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Rob Parton - August 3rd '01- 23:00 Eastern Standard Time

"Down the hill, right, left at the lights, right at the next lights, through the intersection, down the hill, through the parking lot."

That's how to get to the beer store from where I work. "Where's the beer store?" is the most asked question by tourists in this town, I swear. The other is "What else is there to do in this town? I usually say "Down the hill, right, left at the lights...." I came home from work as fast as possible. I swear nobody in my town is sane. And now I'm home, a 30 minute drive from Parry Sound, Ontario. I'm also a 30 minute drive to Sundridge, and a 30 minute drive to Burk's Falls. This has allowed me to draw a conclusion.

I live 30 minutes from nowhere.

Now I'm here, helping out Chimerasame, almost 10 months since I left this place. Since I was driving by (no I don't have a gun), I decided to pay a visit. I'm like that cousin nobody in the family talks about, hoping won't show up for turkey dinner.

Letter time!

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Stop asking that!
Black Mages
This guy does them well.

Music to my ears, or maybe not

Hey Scarmiglion,
When I made it to the final battle with Sephiroth in the pc version of Final Fantasy VII, I was really surprised to find that the game left out the singers for "One Winged Angel"(an awesome song). Why did they leave them out? That song loses its effect without them.

Cloud Strife

Annoying, isn't it. I would assume the reason is because FFVII PC used only midi output for music, so instead of adding a whole one standard audio track, they blew it by using midi. I agree it loses the effect. One of my roommates played FFVII first on PC, and was amazed when I let him listen to the real thing. I would rant about the inadequacies of MIDI music for gaming now, but I do an awful lot of work with it.

Scar: 1, Rare Lyrics: 0

Hey hey!

Have you any idea where I could find the lyrics to Nobuo Uematsu's "Phantasmagoria"? If not, have you any idea what they're talking about? Is it something reasonably poetic, or would I be happier not knowing?

I started to write all sorts of crap about Mitsuda vs. Uematsu...but screw that. It's just annoying.


Wanna know what's scary? I found this last week.

Actually, the host site has a ton of lyrics. Great resource if you ask me.

A Steve approaches! Command? [RUN AWAY]

1) Why on earth do we not hear the sweet strains of Nobuo's gift during "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within"?

2) What's the damn scariest RPG you've ever played?

3) Why don't more games have the two-controller system, like FF6 did?

4) - why, oh why, oh why?

"Under the tongue root, a fight most dread, while another rages behind in the head." -Car Goddeu

Oh boy, my favorite analyst! :)

1) I wish I knew why they didn't use him, considering he started as a composer for TV commercials. Movies just seem like the next logical step. Of course, it could be because he was so busy doing other projects, like FFX.

2) Scary RPG...oh boy a hard one! I'd have to say that has to be Vandal Hearts. Seeing all that red when I killed my first soldier scared the CRAP out of me.

3) True, not many games use it anymore. I suppose most developers think that an RPG should be a multi-player experience. With the exception of the Secret of Mana series, I can't think of one REALLY good game that has good multi-player support. I remember playing FF6 multi-player. It went mostly along the lines of...
Me: I'm hurting now...healing please.
Player 2: We don't have any potions!
Me: That's because every single character has CURE SPELLS, idiot! I remember why I don't play RPGs multi-player.

4) Why not?

Hoshigami *drool*

Dear Mr. Scarmiglion,

I'm writing because a thing I saw in yesterday's column. Someone wrote and quoted a IGN story that said that the makers of Hoshigami had nothing to do with the making of FFT. I used to believed that newsstory, and sent it in to Google (who was claiming Hoshigami WAS made by the FFT team)last week. He/she/it replied that, for a number of reasons, the story published by IGN(and several others)was not true. Hoshigami is indeed made by the FFT team. I, for one, am quite inclined to believe Goog. Just wanted to clear the confusion once and for all.


You know what's really cool? I don't care who did it, because either way, it looks great. I'm inclined to believe the resident slime too. It looks just a LITTLE too similar to NOT to have been done by them.

Little Green Men are the worst.

Hey Scar,

Seeing as I know you are a video game music fanatic, I figured it would be in my best interest to ask you this question: Who is your favourite composer? Please, don't give me some crappy text book answer such as "Uematsu", I really want to know what you think. Also, why is this your favourite composer?

And, just because that isn't necessarily an RPG related question, what do you think of the upcoming Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth? Do you think it will surpass FFT in ultimate coolness, or will it flop? Will it be worth buying another PSX to play it? Anyway, nice writing to ya, bud. It's been great to see you back on RPGamer, even if it is for only one day.


I wonder how many people will get angry with me! To be honest, my favorite composer isn't Uematsu, and it's not Mitsuda either! I have to be honest, and say that, since I played Tales of Phantasia, my favorite composer has to be Sakuraba, the genius who did such works such as both the Tales and Star Ocean series, and Valkyrie Profile.

Why is a different question. While Uematsu is great and all, I feel (as in musically feel), that his music just doesn't stand alone as well as Mitsuda and Sakuraba's do. At least, not anymore. Uematsu's old tunes still get me humming, but if something as great as "Fighting of the Spirit" gets me going for weeks on end, there's just something great about it. As well, I feel Sakuraba's work is far more "musical". (...put those rocks away please...) Uematsu's recent work, while great, gets on my nerves after being played...over...and over...and over for an hour ( with the notable exception of "You are not alone"...that's just amazing ). Meanwhile, Sakuraba just never seems to get old (for me anyway). Uh oh, ranting. I could write an editorial about...this.....hey!

I can't lie when I say the only game I'm getting before the end of the year is Hoshigami. The game looks plain amazing. And I loved Final Fantasy Tactics so much, it's given that it gets my thumbs-up. As for getting another PSX to play it...why'd you toss the other one again?

Memory Lapses suck

Hey Scar,
Good to see you again! I'm playing Dragon Warrior III on my GBA and I'm stuck. I have to get the Final Key ,which is located in a certain shrine, but I just can't find that damn shrine! I got the Dry Vase in Edinbear castle, but I feel like I'm missing something. What do I need to enter that shrine and where the hell is it? And since nobody guessed where the quote was from, I'll say that it's said by an old man in Aliahan, in DWIII of course. Now gimme my tilde!...pretty please? That's it. Take care dude!


There's a reef-thing due south of Aliahan where you use the vase, apparently. :) (Thanks to Rico for that tip. I haven't played DWIII in like, forever!)


Uh, in response to that definition of "chime" yesterday, I believe that person was talking about "chyme" not "chime"...

Yes, there's a difference...


This is why I never took Biology.

A rumor I've heard is that the price for the PS2 is going down in October.

Take rumors at face value, like I do. That way, you're never disappointed!

Come back.

I got more email saying this than email with real questions. However, it's not my decision to make, so you're out of luck! G'hahaha!

The Last Laugh:

Wow, that was as fun as it used to be. And I mean that in a good way, not a bad one. I might wander back sometime if people want me to, and if I'm allowed. :P Anyway, it's the long weekend (long live useless holidays!), so I'm gonna go play something for the weekend. Or not, I can't decide. If anybody's in my area (Central Ontario, Parry Sound area), or if you just want to talk it up, drop me a line and maybe we can do Parry Sound like it's never been done before! ( Or not )

It's been great all. Enjoy your weekend! Send Chim a lot of material!

Rob "Scarmiglion" Parton
Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? (Wow, that line sucks!)

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