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   The Final Act  
Rob Parton - March 24th '02- Later Evening, Eastern Standard Time

Welcome to the third of three acts, starring the non-Q&A Q&A hosts! This time, it's little old me, Scar, the music man, bringing you a nice column of shortness! It would be longer, however I'm one of the few staff members who believes in going to bed BEFORE midnight :D

Tomorrow, we'll bring you the goodness that is Googleshng. For now, I'll get with the few letters I have, then go back to my drooling at Star Ocean 3 screenshots!

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Mistaken Identity

Dear Scarmiglion (hoping that this letter goes over better than that Divine Comedy did)

In my recent game playing sessions, RPGs haven't seemed to interest or entertain me. This concerns me deeply for you see I have always enjoyed playing RPGs in the past and found their intellectually stimulating gameplay far more enjoyable than the gameplay found in the majority of other genres.

Lately I find myself playing an alarming amount of fighting games, racing games, First person shooters and God help me, 3-d platformers. I fortunately have still been able to keep myself from playing - the lowest of the low - sports games, but I fear that if my faulty state of mind continues that this dreaded and indeed grotesque scenario may not be completely out of the question.

Am I truly insane, or is this just a 'phase' and may pass in the coming year or when I finally get a PS2? TRC I need your help.

Your assistance in this matter is most appreciated

~From the pen of Lord Brian's #1 fan: Geothermal

Don't knock one of the greatest pieces of written literature...ever!

I had a good conversation with a friend of mine a few days ago about this very thing. In my opinion, we're getting to the point where RPGs are getting really really repetitive. Personally, I can only save the world SO many times before I get bored of doing it. I'm to the point now where I cheer on the villains, it's getting that bad.

Developers need to realize that gamers eventually will get tired of the same old RPG formulae. Some games try to get away from the 'Save the World' formula, but not enough are. Personally, I'd love to play an RPG where for once, the PLAYER was the villain. It could work, if it was executed right. Any takers?

I like taking a break from RPGs sometimes. I took nearly a six month break (in between being the Editorials staffer and Music), and it really refreshed me. Eventually, I realized, as you have, that some of the other genres just don't have the mental (intellectually) needs that some RPGs do.

I'll make sure TRC 'fixes' you up good. On that note, any fan of a Sakuraba hater is an enemy of mine :P

Luc should become an advertising consultant

Hey Rob, how's the family and all that jazz? Good? Good, I'm glad to hear that. Now then, I suppose I should write some 'questions' and such, seeing as how this IS a Q&A column of sorts.

1. What's this I've heard about a game called SACRED SKILL, being fronted by ROB PARTON, RYAN MANCE, and having the website and other random junk made by ME? Geez, I could have sworn I saw screenshots somewhere, and I'd just be PEACHY KEEN if you'd show them again! Please?

2. What're some of your favourite bands? Seeing as I introduced you to Blur and Radiohead, I sure as hell expect you to say them. But beyond that, do you like game music? Sakuraba? Mitsuda? Megaman remixes? Please, elaborate, since you need to fill up this column.

3. What's your stance on piracy of games made prior to 1996? I personally see nothing wrong with it, but that might be just me.

Well, that's really all I've got to ask/state. I sure hope this column goes well!

Luc - KappaTI

Thanks Luc, the family is good. The cats are loud, the dog is doing cartwheels.

1) Sacred Skill is a game being developed by a few of us. It's still in the very early design stage, but it's going well. I'm main coder, and I have a lot of work on my hands. The game is for PC (Windows), using SDL and OpenGL and is a cross between just about every RPG I can think of. I'm not taking screenshots right now, since I'm in the middle of doing some editing on it, but I should have some at a later date (maybe I'll do Q&A again, or I'll post them in one of my Music updates).

2) I'm not much for most normal bands, but yeah, I listen to Blur and Radiohead a bit. As for game music, I listen to just about anything (from any genre), but I enjoy Sakuraba and Mitsuda the best. Sakuraba is a great composer, and Mitsuda can do amazing things with Strings. I'll listen to anything once.

3) Well, I'm well against it, regardless of when games were made. However, I do understand how some people would feel, if they were trying to find a game that is nearly impossible to get. I still don't condone it, but I sympathize with them.

Yes Luc, I did cut the letter short. What I do in my private time is private unless I choose to make it public (like I will in May).


In final fantasy X why does auron always have his arm up like he does (looks like it is in a sling)? He seems to be able to use it fine in battle.

By default, characters inside of battle do not act like they do outside. Locke could fight great if I cut off his head outside of battle.

What do you do when you don't get any questions in Q&A?

Either ask people I know, or pull them out of a hat. Or, I use mail that was sitting in my inbox already.

The Last Laugh: there weren't many letters. I won't get mad; the Oscars are on! Be sure to send Google lots of meaningful letters tomorrow, while I go back and continue my work as Music Editor. Make sure you stop by, we have some excellent contributors!

Scar "I will not falter...oooh chips"
All Hail, the Almighty Tria!

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