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Alex Kimbel

   Hey there, it's still me. I'm back with another terrific batch of letters. Yeah, there isn't that many. I'm keeping the amount of letters to a minimum for my stay as the RPGuru. Although, I thank you all for sending in your letters, if they are posted or not.

   Regarding my Monk comment yesterday.. Well, I kind of meant it as a joke. You know, a smart remark that requires little thought. Maybe I should have done some research on the topic, but alas, I didn't. So, thanks for your emails correcting me, it turns out there really are monks skilled in the art of fighting.

   Well, on with the letters. I hope you enjoy tonight's small batch of insightfulness.


Is that.. a Smashing Pumpkins reference I see?

Bravo. (clap, clap.)

1. How much does a Bartweiser increase your weight, in Xenogears? What about the Ice Drink, or whatever it's called?

2. Stoked for Prince of Egypt?

3. The Faculty?

4. What type of music do you listen to?

5. Why does Faris become weaker when her true gender is revealed? That's sexist and wrong!

Rob Emes

Alex: By golly it is, glad you noticed (as others did too).

1) It all depends on your perspective on life. Is that glass half empty, is it half full? What's waiting at the end of this tunnel? My friend, if we only knew the answers to some of life's most puzzling questions, we would be a much greater race. In other words: I really don't want to play the game back up to Bledavik to find out.

2) Prince of Egypt looks very interesting. I might just hop over to the local movie theatre and check it out someday.

3) By "The makers of Scream," hmm, I can't say I'm too thrilled about that one.

4) Obviously, The Smashing Pumpkins. Plus, I enjoy Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, and REM just to name a few.

5) What!? I'm going to have to write an angry letter to Square about this one. Petition!

Over many generations

Just a couple questions.

1. What do you think so far of FF8? I think the graphics look amazing, but the characters don't look like they have the... personality of those in previous installments.

2. Do you think recent RPG's don't seem as good as the older ones like Chrono Trigger and older still Dragon Warrior 4?

3. Is there a chance that Dragon Quest 7 will make it to North America?

Oh I also have a comment on the monks. The term monk probably applies to Shaolin Monks... ones that use martial arts... not Christian ones. Just thought I'd point that out. Thanks.


Alex: 1) Yes, the graphics are amazing. But that doesn't make a game. I personally liked the Draw system, although the battle didn't seem to flow that well. Also, remember, it's only a demo, I'm sure we'll get to know the characters a lot better when the game is released.

2) Ah, the age old question. Honestly, yes, I think they are just as good. Take games like Xenogears, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Zelda 64. All of these games are just as good as some of their second-generation predecesors.

3) There have been rumors that it will come over via Sony, but nothing totally official has been announced. Let's hope the rumors are true, though.

Rico, that chump

Hey Alex,

That quotes from the Smashing Pumpkins song "Muzzle". They rock. I've got a couple of questions.

1)What do you think of FFVIII's "draw" system? I think it's cool, but my friends think it sucks.

2)What's with the second disk of Xenogears? All that talking in the past tense is driving me insane.

3)Is Rico as useless as I think he is?


Alex: Hehe, yes.

1) I think the draw system is good, as long as us RPGamers can get a hang of it. From what I played in the demo, it added a new balance to battle, being as your resources weren't always waiting for you and you had to be efficient enough to draw.

2) There are two theories to the second disc. The first is that the developers wanted to rush through it and finish the game up (which I believe not to be true). The second is that the developers wanted the player to sit back and enjoy a told story instead of having to play a lot to continue with the game. I thought it was a nice idea.

3) I only used Rico in the situations where I had no one else to fight with. His attacks can be pretty strong, but he is a slow character.

~ My beloved ~

Konnichi wa, my beloved RPGuru. Ah, how much we adore thee. You take our letters, you read them, and then you post some of them, with the answers we sought after. But, alas! you may only post a few as to the limited space on the RPGamer page! O, the horror! O, the malevolent thought that you would not be able to print this lovely tribute to your glory! Mayhap the column could spare a small space for this insignificant letter? Perhaps... (the preceeding was nothing but a pathetic attempt at getting you to print this letter. Thank you for your time.) Now, I shall dispense with the formalities. Here's some questions, wai!

1. Why are there so many undeveloped romances in RPGs? Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire 2, Wild ARMs, Final Fantasy 6(3), Breath of Fire 3 (well, the Rei/Momo thing was never resolved)...the list could go on. The question is: Why? Did the developers just...forget?

2. Why don't you put up Japanese video games in your Games section? I would really like to see info, art, fanfics, and (hear) MIDIs. Like the Japanese game Tenchi Muyo!. I love the anime series, but they never released the game for U.S. I would be happy to see Tenchi Muyo! and other non-U.S. releases.

Arigatou for your time! Ja ne!
~Katana Habuki

Alex: Uhm, yeah. Hello to you too.

1) Love, it's the stuff dreams are made of, or something. Well, it's a common thing among television and movie writers to include romance in their productions. So, why not game developers? A love between two characters adds a bit of a side story to a game, wanting the player to know more about the characters' relationship. And, yes, a way of making players want to know more is keeping relationships unresolved.

2) Well, we do have Japanese RPGs in our Games section (as long as you are referring to games not released here), maybe you should take another look.

What's my fave?

It is customary to know the favorite RPG of each RPGuru, and was amazed no one asked this last RPGuru. What is your favorite RPG? Thank you.

MistaKefka, Allen Childs

Alex: Ooh, favorite RPG. Well, it was Chrono Trigger for a long while, but after playing Xenogears I can't decide between the two.

Once again, a terribly short column. Depending on how long I stay as the temporary RPGuru, I may decide to make the column longer, but expect it to be short for now.. Anyways, goodnight.

~ As far as you take me, that's where I believe / The realm of soft delusions, floating on the leaves / On a distant shoreline, she waves her arms to me / As all the thought police, are closing in for sleep ~

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