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Alex Kimbel

   I decided to update early this morning instead of late last night, for certain reasons, including this one:

   There will be a huge change in the RPGuru column at the beginning of the new year. Starting January 4, 1999 a new RPGuru will be taking over. Unfortunately, Josh decided that even though many many readers supported him, that he would not be able to handle the column, and a larger class schedule next semester. I guess you could say, the column was taking over his life.
   But, don't fret, a new RPGuru will be introduced. Thor Antrim, an experienced writer/humorist and all-around cool guy, will be handling the RPGuru column starting January 4th. I hope you all will welcome Thor into the RPGuru business. Also, starting in the new year, we will be having Ask RPGamer where you will be able to send questions to the staff, and they will answer a couple every Saturday and Sunday. We'll give out the address to send those questions to as the near year approaches. Until then, I will be hosting the column.

   And I think I have an ear infection. Anyway, on with tonight's short, but informative column..

Musashi Feedback and information

Musashi was not a very nice guy. In fact he was one bad-ass dude. His mom died when he was like 6 or 7, and a year or so after that his dad abandoned him. As a child, Musashi was very aggressive. His uncle urged him to train with a swrd. His first kill was made at the age of 13. He killed Arima Kigei, a samuri of a school of Military Arts. As Kigei drew his sword, musashi threw him to the ground and beat him with a dull stick until he died. His next fight was a t the age of 16. He killed a famous samurii that traveled the world and chllenged anyone to a duel with one swing of his sword. Japan was now in the midst of war. The Shogun was trying to unite the entire country, and was at war with his rival Tokugawa Ieyasu. Musahsi wanted to participate. For 3 days there was bloody war. Approx. 75,000 died. and the side musashi was on, lost. The big M was now on the run. He returned home, but everyone there thought of him as a rogue, and he was accused of crimes he did not commit. Musashi challenged that family that killed his father, and bested the head of the family, then killed the second of the family.The son of the head of the family, now 13, challenged Musashi. Musashi hid in a bush, waiting for the boy to show at the duel site. the boy arrived with hundereds of samurii acting as his retainers. Musashi jumped out of hiding, killing the boy. Then, in trademark Musashi style, fighting with 2 swords, he killed all of the samurii. Kojiro was peasant boy who overcame feudal traditions to become a famous warrior. His reputation established, he is honored with riches and beautiful women. The only feat left fo him after that is to face the legendary Musashi!! this is true, interesting huh? I thought it was

Hey Alex, how you doing? I've liked your RPGuru articles while Josh has been gone with Exams (I would think they're over, but there's always PFS/Post Final Syndrome that could be aflicting him) but anyway, my point, I saw in your latest column about Musashi and where he's from and all that, I pretty much expect that they gave him the name Musashi after the real famous Japanese Swordsman (named the same) cause both him and the video game Musashi use the "Ni-Ten Ichi-Ryu" form of fighting, which is basically two swords at once, cause in the game, Musashi uses those two swords too! Hope this helps and keep up the great work!

Mike Corbitt

Alex: Musashi seems to have been a powerful, but troubled guy. Mike did make a good point on the twin-sworded fighting, considering that is one aspect they took from the real Musashi and implemented into the game. Thanks for all of your feedback on Musashi.

Final Fantasy VI/III

Hey All-mighty Back-up Guru,

I'm pretty excited about FF 6 being released for playstaion. Why? Because my SNES copy keeps erasing my save slots! I think it's great square is finally re-releasing old games.

General Mitpol

There's one really good reason to buy it. In their section on Ted Woolsey, it said "Woolsey estimates that nearly half of Final Fantasy VI's text had to be cut for the US version." This means some of the story MUST'VE been cut, because you can only describe something so much.

Also, what about those items that stored in the game but can't be received through normal means. These would be the Magn. Glass, Odd Picture, Eerie Stone, etc... And what about the Colossus and CzarDragon. You never come across them in FF3US.

Eric Hohertz

Heya Alex! First off, in regards to the CG Kefka's look... he IS supposed to be essentially bad taste, sheer insanity and mindless destruction rolled into one little package. So think about it... Boy George is essentially Bad Taste personified... and Marilyn Manson pretty much covers all three, with even more Bad Taste than Boy George. The look suits him, I think.

As for FF6 coming to the PSX, well and good. Might be neat to give it a playthrough again. Who knows, maybe this time they'll fix Relm so that she won't crash the game every time you think about using her. As for me personally, I'll never really understand the rather blind loyalty to FF6... everyone proclaims it to be the finest SNES game ever (well, most everyone), while it's severely lacking in a lot of areas, most significant being character development and plot.

