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Ryan Amos

What? Another RPGuru? Say it ain't so! Don't worry, I'm only filling in for Thor till Monday. As stated earlier, the column will be going through a format change. On the weekdays, it will be called "Ask Thor," and Thor Antrim will be the host. On the weekends, it will be "Circle of Sages" and be answered by the entire RPGamer staff. Sorry if we confuse you, but Thor would only sell himself into slavery for 5 days of the week. Tomorrow will mark the end of the "RPGuru" name. Now, on to the letters!

Adult Only?

Hey, I have a question. Once I saw a list of the ESRB Ratings (the ratings video games are given), and I saw Early Childhood (a.k.a Easy Crap), Everyone, Teen and Mature. And then I saw one called Adult Only. I've never seen or heard of an Adult Only game. Are there any out there? Oh, and tell the new guy to keep doing the "Guess the quote" Josh did. That was fun.


Ryan: Adult Only? Gee, do we have to guess what that means? I'm sure if you've ever looked in the back few pages of oh-so-reputable magazines such as PC Gamer, you have seen advertisements for such games as "Veronica's Vixens" or "Open Wide" or somesuch (no, I don't know if those are real games, I just made them up.) I would assume those would get Adult Only ratings. As for the "Guess the Quote" thing, that's up to Thor.

Holy Nomenclature, Batman!

Quick question. What does Yggdrasil mean? It's the name of the sand ship in Xenogears and a master in Breath of Fire 3. Is it just a Japanese name or does it have a real meaning? How do you pronounce it? The quote came from BOF3. Rei says it a lot in the begining of the game. Thanks. Lewis

Ryan: I believe Yggdrasil is something out of the Bible (I pronounce it "Yig-dray-sul".) Actually, you would be surprised how many names Square takes out of the Bible or other religous texts. For example, the names of the Gurus in Chrono Trigger (Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar) are the names of the three kings from the story about the birth of Christ, and Leviathan is a mystical sea creature. Them folks at Square be readin the good book!

What to buy

Dear RPGuru (temp or whatever)

I was just blessed with a PSX under the Christmas tree. (Talk about unexpected!) Complete with Parasite Eve (Wow. Love those cut-scenes!) Besides the given games that I'm getting right off the bat (Xenogears, FF8) What are some other good PSX games an adverage RPG gamer might enjoy? RPG or not, I don't really have a clue of what else to get! I've heard some things about WildARMS (On this column, even), What do you think?

Thanks a bunch, Anerin PD: The PSX, a brave new world (for this guy anyway)

Ryan: Personally, one of my favorite games for PlayStation is Final Fantasy Tactics. I love it so much, I even wrote a full length guide for it (which is conveniently located here,) complete with pictures and strategies, just like you might find in one of those $15 ripoffs you buy at a news stand. Other favorites include Elemental Gearbolt (very unique shooter game) and Ogre Battle Classic. You'll also probably want to pick up Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete when it comes out later this month. It looks to be very good.

What about Zelda?

I was wondering why a certain Nintendo magazine keeps saying Zelda is the game of the century. I beat it in 10 days with no strategy guide and I thought it was really fun. But when I finished and had everything it was like, "thats it?" I have had Final Fantasy 7 for a year and have beaten evrything, maxed out my characters, time clock and gil, and still I play. Also wth the arrival of Xenogears from Santa I have already found that more pleasing and much more fun then Zelda. What is your opinion on this matter?

Ryan: I think you know my opinion on this already, but here goes. I don't think Zelda is the game of the century (heck, not even the game of the year... or even the month, with Xenogears being released within a month of it.) Granted, you should still buy it because it's Zelda and it's a good game, but I don't think people should go out and buy an N64 just for one game, but if you already have a 64, get it. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, so people who flame me about it will be thrown to the pit of RPGamer staffers (I haven't fed them in over a week, so beware...)

More Zelda

Dear RPGuru:

I have a few questions that I hope you can answer:

1. Is there any way to get Josh to come back to doing the column? I really miss reading his stuff a whole lot.... (not that you are bad or anything)

2. I heard that the 64DD version of Zelda would feature more difficult puzzles than the version currently out. Since the DD is supposed to come out only in Japan, is there any chance you think of us getting this "hard version" of Zelda here? Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!


Ryan: 1) Nope, we've got someone even better lined up though. :)

2) Supposedly, Nintendo will be releasing it here on cartridge. Nintendo Propaganda (aka Nintendo Power) still says that the 64DD is being released here (yeah right, they also said FF5 and SD3 were coming here.) Besides, if Nintendo skimped us on a Zelda game, they would get beaten by their fans like a red-headed stepchild.

Other Stuff:

About 15 zillion people sent in various comments about FFIV/V/VI on PlayStation; Kurririn-Fy wonders what all the FFVIII hype is over; Clouded says SaGa Frontier has stories (sure it does, they go about as deep as the old Nintendo comics though); brpritch writes in asking about Shadow Madness (I think it looks like an old NES RPG with bad polygon graphics); Chuji-Wu asks if Grandia will ever come here on PlayStation (possibly, it could be Working Designs' "Mystery RPG" though that's doubtful); Macabre says Seiken Densetsu means Legend of the Holy Sword, which sounds about right;

- Ryan Amos, filling in.

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