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Joshua Reid

Hi everyone. Many of you are probably cantankerous over my two-day hiatus. I apologize profusely--I have suffered technical (server problems) and physical (flu) breakdowns this weekend. In fact, I'm feeling even worse today, but at least the server is responding, so--summoning Herculean powers of determination--I rise from my warm bed, trumpet my nose, and sit down at the keyboard to compose another column. It's brief, but at least it's here. I anticipate full recovery tomorrow.

A Sicy Situation

Reading the latest on Zelda 64 (5 Million Copies!?) I noticed that when it went on to make a comparison to Tomb Raider it used the expression "(Sic)". Now I've seen this around before and don't even understand what it means So . . .



Joshua: Watch that language Freak, or I may sic Daemon, my RPGdog on ya. I've been raising him on Hydrochloric acid and barbed wire.

Just to prove English majors are good for something other than just poetry readings and putting high schoolers to sleep, Sic (usually encountered in quoted material), in your situation, means to say that a misprint, i.e. "realise," was made in the original piece. Sics are useful so you make the person you quoted from look like a fool instead of yourself.

Equestrians--FFT SPOILERS

I think I might have figured out how Delita's parents could have been "horse breeders." In Roman times, the sub-nobility were called "Equestrians." This was sort of an upper-middle class in Roman society. Apparently, there was some amount of upward mobility. Cicero, the famous Roman politician, was apparently *also* the son of equestrians who went on to be one of the more famous politicians of his time (interestingly, he was murdered by a rival, almost in FFT-esque fashion). If you assume that "horse breeders" is simply a mistranslation of equestrians (not necessarily a Japanese to English mistranslation - it could have also been an English to Japanese to English mistranslation), then it makes perfect sense that Ramza's father would have taken in Delita and his sister. After all, they weren't from the lowest class, but merely from a lower class. They simply weren't nobility (perhaps Algus simply didn't know this).

In the theme of the "Square Science" letter that you posted, I contribute this morsel from FFT. What's serpentarius, you ask, and what the heck is it doing in with all of the zodiac signs? Well, interesting thing. Zodiac signs are determined (originally) by which constellations the sun appears to pass through in the sky as the year progresses. The sun indeed spends most of its time in the traditional 12 zodiacal constellations. However, with the advent of modern astronomy (well, this is over a century ago - modern only in comparison with the age of the zodiac system), constellations acquired tangible boundaries. A map of the sky was broken into regions with borders, each region being its own constellation. Surprise! For a few days in between when the sun exits the "boundaries" of Libra and enters the "boundaries" of Scorpius, it actually travels through a constellation known as Ophiuchus, otherwise known as...the serpent holder! The way the constellation is depicted even resembles the boss of the final dungeon. Kudos to the FFT scriptwriters for throwing in such a coolly appropriate hidden boss.

-Ari Rosenbach

Joshua: Thanks for the info Ari, but have you ever thought that maybe you have too much time on your hands? :)

T.V. Blues

Greetings, oh great RPGuru. I need your help on something. I just bought a new Panasonic TV Model CT-Z2135V Panablack 20 inches Stereo to play games on. When I played Final Fantasy VII I discovered that the right side of the screen is cutting part of the game's display. For example, If I go into the Menu I'm not able to see the seconds on the timer and the last digit on the Gils is nowhere to be seen. I hope you get the picture of the problem. I heard that this can be fixed, weather a technician diving deep into the TV's hardware or using the technician's remote control (which has several key features to detect problems on TVs). Maybe one of the readers can help me (that way, my wife keeps the Big 27 Inches TV).

-Johnny Nouel

(From the Dominican Republic just in case you'd like to know).

Joshua: I play my games on a Magnavox 19", so I can't really help you out. How about you helpful readers? Can you give this man a hand?

Speaking of T.V.s., my friend currently revels in 32-inch Zelda64 glory while I'm stuck in bed building a tower of discarded tissues. WAH!

Scattered Thoughts:

Dranyth in Colorado (go DENVER BRONCOS, 11-0! YEAH!) and others want everyone to know that you don't need the Controller Pak to play Zelda. Thanks guys. :)

Another helpful reader, Terri Richards, cleared up another RPGuru blunder: " I saw a little thing about Soul Hackers from Atlus. It's actually Devil Summoner 2, from the Devil Summoner series . . . not Revelations."

Why did DQV and DQVI never make it over here? Well, Enix of America shut down before the games could be translated, which would explain Enix's silence on this side of the hemisphere. Never to worry though, I think great games like Star Ocean (which should make it here next year) and DQVII might lend the company Phoenix wings.

Well, I know it's been short, and hardly fulfilling (kind of like a Sailor Moon Episode--hahaha! J/k! Sailor Scouts are cool), but I promise if I'm rejuvinated tommorrow I'll deliver something grander. Have a wonderful day, and don't let the flu bug bite.

- Joshua Reid, back to bed.



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