Seriously... of the cast, only Terra, Celes, Locke, Sabin and Edgar were developed to any real extent. Setzer was a highly transparent plot device to introduce the airship... Cyan was (damn them, he was neat), Relm and Strago were plain pointless as far as story went... and Gau was little better. Shadow did a little better than some, but only if you were seeking out all of his dreams. And am I the only one who noticed that when the world fell into ruin, so did the plot and any sense of purpose to the game? The game spends the first 12 hours (it only took about 24 total to beat it) building up a very promising story... then destroyed the whole thing. If Kefka had shown up from time to time in the World of Ruin, if might not've seemed so pointless. FF6 was a good example of why nonlinearity in a console RPG is NOT a good thing. I shan't go into my beef with the Esper system.

But I digress. I recall Ted Woolsey mentioning something about having to toss out a lot of the original script for FF6 due to space constraints (like 40% or something, quite a bit). If they include that in an English translation for the PSX, that alone would probably make it worth getting. What do you think?


Alex: There you have it, some more reasons why a US Playstation FFVI would be a good idea. Deuce did make some good points about some of Final Fantasy IIIs flaws, though. In my opinion, the game was seriously lacking when it came to the World of Ruin. The non-linearity nearly killed the storyline, and the fact that Kefka was just sitting in a tower nuking stuff the whole time did upset me. I think that extra 40-60% of text would improve it greatly, maybe even giving us a new look on the plot and characters. But, aside from this text and items not seem in the American SNES release and the added CG scenes, the game will remain unchanged from what we see in our copies of Final Fantasy III.

SaGa Frontier 2: What's the difference?


After buying SaGa Frontier and hating it, I swore never to buy another SaGa game. I just viewed the SaGa Frontier 2 screen shots. I love it. It looks just like water color paintings. That's so cool. I don't want to say it, but I'm actually looking forward to SaGa Frontier 2. But I'm definitely going to rent it first. If the plot or plots are as shallow as SaGa Frontier, there's no way. Just thought I'd add a little optimism. Do you know if there is going to be one story, or many like SaGa Frontier? I hope there is only one, or maybe a few, but not seven. I don't think Square should call the game SaGa Frontier 2. They should give it a different name because some people may prejudge it based on how disappointing SaGa Frontier was.


Alex: SaGa Frontier 2 is supposed to be drastically different from the first. The "Free Scenario System" has been abandoned and has been replaced with one quest. The game spans over many years, and you play as a man with followers of sorts. It has already beed announced that at one point this man will die, and you must take the role of his followers. Sounds pretty weird to me, but it is a new experience for those disliking SaGa Frontier. I personally liked SaGa Frontier. I admit when it came to story the game sucked, but the gameplay was there. Hmm, it seems I like a lot of games.. ;)

Zelda Zelda Zelda

Hello Alex! You're doing a good job in Josh's absence.

Anyways, two things.

First of all, I would like to say that releasing FF6 in America would be one of the best things that Square could do! After all, I know alot of people who havn't played the game and are trying to find a copy of it for the SNES, with little luck. Also, they could actually put in a more of the things that Nintendo didn't want them to put in. Besides, I also think that alot of people out there would like to see another of the older Final Fantasy games come out, you know, without all the technology, and 6 did that marvelously!

Anyways, onto my second thing. What do you think of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? I've heard alot of people saying different things. Everything from that it is just an overhyped version of Mario 64 with new skills, to that it is such a magnificent addition to the RPG genre. I myself am fairly indifferent, but, I would like to know what you think.

Oh well, thanks for listening to the ravings of a loon.


Alex: I love Zelda. To put it simply: It's so much fun. The engine is a little like a beefed-up Mario 64 engine, but with drastic improvements and additions. There is a "Z-Targetting" system that lets you lock on to the enemy so you are always facing it, improving your ability to attack and dodge enemy attacks. Dungeons are enormous, and filled with enough puzzles and predicaments to blow your mind. All of the trademark Zelda secrets are there, including searching for coveted heart pieces. The only thing I dislike about the game is the music, it's sort of straying from what was seen in previous Zelda games. Well, except for a few themes including the Gerudo Valley theme, which rocks. It's a great game, I recommend checking it out as soon as possible.

I bet it was the infamous Nose Thief!@#

Hey Jo..... Um Alex

Whats Up. Have you noticed that squaresoft has done away with the nose. I mean no noses for anyone. I was looking through the FF tactics manual and I realized that not one cast member has a nose. Ramza doesn't have one or anyone else in the game. I was also looking at some of the artwork for games like FF5 and FF6 and I noticed the same thing. Then I went through the Brave Fencer Musashi book and only a few of them have noses. Thank god the characters in Xenogears have them. Can you explain this noseless phenomenon.


Alex: Yes, I too have noticed this trend in Squaresoft RPGs. I'm going to blame this one on the Nose Thief. The Nose Thief, as you should know, can be found by getting all of your characters to level 99 in FFII and defeating exactly 644 imps. A spot should open up in the middle of the ocean, the Nose Thief is waiting below. (Note: Don't actually try this. Err.. yeah.)

Ow, my ear. Anyway, I guess that wraps up this morning's column. Keep sending in your letters.

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