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Sabin1001 - February 8 '04 - 2:17 A.M. Central Standard Time

It's that time again. Two in the morning, cats staring at me, a rerun of the news on TV. Yep, it's time to answer your questions. Except...I only got three letters. Oh well, I guess that means that everyone gets their questions answered at least.

In other news I have that "Spectacular Spectacular" song from Moulin Rouge in my head right now, as I rewatched a fun animé music video tonight that Googleshng tossed at me a while ago.

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My first question...oh it's from one of the bosses, I better make it good!

Hi Chris! =^^=
So, I hope you're not too nervous doing Q&A. Thanks for filling in :)
My question to you is, what game coming up in the next 6 months you're really looking forward to playing? There's Harvest Moon I know of...but what else is really grabbing your attention?

-Paws =^^=

Hey, no problem there Pawsie. That's right, I called you Pawsie in a public place. That's what you get for making me do Q&A mwahahaha!

Er...yeah....what games AM I looking forward to? Well, to be honest I'm looking forward to finishing FFX-2 and Disgaea one of these days. They've been gathering gust due to FFXI. Other than them I'd say um...I dunno. I'm not interested in Harvest Moon (which isn't an RPG last I heard). Not sure where you got the impression that I was. But yeah, my looking-forward-to list is all games that are out right now. And of course Square is gonna help that out by releasing another FFXI I have no chance of getting through any other RPGs any time soon. :(

My Shining Second Letter

Are you excited about Atlus' remake of Shining Force, for the Gameboy Advance? I didn't get a chance to play the original for more than a few hours with a rental, so I'm looking forward to some oldschool RPG action. Do you think RPGs have gotten overly easy lately, with emphasis on letting the player watch a story instead of struggle through stat combat and carefully planned dungeon runs? If so, is this good or bad?


YES! I remember my best friend playing a Shining Force game when I was in 5th grade. He had the Genesis so he was able to play all these cool games like Phantasy Star III and I think another called Wonder Boy. I ended up getting a Genesis due to his influence, but I never got all the RPGs...I should go buy them...

But we're getting distracted here. I want to play all the Shining Force games. But I want to know what makes the GBA one better than the PC one you can find in the Sega Smash Pack 2. (Which you can find at Walmart and online at and stuff.) Actually, I guess I'm saying that I want to say I'm excited but I've been able to get Shining Force for cheap for a while now and yet I haven't. So I think I'm wanting there to be a way to get Shining Force 2 and 3 before I start putting money into the series.

As for games being too easy, I have to totally agree. But at the same time I like animés set in Fantasy settings, so just watching the plot is no real biggie to me. But I don't know how to easily fix this as this gets into balance issues and I'm no game designer. In fact I'm sure this kept coming up in the roundtables, so I'll just link the whole archive here and point out the Mazes section here and the Challenge section here.

FFXI dropped my connection...does that count for a ~?


How've ya been!? Well, I'm glad they picked you for Cast's substitute, it has been quite a while my friend. Because of such an occasion, free drinks to anyone who brings us money! Now my knowledge could be lacking, but, "I dropped my balls!", seems to come from Pokemon red/blue. After defeating a gym trainer, a Jugular, in Koga's gym in Fuscia City, he says said quote. Or, I could be terribly, terribly wrong and just using this as a front to hide the showgirl/bank robbing scheme.. You're into FFXI now, eh? How about telling all your fans about your progress so far and an in-depth backround on your character. Race? Class? Pretty flower-print pink dress? Do give detailed information so that I migh...I mean, some people would like to stalk you when they have said game available.

I'm addicted,

O' Shrouded One

Hi there you shadily robed one...

As far as the quote goes, I have no idea. I always think of the quote as Google's thing, so I'd ask him...but he's also disappeared. So I'll ask the other Google. Ah yes, you seem to be correct, the Juggler in Fuscia seems to say that. I'm trying to figure out if it was just an odd translation or if everyone but me thinks pseudo-sexual jokes like that are really clever or something. But I'm taking away from your moment of glory here. A ~ for you. Don't spend it all in one place.

Now, to business. I'm currently a male tarutaru Red Mage from Windurst on the Midgardsormr server. I've also got a 15 White Mage, and 15 Thief (go treasure hunter), and a 12 Ninja. Just getting to do Mission 9 now with Firemyst. We need some good high level help. Anyone able to? Also need to do Taru male RSE in the Gusgen mines tomorrow, anyone level 40ish that wants to come help?

Also, FireMyst (whose character is named Firemyst) made an RPGamer linkshell. But no one seemed to join :( So FFXI playing readers, go bug him about it! Let's see if we can get one going.

The end comments stuff:

Sabin1001: Well this was actually pretty fun. Too bad we didn't get more letters, I was told some people sent me stuff, but I think the mail server ignores half of the letters that get sent into Q&A. Anyway, maybe I'll get to do it again some time. Need some quickies though if I do. Until then, you throw Google lots of letters. I on the other hand will go back to doing Perl stuff for behind the scenes stuff that you'll never really see.

Sabin1001 "Quoting old jokes is my thing"

Honestly, who doesn't like calling him Gramblebang?

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