's past due! Just one incident from Chicago should be ample evidence of this game's lunacy. Dr. M has plenty of fiendish traps to spring, and one of them involves getting to the bottom of a building full of cats. Not just any cats, but cyborg cats you must fight. Along with exploding cats you do not fight, just that if they touch you they blow up and do significant damage. One button repels the cyborg cats and attracts the bombers, another button does the opposite. Do watch out for the Mecha Mafia on the streets of Chicago, incidentally.


Ugh. Next!

Next backlog enumeration: DS. We have Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: And Justice For All..., Lost Magic, Deep Labyrinth, New SMB, Super Princess Peach, Puzzle Quest, Hoshigami Remix, Luminous Arc, Contact, Pokemon Pearl, Magical Starsign, Children of Mana, Lost in Blue 1 and 2, Lunar: Dragon Song, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin, Super Mario 64 DS, Scourge: Hive, Hotel Dusk, Etrian Odyssey, Custom Robo Arena, Mario & Luigi 2, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, Final Fantasy III, Izuna, Elite Beat Agents, Trauma Center: Under the Knife, and Lunar Knights. Phantom Hourglass and Front Mission I intend to pick up, with an interest in the Japanese titles Super Robot Wars W, Xenosaga 1&2, and Tengai Makyou II.

This best illustrates why I don't buy more new consoles: lack of self-control.



I see that. Play Rocket Slime next. That was a cute and fun game. Thanks for writing in JuMeSyn! I expect to get your game out soon. Sorry for the delay!

Another link...


If you read my strange letter on Monday about what I initially thought when I read the name "Terra" for Birth by Sleep, here's a similar experience that occured just one week piror. It happened when I first saw the screenshots one this page


Don't know her. Go on.

Even before seeing these, I seriously was thinking how cool Lyn would be as a playable character in the game; I kid you not. I imagined how she would look, how she would fight, how she would taunt, etc., just as I do for any character that I wish were in the game. And when I saw these screenshots, my spirits were momentarily lifted as I thought my wish had come true. So imagine how heavily my heart sank when I actually read the post and learned that she was merely an assist trophy in the game. Oh, how I wept for Lyn; she deserves so much more than that. And she looks so awesome in those screenshots too.

How I hate it when my weird crossover fantasies are teased and only appear to come true... and it seems to be happening to me quite often these days.



That sucks for you man. Maybe in the next one you will see her. I'll pray for your sake. Thanks for writing in, FirstAid. I think I only have ten more letters from you now.

And this makes FIVE.

Hey Matt,

You liked my internet link last week, correct? Well, click the following link...

....scroll to the bottom of the page, see if that image of a kitty compares to yours, and ask your column readers this question...

Have any audio images been detected in great musical pieces from RPGs, ever?


I have no clue. This stuff is just too weird.

Seriously, usually when you listen to a piece of RPG music, you get a certain mood out of it, but has anyone out there ever put that piece through a spectrograph and look for hidden images to compliment the musical piece?

I don't think so, but there are RPGamers out there that remix music most of the time from RPGs, so this question might be interesting for them to try to answer. You know, if they're bored or looking for something to do.

Have a nice day,



Ok, people. Give this a try and report on it. I expect an answer by next week. Thanks for writing in BLG, even though it is somewhat bizarre.

I like their hot pants. Those are hot pants, right?

Hi Matt,

One of my favourite abilities that is unique in RPGs... has to be Jeff from Earthbound's 'Spy'. It tells you exactly what'll work on a foe, and for once in a game, you don't just see what item the enemy has when you analyze it, you actually take it! It's a nifty idea, and makes him useful, too.


The ability to do two things at once is rather rare. I wish they had this in more games--Analyze might just become a viable thing to use more than a couple of times.

The only other game I've seen that does that is kiiinda from Fire Emblem. Thieves can steal the items you'll get from killing an enemy without killing the enemy. So that's kinda neat I guess. Umm... I also like his gadgets that he can create (Jeff's, that is). The Shield Killer and the Heavy Bazooka are neat. Yay!



Why would you want to steal something you will get anyways? Weird. I always wondered why I can't just loot the things I would normally steal. How weird is that? Does anyone have an explanation for this? Thanks for writing in, Kharamain!


Word on love triangles being annoying. Horribly over/misused story-telling device. That part of WA5 plot makes me roll my eyes.

I like the one scene where they admit to being rivals. Otherwise, I agree with you.


Seeing as to how tonight is an extra column, I will be cutting it short to play some Guild Wars. See you all tomorrow!

Peace out!

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I doubt I will spend too much more time with Wild Arms 5. That means no bonus stuff. No Inferno.

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